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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nine Days…and counting ~

It's coming….
in NINE days it will be here :)

will be here just as planned!

the barnyard was just waking up this morning as I took these snaps ~
(( it is 8:00 am and already 51 degrees here in our little part of Virginia ))

barn & coops

Buddy watches the house for Peter ~ "come feed me Dad!"

Daisy, Nocchi and two of the guinea hens patiently waiting too….

I caught Lazy waking up in his bed on the barn porch ~ 

~ pretty silhouette of one of our guinea hens in a black walnut tree ~

... I took the camera to the herb garden to see what was waking up there ~

Harry Lauder Walking Stick is looking nice & strong ~

showing signs of waking up by sprouting catkins ~

pussy willow is showing her beautiful red growth…can't wait for the little fuzzy-heads to come!
~  new growth ~

Iris yawning and stretching ~

waking up from a long nap

can't wait for the narcissus and daffodils ~

beautiful greens….

 Old Friends back for a visit once again.

popping up through the leaves and garden 'decor' ~

 Here are a few snaps of the little 'family'…

Momma Minew leaving her babes for a sip of water and a snack ~
(( notice she is keeping her eye on me! ))

and here are The Tinies ~
the Little Piglets
the Pride of our little Farm !

h e l l o
& good morning to you!

they are doubled in size now ~ still hard to snap a pic of them individually yet, but soon ~
love the pink ears & noses...
 and here is
"Uncle Iggy"
waiting on the toilet tank for me to fill the sink for his drink….

handsome fella ~

I will be finishing up that 
Blessed Bee punch today, then start on the Honey Girl punch ~
I can't wait to show you what's BUZZ-ing around in my head!!!

Have a beautiful SPRING-like day today my Friends ~

* Blessed be * 


Debra said...

I just love the garden pics, Lori! I have a Harry Lauder as well, and the bunnies love to nibble on the low-hanging tassels. Still waiting for the last vestiges of snow to disappear.

jennifer768 said...

Lovely pics Lori! The babies are adorable and already changing. My daffodils are already in bud.Can't wait to see your finished project.Blessings,Jen

Kathy L. said...

Lovely spring. Here is Wisconsin it will be awhile. (we did have a nice day yesterday but snow tonight) It is nice to see spring somewhere. The kittens are adorable.

Thanks for sharing

linda56 said...

the walk this morning with you was just what I sure have your hands full there on the farm.....those kittens are getting so big already....what fun to say good morning to all your friends each day.....

debi rosin said...

Well if those *snaps* don't just scream spring. . . all the new plants, babies, sunshine. . . fantastic photos. . .~d

Bobbie said...

Lucky you, Lori!! We are supposed to get 7 inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow...I could just scream!!! Your farm looks so pretty and peaceful!

Martha Doe said...

I just love all the early morning pics. The "little family" is beautiful! (love the pink noses)
Anxious to see what's buzzing around in your head! :-)


NMK said...

Oh ,I can't wait to see the grass & plants growing !!! More ,rain, sleet & snow due again ....UGH !!!! Snow & ice is melting today , it was warm enough to go for a nice walk & breath in the fresh air ! BUT, tomorrow it is back to Winter.....

Jennifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

Love, love, love, love, love!!! Springtime and little kitties. What could be better. My Coal waits like Iggy for a drink from the sink. For some reason all my cats are fascinated by the bathroom!

Karl and Denise said...

Nice to see spring has started! Love all the animals you have, they all look so relaxed!

Karen Martinsen said...

How beautiful new Spring growth is!
Gives us renewed strength and focus. Wish it was that way here. Windy and cold today and Spring will not arrive on its scheduled date, at least not the LOOK AND FEEL of Spring.
Wonderful photos.

Mary said...

My daffs have been sticking there heads for for about two weeks favorite time of year new growth and no mowing the lawn yet. I love a group kitten photo...who's head goes with what tail??? So sweet.

Jane said...

With "wintry mixes" and high winds in the forecast, we have to keep thinking positively! The goldfinches are getting yellower and the robins are around, but the juncos are still here! Love all your Spring-y pictures.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Great pictures! Spring might show up in my neck of the woods... at some point... we got another 4" of snow today... So ready for Spring! OLM

Kavita Sharma said...

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Art and Sand said...

I am visiting via Must Love Junk.

I love your 218 pound Buddy. We have a goldendoodle puppy who would love to play with Buddy and Lazy.

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