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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In the Wee Hours ~

I like to get up with the sun somedays ~
other days I let her get up first….

Today I was up & at 'em early.
So early, that Iggy want's quite sure what to do with himself.

He usually rises slowly,
heading to the first sun-patch he can find ~
but this morning, it was just starting to peek into the sewing room window…
I love his expression, and how I captured his reflection.
(but OH how I hate that filthy window ~ that is on the OUTside my friends!!)

Spring cleaning can't come soon enough for this farmwife!


 Why was I up so early?
...even before the roosters???
I wanted to do this:

working on notecards & prints

 I shared this little Robin girl with you a few weeks back ~
she was only sketched in pencil at the time…

...she's been pestering me daily and
~ it is now time to finish her.


I wanted to get started on the penning & painting of her today…
and was thinking & thinking about it all night as I tried to sleep.

~ so, up I popped out of bed and here I am still!

wistfully dreaming about her future….a sweet little nest with white-birch branch fence
 ~ a couple of hatchlings perhaps?

I think I captured her well ~
she has been living in my thoughts for quite-some-time…
~ happy to bring her to life finally :)

preparing to write a poem to her beloved ~ remember I started her before Valentines day ~

I love penning in the details
~ like her feathers and the satin ribbon at her neck & waist…

...shadows and highlights and texture will come with my watercolors next ~


I will share my finish of her soon!

between stitching (punching, hooking, etc…)
I like to give my hands (and brain) a rest and work in paints ~
….it is good for me to flit-between mediums. keeps me sane (ha!)

well, the sun has now gone back to bed it seems ~
while writing this post, the clouds have crept in and I believe I hear
faint raindrops on the old tin roof….

~ i think it will be a perfect day for painting ~

have a beautiful day my friends ~ no matter the weather.

* Blessed be *


Saundra said...

Beautiful! You are very talented m'dear.


SewAmy said...

I love your robin so far. I can't wait to see her colored in. Wasn't the sun wonderful yesterday?! I sat out on my back porch and soaked it in for a bit.

gracie said...

Can't wait to see her finished.

Shelley said...

She's beautiful :) I wish I could draw like that ...my drawings are more primitive in style, she would make a beautiful stitchery. Thanks for sharing such a lovely part of your talent.

evelyne staebler said...

can t wait ...... big kisses , evelyne

Jane said...

What a charming lady robin. I can see why she's wanted you to bring her to life. I love your Spring photos! I've been pouring over the Wildseed Farms and Burpee catalogs. I guess I'll just have to keep stitchin' something Spring-y for a few more weeks!

jennifer768 said...

Can't wait to see her finished in watercolors but I am seeing her as a punched piece as well.Have a lovely day.Blessings,Jen

linda56 said...

someday.....I want to be just as talented as you my friend...love the sketch.....and cant wait to see her done.....

Jacqueline said...

Your talents are many ,

Jacqueline said...

Your talents are many ,

Jeri Landers said...

She is so very graceful and elegant. What a beautiful 1840's style frock she is wearing, just charming! I was delighted when I found your site,it is just my cup o tea, so to speak. I've done needlework most of my life in one form or another and punch needle is my latest fervor so it's been delightful to snoop about your blog and see how an expert does it.

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Such detail Lori. She will be beautiful! I can hardly wait!

Doreen said...

SHE is just amazing!!

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