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Monday, June 2, 2014

A finish and a picture-walk ~

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

here is a little look at one of the small finished stitched items I'll be taking with me to
in beautiful Sandy Hook, CT 
I hope some of you can join us on Friday June 27th from 11:00 - 2:00 ~
I'll be there signing copies of my current publication with Kansas City Star Books, titled
"Summer at Notforgotten Farm"

Linda Manna's shop is a perfect place to spend an afternoon ~ 
….and it is filled with wonderful primitive/colonial decor 
and Linda's most-beautiful floral arrangements…
I cannot wait to see her and visit there again.
and I promise you won't want to leave!

small sampler:
a small, free-hand cross stitch sampler finished with a bound cloth edge

 after supper last night, Peter & I headed out for a walk up our road…
we really haven't gone on a walk since our Buddy has left us, 
Buddy always led the way…

but now Lazy is at the helm ~

{{{sorry about the 'hiney' shot!!}}}

Peter is missing Buddy terribly ~
as is Lazy…
as am I.

Our walks will never be the same.

no spring in my hubby's step…. 

...but we did our best to enjoy our surroundings and headed up the dusty road.

end of our road ~ our open/closed sign can be seen up there on the left.

 we walked past wild beasts hiding in the bushes…
Buddy was always good at fending them off….

hello Pinocchio

hello Daisy-girl

"hello to you!"

 this is what the two of them were stretching their necks over the fence for:
sweet honeysuckle!!!

the air is filled with the scent of this sweet vine here in our woods ~

we even tasted a bit ourselves ~

our hay-fields are growing steadily and will be ready for first-cut very soon…
but for now, we admire the wild flowers that pop up in them…

another daisy!

wild white-yarrow

(or more commonly known: dandelion!)


walking past the field, we come to the place 
where those that loved this place before us eternally rest ~

our beautiful little graveyard ~ cab you see the spider-web in the sun on the left above the bush?

an ancient cedar guards this resting place ~

our woods are alive and breathing ~
it sings and laughs and shines…

deep woods along our path

 so many different trees here ~

red oak

beech nut

wild cherry

white oak

 we turn to come back home….
(the best part of the walk)

hi Lazy!

our shop way off in the distance ~

back home I snap a couple more photos ~
trying to capture the day…

my old clothesline

Bobby greets us at the gate

 and finally…

farmhouse sweet farmhouse

 We will be taking Minew in to 
 tomorrow morning to be spayed.
 (she is not speaking to us at the moment)
while we are there we will visit all of the 'guests' to see if we can find another friend for Lazy ~
Hoping Peter doesn't fall in love with everyone, but I know he will…

….stay tuned, you never know who we will come home with!!!

* Blessed be *


  1. Beautiful pictures, I can feel the sunshine. I love those donkeys! They just melt my heart. Good Luck at the shelter, finding a new friend is hard when you want to take them all.

  2. Such a beautiful place to call home!
    Looking forward to meeting your newest family member, how lucky he/she will be.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful walk along .. So sorry for your loss of beloved Buddy xxoo
    Pinocchio & Daisy sure can make a heart smile.. Good luck tomorrow *Minew* and best wishes with finding a new friend

  4. Minew is so lucky to have such a responsible family to care for her. Perhaps someone new will be lucky too; to come and live in such a beautiful place.

  5. Such a beautiful walk and gorgeous photos.
    that clothes line shot ~ love it.
    I am so sorry for your loss of Buddy.

  6. I enjoyed reading this....

  7. wonderful photos, lori...
    i think minew will be happy after her trip to the vet is over :)
    there's nothing like bringing home a new pup, or a new grown companion...
    i know that jake misses his buddy gus, as well as we do...


  8. Beautiful pictures. Maybe you will be able to find a new friend for Lazy. Sorry for your loss of Buddy.

  9. I just loved the picture walk. So beautiful. It made me feel peaceful just looking at the pictures. So sorry about Buddy; it it so hard to lose a beloved pet.

  10. Enjoyed your walk. I felt your peace and your sorrow !! I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart still breaks for some of my friends I have lost through the way. But I believe their spirt stays with us ! That thought comforts me when I think of them anyway. Hope you find a new soul that will bless your days and bring new things to your lives .. I dream of having a place in the country like you do. You are very fortunate. Hope your heart heals soon ! Veronica

  11. That was a beautiful walk, Lori! Since yesterday, I have resolved to walk everyday. My area is not quite as scenic as your wonderful farm...more suburbia than anything else, but I do enjoy looking at front gardens and such. Hope to see you at The Country Mill later this month!

  12. Beautiful farm! I wish I could smell the freshness. Good luck with with your friend search! I know you will find someone special!

  13. omg !!!! I love your it !!!!!!!!!

  14. Feeling refreshed, thank you. Hoping you will find a friend for sorry for your loss. ~Ronda

  15. The Great Pyrenees Rescue Society posted a photo of a gorgeous young Pyrenees "Minnie" on their Facebook page yesterday - She is in TX, but transport is available! You might check her out -- she is adorable! They had a cute guy too - Paul!

  16. So pretty & peaceful.....good lock tomorrow !

  17. Beautiful photos, I love your donkeys:). Good luck!

  18. Thank you for a most enjoyable walk down your road. So much beauty surrounds you:)

  19. Thank you for taking me along on this walk. I wanted to be there with you, seeing the sights and hearing you talk of the farm family you have, including your beloved Buddy. You can feel the loss in your words but also the peace in your "place" at home on the farm. I am sure that Buddy would approve of you welcoming a new soul who needs a place of peace. You have a beautiful life, Lori - I am so happy you enjoy it and that you share it with us. You enrich the day of even the more "silent" daily readers, like me.

  20. Oh Lori, it's such a bittersweet moment to choose a new companion. You get to give a homeless animal a good home but at such a high cost-the loss of a beloved friend. I hope your new family member brings joy and Buddy nudges someone to catch your attention.

  21. What a fantastic eye you have with your camera. We do get attached to our furry friends. They love unconditionally. Hope you find a friend for Lazy.


  22. Enjoyed the walk - lucky, lucky you.

    Charlotte S

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  24. Such beautiful surroundings for such a warm and cozy home! How I miss my Virginia!

  25. Thank you for the beautiful pictures!


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