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Monday, March 10, 2014

On the Frame ~

If you follow me on Pinterest,
you'll notice that I've been obsessed with all things BEES lately ~

I'm sketching & designing new punch needle patterns for you,
 that are inspired by these fuzzy-bottomed flying & incredibly industrious little workers...

of course I'm using my new Frame!

Hookinpunch© Frame from Notforgotten Farm

 I like how it stands like an easel on my worktable,
as well as sits nicely in my lap when I choose to work with it there…

sneak peek underneath ;)

...and here is the 'working' surface of my latest design ~ (below)

this will be a Pocket when finished ~

the tittle of this pattern is "Blessed Bee"

below is a close-up of finished side, 
{{still have the background to fill in ~}}


~  and here is what will be punched next;
"Honey Girl"


 My sketchbooks are filling up quickly with doodles and thoughts
that will soon be put to use with thread & needle…
I'll have the patterns for these (and a few more) ready soon, and available in my Etsy shop ~ 

They will be available at the VA Rugfest on April 5th as well!

We have another pretty day here at the farm, 
mild temps and sun, a few clouds but that won't stop my laundry from being hung outside…
I PROMISE to take some new pics of the Kittens for you SOON!!!

We had a shop-full of 'visitors' stop by here Saturday to see Miss Minew & her brood ~
they have already gotten fat little milk-bellies and are growing by the minute!

Hoping you all have a beautiful day my Friends….

* Blessed be * 


Saundra said...

I won't be at the VA rug fest so please announce on your blog when they are available to purchase. Really love that Bee.


Cari said...

Love your newest punch needle designs…of course, i love your old ones too !! Can't wait to see Miss Minew and her darling kittens.

Tina McFadden said...

Love, love, love the new designs!!!! Tina

Tina McFadden said...

Love, love, love the new designs!!!! Tina

linda56 said...

wow....love the bee......I want one.....you always make my day to see what you have up next....many smiles you put on my face.....

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

I caught all your bee pinning the other day.. I have been pinning all things Bees for a year now on pinterest so was glad to get some more pics...Thank you! Love your new designs and will definitely purchase some for the shop..Joni

Lori Ann Corelis said...

I DID notice you BEE-ing a bit BEE focused on Pinterest! What fun to see your new inspirations!


Kathy F said...

Oh I can't wait for my frame to come!!! Got the notice it's shipped!! I'm sure Peter has hardly come up from the shop maybe only for meals!! Lol

jennifer768 said...

Love your new designs!For me it has been strawberries,bees and robins that are haunting my thoughts day and night.Can't wait for the updated kitten pics.Hugs,Jen

Anonymous said...

May just have to learn to needlepunch. I love bees too! Bees, birds and ducks. Do you have any designs with ducks? AnnieL ps congrats to Minew!

backporchcarver said...

When I was a kid my Dad had an apiary(sp?) and I spent lots of days with him looking after the bees and I still have a special love for the bees, saw your pins the other day and enjoyed them so much, saved a few myself. I will definitely be looking for your patterns on Etsy. LOVE the first one so much. I have the bee chair pad, my daughter hooked it for me cause I haven't learned to hook yet, but I do punch and Xstitch. Have a great day.

Jeri Landers said...

Who does not adore a honey bee, indeed! Bees always figure prominently in my storybooks and I think all gardeners love them as well. This is a wonderful design, I love it.

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

The Bee designs are fabulous Lori. Enjoy those cute little new fuzz balls too.

SewAmy said...

Love your design.

marly said...

My husband would expect "blessed" to be "queen". I really like it and still haven't started my first attempt at punch needle. Soon!!

Debra said...

Your punch needle designs are wonderful! I am fairly new to the technique, and so I ask you, what background fabric is best? I know that you have a Cameo punch needle and use DMC floss from watching your video, but any advice would be most appreciated.

HomeSpunPrims said...

LOVE your bee pn Lori! I don't think I need a new frame but I am so tempted by Peter's design!
Hugs, Lori

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Dear Debra ~ the cloth used when needle punching is called Weavers Cloth ~ We sell it in our Etsy shop ~ it is a cotton/poly blend that is perfect for punch needle work :)

Debra said...

Thank-you, Lori!

Diana said...

Thank you so much for your Spring pics of the farm. Here in Minnesota it'll be over a month until we see those sights. Love the bee.

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