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Monday, April 14, 2014

NEW cross stitch designs, Kittens and Flowers ~

Howdy Folks!

the new cross stitch designs are in my ETSY SHOP and ready to ship :)

there are 2, and the first is:

Folk House ~ ©Notforgotten Farm

... model stitched onto my 30ct Old Farmhouse Linen
1 strand of floss over 2 threads of linen

I added a ribbon-wrapped safety-pin just for fun ~

 I finished this design into a soft-stuffed pillow and edged it will hand cut wool strips ~
simply whip-stitched on using linen thread….

plain & proper
 the 2nd design is:

Berry Patch ~ ©Notforgotten Farm

finished this one into a sawdust-stuffed pillow 
and edged it will rolled cotton fabrics complimentary to the colors used in the motifs ~

rolled cotton strips hand stitched onto the edge

neat & tidy
 here they are both together:

my thanks as usual to Miss Flea (Felicia Martin) for stitching the models for me) xoxo
Hope you like them!!!!

...since being so warm here over the weekend, all of our trees are blooming ~
here is a small redbud tree that my late sister Jo gave to me before she passed….




Charlie brought me some of his grape hyacinth yesterday from his yard ~
aren't the loverly??

i have always loved these ~

thank you Charlie!

purple and green ~

and here are some new snaps of the CATT Family ~
Momma Minew Catt
(a.k.a. "Mimi")

yes, we know you are beautiful…..

 Squire Mickey Catt 
(a.k.a. "Nutzy")

"how do?"

 Miss Boog Catt 
(a.k.a. "Sugar britches")


 and ~
Squire Tig Catt
(a.k.a. "Mr. Pinstripe")


 We've been noticing that Minew favors Tig ~
they are never far apart and she dotes on him…
 constantly chirping at him and he chirps back in return.


 we think it's because Mimi lost that little tiger kitten a few weeks back, 
and when she couldn't find him she went a little crazy looking for him ~ 
and Tig and that kitten were identical almost.

momma washing tig's face ~ big say's "Eeeeew Mom!"

Mickey is the biggest (he was also first born)
Boog is so small next to him (she's almost all fuzz!)

together wherever we go ~

 she hardly weighs an ounce I swear ~ 
but she sure holds her own with her two big brothers!!

tiny little sugar britches!!

 they are now living happily in the 'Opossum Hut"
(a.k.a. chicken coop where I raised my baby opossums, Herman, Flo & Petunia)
read more about them by clicking the link below and scrolling down once you get there to read some of my older posts :)

Hoping this week brings you wonderful things!!!

* Blessed be * 


NMK said...

Love your new finishes !!! Especially Folk House, love the borders....really neat !!! Those Kitty's are so cute & getting big ! So nice to see flowers again !!!

~Backroad Treasures~ said...

Oh those kitties are adorable!!!! Love the new cross stitch patterns, decisions decisions I have two in my cart now waiting to purchase....no hooking frames yet? Would like to place all my order at one time but guess I best order the patterns and hope the frames will be available soon....
Thanks for sharing your farm with us......the flowers are lovely thinking I may need to plant some of those....


littlemancat said...

Love the new works and your beautiful flowers - our redbuds aren't even in bud yet, but the grape hyacinth are blooming. Aren't they the best blue?
Kitties! Love them. I thought there were four, now I know I'm not crazy. Sorry one little one didn't make it. Poor mommy -

susiedele said...

I thought I remembered 4, also but was afraid to ask. I bet you're right about why Mom is doting over her little tiger. They are all just so cute.
Love you new designs and the finishing touches.

Kathy Barrick said...

LOVE your new designs Lori!! You've done it again! And the kittens.....total adorableness!!

Jane said...

It was so nice to spend some time with you on Sat. My new frame is just waiting for my next project!!
Hugs to you, Peter and all the critters. Especially sweet Buddy.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your Folk House design is just fabulous and I love the finishing technique !
Red Buds are my favorite.

jennifer768 said...

Love your new designs! The kitties are growing so fast,beautiful little ones.So wonderful that you have a tree from your sister.Redbuds are one of my favorites.Have a wonderful evening.Blessings,Jen

The Woolen Cellar said...

The new designs are just 'too cute'! I love them. Is there a place or book where I could learn to do the pillow edgings. They are so creative but think I need a little primer on how to do. I enjoy your blog!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful designs and finishes!
Those kitties are all so adorable!
Wishing we had blooms here ~ we woke to snow this morning. Enjoy!
Prim Blessings

MM said...

Cute kittens. Are you sure Tig is a male?

Linda said...

I love them both; great colors! Linda

Chris said...

Wonderful update! I love the new designs and your finishing.
Such sweet kittens. What a joy!

susan hemann said...

I love your work, as always. I do like the edging very much, so creative!! Darling kittens. your redbud is stunning. A constant memory of the one you lost.

Anonymous said...

Folk House is so cute! I love it, and those darling little kittens are very sweet. I wish we had some of those beautiful flowers blooming. Woke to snow this morning, tis a sad spring day!

linda56 said...

love your new designs lori....those kittens are the sweetest little things I have seen in a long long time....look at how big they are getting...are you keeping them all...we woke up to snow today.....I love that tree with the pink blooms....cant wait for us to get some color....right now white seems to be the color of choice for mother nature....lol...hope you are having a great day...

Anonymous said...

what wonders, lori! from cats to kittens to new little stitches.... i am in awe!


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