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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kittens ~

they say that having a cat close-by is therapeutic ~
I believe they are definitely correct!

I get my daily dose(s) by visiting our babes & sweet momma-cat.
They soothe my soul and give us a giggle
exactly when we need it.

hope you enjoy them too ~

Minew (aka Mimi) and Sugar Britches

they were waking from their nap when I snapped them ~
usually they don't hold still long enough for a decent photo!

sleepy little Tig

 Tig comes out to greet me from their

mr. stripeypants

still a little dreamy ~

handsome little fellow

some serious laughter can be heard coming from their little coop
when Hannah & I are in there with them ~
these babies never fail to entertain!

Sugar Britches giving a *yawn*

and then…
looks at us with those most-beautiful eyes of hers...

oh my….

the three of them love belly-rubs...
and they are always ready to allow you the privilege of giving them one (or two)

They fly around their Kitten Coop so fast ~
chasing each other's tails 
and the many feathers that we provide them (MANY feathers!)

in turn, they provide us with
laughter, love and their friendship.
a great exchange, me thinks...

hello Mick!
he is spring-loaded, hands-down & wide-open CRAZY!

this was snapped just as they were waking up from a nap….
a very rare photograph with no blurs!!!

Sugar Britches is preening the sawdust from her long fur,
Mickey is trying to ignore me….

they are little clown-cats….
I think they know how much we love them :)

...yep that's him…
(identifying black spot on his left heel)
and yeah, almost forgot to mention 
I started stitching my little freebie that I shared with you yesterday…
I'm using this as a launching project  to get myself back into my work.
I haven't stitched a thing in so long it seems ~

tiny basket almost done

I have been charting NEW designs like a mad-woman!!!
I am working on a slew of 
designs for you!!

Going to town today,
bank, PO ~ then off to pick up Charlie and bring him to market…
I'm looking forward to stopping off at Barnes & Noble, then Michaels…

Hoping you all enjoy a most wonderful day!

* Blessed be *


  1. you made my day my friend....especially the photos of Mick.....he made me laugh so hard...BB

  2. These kittens are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing pics of them today! I agree... it's a great day for stitching! :-)

  3. Love sharing your kittens with you. They are so sweet and theraputic.

  4. I think I need a kitten fix!!!!

  5. The kitties are adorable!!!

  6. Love the kitty pics. As a child, I grew up on a cattle ranch and we had a slew of barn cats. I spent every waking moment playing with kittens in the springtime and curling up in the hay with them in the fall.
    Looking at your stitching, it looks like you might use a different kind of needle than a tapestry needle. Is that so? What kind of needle is it? Looks longer and finer to me.
    Have a great day! :)

  7. So 3 kittens and Minew? I've lost tack. Two white with brown and one stripy brown like the mama cat? They do move fast. They are so sweet and lucky to have such a loving home.

  8. Nothing says love like a kitty in your lap : ) Your little ones are adorable! Wishing you a happy & productive day!

  9. I use the little tiny gold-plated needles ~ oh gosh I don't remember their size # OR the manufact.'s name!

  10. Kitty sweetness! So much fun! Enjoy your day!

  11. ah sweet kittens fill the heart with purrs...

  12. Adorable kitties!! Have 4 cats myself and they are my buddies. Never get tired of their antics!


  13. Love hearing new designs are coming down the pike!!!

  14. I am totally in love with Tigger. Thanks so much for the freebie design, it is a sweet one!

  15. I want a kitten ... but the thought of paying a ridiculous sum for pet deposit and pet rent on top of that in an apartment always puts the screeching brakes on that idea. Sigh.

  16. Adorable, sweet, precious babies, I love them!

  17. Sugar Britches' eyes are mesmerizing! They are all so very cute.

  18. The joys of playful kittens....belly laughs!!! Enjoy. :)

  19. I just love the photos on you blog. They just bring a smile to my face. By the way where can I get a hoop like that.

  20. Oh my. What eyes!! I can imagine the smiles they all bring.

  21. I certainly felt joyful seeing your kitties !

  22. Love all the sweet kitten pictures!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day planned...hope it was tons of fun!<3


  23. Sweet babies. I know they bring joy to you every day.
    Thank you for the lovely freebie and I am looking forward to your fall designs!

  24. Thank you for sharing the pics. of the kittens, and I love the names you've given them! I can't wait to see all your new patterns. Love your work. I hope you've feeling better. I'm so sorry about Buddy. I got to meet him last fall at your open house, and he was so sweet. Take care and hope you can get lots of stitching therapy in.

  25. Kitten photos always make me smile, thank you for sharing,,And those eyes...outlined in black so hypnotic.


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