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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hello & Happy Sunday
Friends & Folk!

it has been one crazy weekend for sure ~
first, having to bring our beloved Buddy in for emergency surgery on Friday…
his diagnosis is cancer-free! woo hoo! 

our heartfelt thanks to all of you who kept us in your thoughts ~
he is feeling fine and on the mend :)

'twas a nerve-wracking, heart-wrenching time for Peter & I ~
especially since Peter had to bring Buddy to the vet's by himself 
…..while I was at Rug Fest.
but all is well now :)


…... and what a time it was at Rug Fest!
Mary Henck and her group of friends does such a wonderful job 
at putting this show together for us!!

here are (lots of) photos from the show:

my booth ~

Notforgotten Farm

Notforgotten Farm

Notforgotten Farm

Miss Joan manning the "helm" in our booth ~ such GOOD FRIENDS are hard to come by…
 ~ LOVE YOU Joan!!!!!

Three Hollys Rug Hooking booth:

Three Hollys

Three Hollys

 Like Mother Like Daughter Rug Hooking:

Like Mother Like Daughter

Like Mother Like Daughter

Frazier Rug Hooking:



Frazier ~ they donated a cutter for the raffle at this show!!!
what a wonderful gift for the lucky winner!

Mary's Wool Garden:

Mary's Wool Garden ~ "carousel of wool!"

Mary's Wool Garden

Mary's Wool Garden

(((((I don't know how, but I forgot to take snaps of Rebecca's room, and Searsport's room!!!)))))
I apologize for this, but believe me when I tell you the were chock-full of wondrous things!!!

and of course no hook-in would be complete with out the hookers!!!!
LOTS of hookers!!

Hi Everyone!  ~ Hi ROBIN M. !!

a beautiful mess!!! ~ busy busy busy :)

wool dust was flyin' !!

and onto the rug show itself…
this is the part where I get crazy and snap 10000000000's of photos,
BUT to keep you all some-what sane 
& still interested in continuing on,
I'll only share a few ~

the rugs below were hooked by Jennifer Ruddewig,
of my 'Trick or Treat' and 'Smell my Feet' designs 
(adapted for me by Spruce Ridge Studios)

Jen REALLLY went out of the box on these ~
they are hooked with chenille, ribbon, velvet, old stockings and sparkly-fabrics…
she embellished them with costume jewelry,  and other "dimensionals"

 the following rugs were hung in the 'gallery'…
there are SO many that it's hard to get the names of all of the hookers/designers,
IF you are the hooker/designer of the rug, please know that I mean no disrespect 
and your wok is truly beautiful!!!

such detail in this rug ~

fun design!!

I do know this loooong runner was hooked by Miss Pat Cross ~
((and anytime you want to get tired of it Miss Pat... you know where to find me!))

striking against the black background ~

sweeet :)

my Goode Witch rug
(( ~ pls. forgive me for forgetting who you are…email me and I will add your name!
saw so many folks yesterday that my head is still spinning!

beautiful chicken rug!!!
(i know this was hooked by Jen also)

Debra Henkel ~ beautiful design!! beautiful person!!

this is a masterpiece hooked through wool….stunning in person.

you all know how I love Hallowe'en ~ so of course this tickled me!

This rug…..this rug is absolutely breathtaking. I am including it here to remind us all
that when you hook a rug, there are no rules!!!!!

can you see the SIZE of the rug on the floor?
H U M O N G O U S and beautiful…...

this gentleman-hooker was working on a most loverly mermaid…
with sparkly wools blended in here and there. awesome.

this hooker below….
what can I say?

nothing but trouble.
(hugs to you my friend!)

she's always pointing at me when I snap her photo.
she's a hot mess!!!!!
and in the background we can see miss Robin M. working hard on her rug
using one of our Hookinpunch© Frames!


Thanks to all for making our day so special…
see you next year (hopefully sooner)

Have a beautiful day my Friends ~ going to play in my new wools today :)

* Blessed be *


Jane said...

We're breathing big sighs of relief about Buddy!!
Your booth at the Fest looks lovely! What talent is shown in all those beautiful rugs....especially your designs!!

denise said...

beautiful rugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

linda56 said...

oh my.....so sorry about buddy and your hubby this weekend....what a heartache for sure..so glad all is well now..but on a lighter note...looks like you had such fun this weekend....I am in awe of those rugs...that santa on wool was out of this world beautiful....I am so glad you took the time to snap some pictures for all of us here....I am ready to get back to work on a few more projects after checking out all of your shots...did you do well at the show...

Pat said...

Thrilled it turned out not to be cancer. Give that big fur ball a hug for me.

Great pictures. It was one of Mary's best events!!

Debra said...

Rug Fest looked like fun; such gorgeous rugs! Happy that your Buddy is OK...I know what that is like. Enjoy your Sunday!

Penny said...

So happy to know that Buddy will be fine!! We had a dog with cancer... we did go through chemo with him and it bought him another year or so with us....but oh, it was so hard.
The rugs you show are just beautiful.... wish I had the talent of all these hookers!

Karen said...

Hi Lori, Glad Buddy is doing okay. I was wondering if you know who designed the rug hooking pattern with the 2 angels in the garden holding a heart and flowers with a dragon fly? Karen

Denise said...

Very Happy To Hear Buddy Is Ok.. :)
Nice Pictures Thanks For Sharing.


The Wool Cupboard said...

So happy to hear good reports about Buddy's health...such a sweet face! What a relief for your family.

Love all the pictures, and all the BEAUTIFUL quilts on the vendors' tables! WOW.

Hugs, Linda

LaNelle said...

So happy for all about Buddy! Wishing a speedy recovery.
Great pictures, thanks for sharing...

donna said...

I am so glad to hear about buddy, what a relief for everyone, Rugfest looks like so much fun, maybe one of these days!? Glad your back!

donna said...

I am so glad to hear about buddy, what a relief for everyone, Rugfest looks like so much fun, maybe one of these days!? Glad your back!

donna said...

I am so glad to hear about buddy, what a relief for everyone, Rugfest looks like so much fun, maybe one of these days!? Glad your back!

NMK said...

Poor Buddy, so happy to hear everything is good. The rugfest looks like so much fun ....

Lori Ann Corelis said...

I'm so very happy to hear about Buddy . . . He looks happy to hear the news as well!
Thank you for sharing all the great rug fest photos!
I so wish I could get to all these wool events, but for now must live vicariously.


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Such wonderful news about Buddy <3 Sending him lot's of healing energy.

gracie said...

Wonderful pictures of what looks like a wonderful day. Happy for Buddy!

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