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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Beautiful Mess ~

L O O K!
Progress is being made!!

yes, it's a mess at the moment, but what a difference already!
Peter & I took that big elephant of a computer station/cupboard out and…..

what a difference it makes!

already seems bigger and brighter :)
I am loving having my Big Mac on my old farm table…
((now I feel more contemporary and professional for some reason!))

'scuse the vacuum please…and the wires under my 'desk'.

we will be replacing that dark blue braided rug for something fun, light & colorful today :)
(Peter asked what I wanted for my birthday, so I told him a new Sewing Room! HA!)

I am loving the pop of red on the little shades on my chandelier,
and think I want to incorporate more red into this room ~ too.

I still have to rearrange furniture, but at least I'm happy with the computer situation…

rug still makes it very dark…it's gotta GO!

I'm still unsure of the window treatments too ~
like I mentioned, my Mom made them and I would like to keep them in here, especially since they are cream with tiny red flowers on them ~ but perhaps use them as cafe-curtains on the bottom instead… maybe I'll make a coordinating valance from red/cream floral? too much? Hmmmm….

that cedar clothes closet will be set kitty-corner over there soon ~

 I've had this old oak folding shelf (below) for years ~ thought I would sell it once, 
then thought I would have Peter strip the white paint off of it.
{{ Naaaahhhh….I'll keep it just as it is now.}}
...glad I second-guessed myself on that one!

put the folding white oak shelf behind Iggys' napping my stitching chair ~ and filled her up with old jars holding buttons & such, with fabrics on the bottom…

 Sorry this is at such a wonky angle (below) ~
 but I couldn't get the full-effect of my wonderful industrial shelving…

you can see my collection of red PA German lithographed sewing tins up along the top of the shelving.
I'm thinking I would like to bring them down 
...and have shelves up on the wall over my desk to hold them ~
That way I can use them better for storage and see them better too!

makin' me dizzy!

 here (below) is that wall above my desk where I'd like those shelves to go:
...what do you think?
I am bringing in ivy plants and natural elements too, like more twigs, bird's nests and such ~
I love to collect things that Mother Nature gifts me :)

blank wall (for now)

So there you have it today ~
I'll work more in here and share updates asap !!


Have a Beautiful Day my Friends!!

* Blessed be *


Nancy Bauer said...

Its going great Lori! What a difference getting rid of that big ol' cabinet huh? I love the red and I think the red baskets on a shelf about your desk is a perfect idea. Can't wait for the updates! I've been doing some sprucing up too, guess we all feel this is needed after this LONG cold winter! My porch is my next major one, but with the forecast ahead, guess it is gonna have to wait!

Enjoy your redux!!

linda56 said... did so much in just one day......that computer cupboard did make it feel closed the open-ness that is there now.....can't wait to see what you do next....I think I would love to see your moms curtains on the bottom...and a little red pop at the top....have what you want....I love that you wanted a new room from hubby for your birthday....mine is coming up and hubby said he would take me to cheesecake factory again if I wanted....(its about an hour away)...but I told him I would rather he took me shopping for the

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Wow what a difference a day makes!!!
I think the shelves would be wonderful above the computer desk ~ to show off those beautiful sewing boxes!!!
Thanks for inspiring me!!!
It's always fun to see where other women create!
Prim Blessings

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Thanks to you Lori... I am inspired to tackle my sewing room now. No more putting it off. I can hardly move in there for clutter. You get so much done in very short order. Have a great birthday.

scarlett said...

How fun to see your room. I love it all, but especially the "Textile" sign. May I ask where you got it?

Art and Sand said...

My creative space looks a bit like yours today. I have all the drawers out of the dresser I use for storage and am in the finishing stages of painting it Miss Mustard Seed Eulalie's Sky. What a mess when everything is moved around. And now of course, I see other things that need to be changed.

I like your red chandelier and the big desk. Have fun finishing up and working in your space.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of cafe curtains. Leave your mom's curtains on top and do red/cream on the bottom. You're off to a good start in your room! Paula S.

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