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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sewing Room Redux ~

I've been visiting Pinterest for inspiration ~
I am changing the look of my sewing room!!!
and, I will do this by spending hardly any money ~ 
I'm just using things I already have ~

I have too many things in here…
too many cupboards really,
too many tables too ~

at the moment, is a mess and unruly, 
but that's because I 
W O R K in here :)

I need to get rid of the outdated computer station (bought in the early `1990's) that holds my Big Mac 
(I never ever close the stations' doors anyway, so why use it? and
I feel like I'm working inside a small dark box with housed it in there…)

this is what it looks like at the moment, 
before changing things up a bit, 
which I will begin to do right after I hit the publish button for this post!

you can see the flip-down desk portion of the computer station that the little white lamp is on ~
I've butted another table up to it for more desk space, but that only makes me feel more boxed in!

right now it's dark, cluttered and makes my head crazy…
way too much going on here!

my little 'cubicle'

see where my desk chair is in front of my Big Mac (computer)?
when I sit in it to do paperwork or computer work, I feel like I am being held captive ~ not fun!

behind me, as I sit at the computer,
is a wall of industrial shelving ~ which I love.
I hung the fabric to hide the clutter on the shelves a while back ~ but now I need to get rid of that and clean out the boxes and bins and stacks of books behind those curtains!

"…pay no attention to the clutter behind the curtains!"

I have stacks of antique white frames waiting to be hung,
there are boxes of books, magazines & patterns everywhere…
baskets & bags holding who-knows-what too!

everything needs to be cleaned up, cleared out, rearranged and put to better use…
I can't even get to my ca. 1900's Pfaff Treadle machine you see hiding back there! (below)

...everything that is not useful to me anymore will be given away, sold or donated.

If I haven't touched it in the last 6 months, 
...then I know I just don't 'need' it any longer.

there are things of course that will stay in here ~
my vintage dress forms for sure ~ 
(there are two in this room, one in our bedroom, one in Hannah's bedroom, one in the shop….LOL)

My fabrics, cross stitch, rug hooking & punching supplies definitely stay too,
they just need to be better organized.

the big cedar closet holds my clothes, since this old farmhouse has few closets ~ that will have to stay in here….sigh.

... the curtains that are hanging in here were made by my Mom, so they will stay…
but I might move them to the lower half of the windows to let more light in.
 (sans trim work around the windows, but that's another project waiting to be finished too)

too dark for me.
 of course the King's Throne my comfy sewing chair will stay,
if I ever get a chance to sit in it ~

hey Ig!

 I have a love for old dress forms…
so, yeah…whatever.  ;)

wearing a dress from my friend Cathy and wearing my collection of necklaces, most from another friend,
Kathy from French Sentiments on Etsy...

 I have beautiful sewing-related antiques in here that have gotten lost ~ 
like this spool cabinet I bought from Robin at Millstone Mercantile, 
and the white wicker floor-sewing basket that I bought from Joan at Olde Rectory Antiques…
(among many other items)

fill 'er up!

So, now that I've shared my latest caffeine-induced obsession with you,
I will share progress pictures soon!!

I am off to roll up my shirtsleeves and get to work ~

Hoping you are all having a productive day my Friends!

* Blessed be *


Jane said...

There must be something to this time of year...Spring Cleaning? A New Start to everything??? I have the urge to clean out and rearrange, too. Mostly that's directed to my gardens but it's too early for that! I'm sure Iggy will be a useful supervisor!

VLPDevore said...

I agree! My sewing room is so stacked, can't get in it to sew. Be very interested to know your organizing thoughts on fabric, keep it all together, sort by size, color?? The same with wool and other items for rug hooking. Not to mention all the other OOAK WIP. I'd welcome any and all tips.

The Evening Stitcher said...

It must be the time of year, Lori. I'm doing the same darn thing. I just bought a larger table and bookshelf and getting rid of a bunch of antique stuff. Too dark, too cluttered, and not enough room to do my sewing. My poor husband just shakes his head! Your's will be beautiful, I'm sure. Hurry and get it done so I can use yours for inspiration!!

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

I'm so looking forward to your progress. I want to do this once the weather gets warmer and I need lots of inspiration! Have fun!!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

It needs to work for you of course, but I love the look of a working space like this. I'm sure I will like the "after" just as much!

Anonymous said...

I just did the clean up thing too in deepest, darkest February and rewarded myself by stitching your Bushel and a Peck. This time in my clean up I made a list of things (next time I would take a picture) I donated, so that later I would not waste time looking for things I thought I still had. I have done that so often in the past. Annie

Lori Ann Corelis said...

I SOOOO get it!
We all need peace to work and be creative!
I too started my sewing room,then I got busy actually sewing! You are inspiring me to finish up my job!!
Thanks for that! I can't wait to see your finished product.


NMK said...

Your work room looks cozy, but I know how you feel too, think it is due to this long freezing cold Winter, Nellie Neatness gets into my bones & I attack each room, clearing out lots of stuff that hasn't seen daylight in years, time to Go !!! We should each post our before & after pictures too !!!! Good Luck , your new look will look great !!!

Elisabetta said...

This perfect room contains everything a stitcher needs!

Elisabetta said...

This perfect room contains everything a stitcher needs!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

A very ambitious project to say the least Lori, but I'm sure it will tickle your fancy once complete...
Living in a very small cottage as I do does not afford the luxury of a separate room for creating.One tries to make use of cupboards as much as possible.
I'll be looking forward to your progress.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

And oh yes I love your new header, it shares the promise of Spring.
It is - 11F with the windchill here today, we need a little help remembering its just around the corner...

Debra said...

I did that in my sewing room just the other day...I just have too much stuff, so I did some purging and rearranging with a little prioritizing thrown in, and I am much happier with the result!

Liza S. said...

My sewing room is being rearranged and purged too. I look forward to your updated pix.

linda56 said...

boy oh boy....what a job ahead of you.....I know...because I also have one of those.....mine is not as nice as yours....but it is a room the same size...with more in it then I even was on my to do list...but knee surgery put it on the back you have inspired me to get to it....this will be later in the room is in the lower part of my house...and its still too cold in michigan to get to it....can't wait to see your progress....when I get home I plan on doing a little a few cupboards in my sewing room will be used in other parts of my home....once I get the red covered up....good luck with your redo...

Teena said...

Haha worked in my sewing space in the basement till 11 last night long way to go but motivated because a guy was coming to hang lights over my machine.......husband told me yesterday afternoon yikes the rush was on!!! Only took 3 years to get them hung and they are perfect!!!

Robin said...

Such fun to roll up those sleeves and work in your craft room. I hope you enjoy the journey and love the end result. So much fun to find things you forgot you had and rearrange them into a sensible (at the time!) order. Looking forward to seeing the end results.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh my goodness your sewing/creative space is so neat compared to mine ~ mine is nothing but a hoarders mess ~ I'd be embarrassed to show it.
I can't wait to see your redo ~ maybe it will give me some inspiration to get my butt in gear and clean it up!!!
Have Fun!!!
Prim Blessings

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