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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pumpkins, Persimmons & Plunder...

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself,
than be crowded on a velvet cushion…"
~ Henry David Thoreau

well, then how about a velvet pumpkin??

I have been hooking with velvet.
and so far I'm loving it!

crazy-jack chairpad

 ok, I confess ~
...not just velvet, 
but velvet, wool, homespun & cotton print fabrics too.

orange cotton print fabric with white polka-dots on the border of the pumpkin

stem is a green cotton print fabric with black-vine motif,
nose, mouth & eyes are wool ~

bumpy, nubby, & textural ~ very interesting!
 the rest of his head has been filled in with salmon-hued hand dyed velvet ~

I cannot hook in perfect rows.
I don't pretend to be able to.
I hook to make me happy ~ just the way I stitch, paint & draw…

hope it makes you happy too!

love the 'fuzz' the velvet adds to this chair pad-to-be ~
…. plus, it will be comfy on my old HINEY!
 actually, this will be available at our 
Gathering of Primitive Friends Show 
….here on September 20th ;)

see you soon!

 I had to share my mums with you!!
aren't' they GORGEOUS?

ok, there are a couple of purple Asters in there too….

our old hay wagon in the distance ~

a rainbow of Fall fun!

we will replant these around the garden soon :)

 Now that it is September,
our ancient persimmon tree is bearing fruits once again….


 I love their color, plumpness & flavor…
we have not gotten as many persimmons this year as we have in years past ~
I believe we are in for yet another COLD & SNOWY Winter here again this year, 
and as such, our tree knows to reserve it's energies by not producing too many fruits…

Mother Nature knows best.

love the 'star' shaped top on them :)
yesterday, we headed out to the local auction house ~
where we picked up a few things:

deacon's bench, small grey granite berry pail & early tin canary cage
 the pail is so very sweet ~ I have a couple of them so this is a great addition to my collection…
the birdcage is what I HAD to have!

it is an original pet-store cage ~
the one you would take your new feathered-friend home in from the pet store…
ca. 1940's and is complete with glass water bottle and small yellow bakelite gravel dish.

SO cute!

{{we brought it home & told Peaches that when he is bad, he will be put in the 'bad boy' cage}}
~ JUST KIDDING FOLKS ~ now resides on top of one of my white cupboards in the back/keeping room.

Well, this miserable heat & humidity is killing me.
I am about to spontaneously combust every time I have a hot-flash.
I can no longer go outside until it passes, 
...or I will be passing ~ OUT!

I was born in a blizzard in February of 1963 ~
I am not a Summer girl.
...just give me the months of October through April
and I am happy :)

Hoping the weather is nice where you are!

* Blessed be *

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