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Friday, June 6, 2014

Roxy comes home…..

We picked up Roxy last night 
and brought her home to live with us ~

of course we didn't want to spoil the surprise by telling 'anyone' here 
(Lazy in particular) when he first saw her he couldn't believe his little old man-dog eyes!

"who's that?! …Dad? Mom? ...who IS THAT?!!??"

"we found a friend for you Lazy-bones…
so you won't be lonely here anymore."

"oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!"

and so they met with the initial butt-sniffing.
purely proper etiquette for the canine-kind…
and everything was good.

peter making sure the butt-sniffing was cordial ~

...and then the crazies set-in!

"hi i'm Roxy! wanna play wanna play run play chickens? wanna run? wanna…kittens! wanna run? wanna oh boy oh boy run jump JUMP! WHAT ARE THOSE !!!! (donkeys) RUN!!!! hey, wanna run? wannaplayplayplayplay?
(peter doing his best to settle her down by pointing his finger….how's that working for ya honey?)

Off they went ~ Roxy was a blur…
Lazy stood and watched…
and smiled.

"ok ok ok…settle down there Roxy ~ I'm a lot older than you.
BUT I will teach you everything I know and be a good friend to you"

Welcome Roxy!!
she is 7 months young ~ 
a very spirited girl with much wisdom in her young eyes
and a black silken coat….

good girl
 She is getting used to her surroundings,
and the sights, sounds and scents of her new farm.

she listens well ~ 
well-enough at least for us to know
that she will become a much-loved, much trusted part of our family.


 my husband now has another girlfriend…
Daisy, Minew & now Roxy!!
wow…he is so blessed :)


 she did however, completely obliterate the quilt we gave her last night,
and this is what we woke up to this morning:

and explosion of fluff and avery rambunctious Roxy
 sometimes she goes so fast she is nothing but a blur…
but that's ok ~ we know she'll be safe here with us,
and we hope that she will love being here as much as we do ~

she is only being kept on her lead until she gets used to everything ~ then she will run free…
I hope our Buddy is watching and remembering when he came to us as a pup.
we miss you Buddy :(

my sweet-and-gentle-man is so happy she's here ~ 
...but I can see the grief still in his eyes…
hoping your heart heals soon honey.

i love you
Roxy will be here waiting to greet you all when you visit ~
but please remember that at the moment our little shop is closed until July 11th.

Have a most-wonderful day my friends!!

* Blessed be * 

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