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I'm just a little farm-witch that loves where I am & who I'm with ~

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Normal-ness ~

I cannot tell you how good it feels to have some sense of normalcy again ~
although, our 'normal' is probably not your normal…

we are nuts,
we laugh a lot and loudly.
we do silly things and I love it that way ~

Yesterday ~ 
Hannah, Peter, Charlie & I
spent a beautiful Mother's Day together….
we ate supper and spent much-needed (for me) time together on the porch.

of course our goofy-girl made us laugh.
 a lot.

Hannah looks like a Teletubby 

 I look like a hyena.
or braying jackass. 
…or both.

dirty knees from gardening

 We aren't the only ones trying to find Normal again ~
our Lazy is once again sleeping under the bush by the front gate…
~ the bush that he & Buddy would watch from.

our little old man-dog


sweet dreams my faithful friend

 I enjoyed getting my hands (and knees!) dirty in the garden 
...pulling weeds,
mulching and transplanting ~

this rusty box was a gift from Joan and I've filled it with long-lasting plants
to enjoy all Summer long…

thanks Joan xoxo

 I planted daisies, ivy, pansies and wormwort 
then tucked in my old crow-on-a-spindle ~
...perfect for my old farmhouse porch.


 it was such a pretty day,
our little patch of wild poppies were swaying in the gentle breeze ~

wild garden

 I love these little volunteers!

so pretty

...aren't they the perfect color?

love the seed pods too :)


 I even spent some time stitching and charting new patterns ~
I haven't offered a freebie here for a while, here is one for you that reflects just how I feel lately:

right click on the chart above, save it to your computer and print out.
use whatever threads/colors you'd like ~
I would LOVE to see your finished work too!

I will be processing your orders and shipping them out all this week ~
I want to thank you for your patience while I get things back in full-swing!

I feel recharged and I know it is because
 of all of the positive-ness that you have all recently sent my way…
I hold you all in my heart for that.

Have a beautiful day my sweet Friends!

* Blessed be *


Shakerwood said...

For me ... and I'm sure a lot of others ..... gardening, getting my hands in the dirt, listening to all of Mother Nature's noises and silences is always good for my soul. It sounds like it is for you, too.

Debra said...

Gardening can be so healing...I love to spend time in my herb garden (when I am not stitching). Thank-you for the freebie, Lori. It is a definite on my to-do list!

Kathy L. said...

What a wonderful way to spend your weekend. It sounds like just what you needed. Thank you so much for the freebie. You are so kind to think of your blogging buddies.


Margs Primitive Quilts said...

You had a much needed wonderful Mothers Day Lori. So happy for you. Love the picture of laughter. Thanks for the sampler freebie. I am going to do it.
Hugs Marg

Kathy F said...

Peace love comfort......that'll do it. The laughter,good food & sunshine are the icing on the cake!!! Love the freebie!!! Thank you!!

linda56 said...

good for you......I am so glad that things are getting back to normal for you.....I loved the shots of the sillies....hope the week just gets better and better....

Shirlee said...

Glad to hear you are laughing, relaxing, & getting your knees dirty : ) Thanks for the pretty freebie! Love the rusty box : )

barb said...

Thanks for the freebie Lori. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. Just what the Dr. Ordered. I just love the Poppies.

casey said...

I feel better after seeing and reading this! So happy to see you laughing and enjoying life again.

Mary said...

Lori, Thank you for the chart....Orange poppies are a favorite of mine, alas My little city garden has no room for strays....If the pop up unexpectedly they risk being run over by the grass cutting husband. He thinks everything is a my garden must be in beds, if you take your life in your hands. You look like you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet chart.
glad you are getting back to 'normal'. And Lazy too-extra hugs for that sweet dog. Annie

Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori!

Just love the pics of you and Hannah! Good to see you having fun!

That old sink of flowers with the crow is just beautiful! Luv Luv Luv your farm!


Daniela Bencúrová said...

Wild Poppies are beautiful
a beautiful day

cucki said...

I love you x

Carol said...

Thank you for the chart, I look forward to stitching it soon.

Three Sheep Studio said...

I am so glad to see you back on track, Lori !

NMK said...

So happy to know you are feeling better , the free-be chart is so cute !

Chris said...

Looks like a perfect day! Laughter and family, beautiful spring flowers..
Thank you for the sweet chart!

P.J. said...

Nothing like a good laugh to put things right. And the poppies look so happy!!! Thank you for sharing your smile and creative work. :)

Merilde said...

Laughter really is the best medicine! It is such a release. As is Nature and gardening....sending warm thoughts.

zareen fatima said...

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Karen said...

Thank you, I love the sampler!

Lori said...

Hi Lori, I am so happy to see you laughing, I've been concerned about you.
How kind of you to offer this free chart. I haven't stitched for quite awhile and was just thinking that I wanted to make something, how did you know? :) Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I love the sentiment and the design. Thank you!

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