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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Small Sewing Roll-Up ~

I finished stitching that little sewing roll-up I showed you in an earlier posting ~
here it is rolled up and tied with a ribbon in my favorite sewing basket:

~ needful things ~
 it really isn't large at all…
a sweet size of about 5 1/2" x 8 3/4" when opened….

I love tiny things ~

 you can see how simply I stitched this…
using cotton threads and plain cupboard cloth (osnaburg) ~

...the verse I made up & stitched says:
"This is my Needles.
This is my Pins.
This is Where My Stitching Begins.
Mary Simons 9 yrs."

stitched with 1 strand of floss over 2 threads = 32ct.

…then I severely aged and stained the finished piece ~
added a patch of contrasting cotton cloth too…

old & worn

I chose a blue cotton calico for the hand sewn binding,
and a cream/brown cotton cloth for the backing ~

pretty colors

then I stitched on an old bone button
and tied on a snippet of ribbon for a closure…


 I love how this one turned out so much,
... that I'm already working on the next one :)

~ I love hand stitched details ~

nothing like the look of patching & repair ~ even if it was done intentionally by me ;)

tiny little stitches

I'll share the progress of the others as I get them finished up…

A quiet day here on the farm today,
warm weather & sun/clouds ~
packing & shipping orders
market & banking

Brought Minew to the vet to be spayed this morning ~ 
she is staying there overnight
{{{we told her she was going for a "make-over"}}}

she'll come home tomorrow with a shaved belly, stitches & a tattoo…
and I'm sure she won't be happy with us!

* Blessed be *


Jane said...

Minew will forgive you! Your little piece is adorable! I'm starting to work on Halloween pieces. Pumpkins, black cats and ghosts, Oh My!!

Debra W said...

Absolutely adorable, Lori. I love your choice of fabrics!

gracie said...

Love needlerolls, love yours. Oh, poorMinew, be sure to pamper her.

~Backroad Treasures~ said...

Oh I love your new blog picture so prim :).....minew will be happy to be home I bet those little ones are missing mama as well..did you and peter go visit the pups to see if a new addition would come to the farm? I just love your sewing roll....lovely work once again...

Martha Doe said...

Puur little more babies:( Oh well she has her three little ones to romp and play with. :)

Martha Doe said...

Forgot to tell you how much I love the needle do such a great job of aging! If I ever find the timem I would love to try to make one

Sandra Sullivan said...

Love it Lori!!!

Vera said...

Love your needle roll -- fabulous! Little Minew will be so glad to come home that you will quickly be forgiven:)

Karen Martinsen said...

Such creativity you have.

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Love the roll too. What did you use for the staining?
Labs are joy I have a chocolate one. Just have lots if things to chew on.

cucki said...

Aww so sweet..
I so much wanted to make one too
Hugs x

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