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Sunday, January 5, 2014

the little things ~

I tend to collect lots of little things
...(ya think?)

like tiny plates and pitchers
small rabbit figurines and seashells from my hometown ~

my green hutch in dining room decorated for Winter/Spring

old, non-working pocket watches
tree fungus (also known as shelf lichen)
white pebbles...
birds nests

I collect soup tureens without lids,
and lids to lost soup tureens.
both of which do not match with nor will they ever fit one another.

old children's shoes find their way into my shopping basket & heart.
oh and hearts too ~ I collect hearts.

new knobs on green hutch

old photos & flower frogs ~

dried flower from our gardens
bits of lace and old calico
thread spools & scissors

yes, some of the things are nonsensical.
but then again I am (occasionally) nonsensical as well ~

wallpaper border will be gone sooooon :)
... buh-bye.

oh, and did I mention I also collect dust?
but not on purpose...

with my many collections, 
a woodstove and a furry white cat ~
you can understand how I have come to collect dust then.

dust on the top shelf....

that is just another reason why,
with the new year now upon us
I want to remove alot of 'stuff' 
that just doesn't fit in anymore 
to my now simpler way of thinking & life...

I want to spend more of my time creating & loving
...instead of dusting!!!

yes, I will still collect things,
but more meaningful (to me) things ~
I want statement pieces in my farmhouse...not clutter.
I want antiques that speak to my heart 
rather than just a
 "have to have that" kind-of-thing.

I will continue to also decorate with primitives, but no more dark for me.
give me subtle, neutral & light colors to brighten my home, 
lift my spirits and inspire my work...

I recently had an email from a friend 
that asked if I was going
"shabby chic" with my decor, 
and/or will I stop designing my 'primitive' designs for needlework

NO. I am not. 
and...NO I will not.

I won't decorate with lots of ruffles & lace, 
(something old & stained, but nothing 'frothy')

I don't expect to see any of my rooms painted pink, 
(but old pink & brown quilts tickle my fancy)

my designs will continue to come from my heart where they live,
~ but their colors will change just a bit...I have confidence in the direction I'm going
and I think you'll be pleased with my results.

The Bathroom is coming along ~ 
Peter sanded the walls, filled the holes with putty and now he is working on the window...
removing the sash so we can fix the glass.
I cannot wait to show you what we have planned for this window :))

well it's Raining today,
and finally I'm putting away Christmas 2013
and um ~

enjoy each other and your cozy homes my Friends!

* Blessed be * 


Linda said...

I have been thinking.....for a long time...of removing my kitchen/dining room dark wall paper, and painting the whole house a cream color, with that going with a lighter, brighter look...think, old faded floral tablecloths, keeping my quilts, thinning down some collections etc....but the thought of removing 2 layers of wallpaper, stops me in my tracks!!! Maybe as I see your progress I will get motivated!! But, now is a good time of year to start these projects.........

Jane said...

I put Christmas 2013 to bed this weekend, too. However, I AM still working on a large Santa hanging. I like your photos of your white pitchers, etc. This time of year always makes me feel "nesty". I'm looking into changing a few things in the house, too. Of course, our lovely fireplace mantle is looking forward to new decorations with each season!!

matty said...

Collections?? Er, um... *cough* So many things call to me that I rotate them according to the season... so we shall NOT speak of the condition of the attic. In fact, I have to confess, I have fallen in love with children's tea sets... parts missing or not... and while I was cleaning my guest room this weekend, I found one that I had forgotten about tucked away in a cabinet... I think the secret for me is better organization and a frequent shopping trip at home.... Perhaps monthly....LOL

Can't wait to see the revamp bath! I love dropping in for some inspiration!

ga447 said...

Thank you for sharing all your lovely things. I feel so comfortable with folky items. Can't wait to see the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I like your little rabbits and I'm guessing they don't mind the dust a bit.
~best wishes~

Jennifer said...

Love your collections. I collect birds' best, but only after they have fallen from their original spots. It seems that miniature rabbits have been collecting ME lately. I have found three so far in the oddest spots...at the gym, in a parking lot and in my yard!

Becky said...

Early Spring Cleaning is what I'm calling it. I'm in the middle of doing the same thing as I do almost every year... ~Simplicity~
Oh boy Lori, I love all your collections.


Prims By The Water said...

I to have both bunnies and dust bunnies Lori! Love your Winter look in your hutch, Lots of snow here in Michigan. Stayed inside working on my own bunnies. Have a great week! Janice

Saundra said...

Thank goodness I wouldn't have to worry about coming here wearing white gloves and testing my house for dust....I've plenty.

Enjoy your treasures and creative time as the dust will never end. Surround yourself with what give you pleasure.


Raymond Homestead said...

I hear you on the cutting back. I've started to do some as well. I also collect dust, I'm glad to know someone else does too! As far as the primitive colors, my heart always seems to be drawn to the darker ones. I just feel more cozy surrounded by them. I like the whites, neutrals etc. but still seem to be called back to the dark side, lol! That doesn't sound very good does it?! ;-)

Debra said...

I admire your ideas for your new décor. My new mindset is to surround myself only with the things that I love, not necessarily limiting myself to any one particular "look". I find that I am happiest in the rooms where I have already used this approach, so it works for me!

linda56 said...

oh lori....I'm there with you....I love the way you are going and can't wait to see it all....its been fun changing my look....I still love primitive...but grew tired of all the stuff...and everyone's houses looking the same....I will never get rid of the primitive furniture that I have left...but I am mixing in something new and fresh with it...I have been thinking about starting a new collection....I love the white ironstone....so who knows....I just might have to buy some of yours if you choose to sell it....

Anonymous said...

All your and Peter's hard work will pay off. It's nice to follow along. Btw, the Folk Bird Needlebook for your club is Adorable! Mouse

Lori Ann Corelis said...

I know of where you speak dear friend. I have so many collections I cannot count, but I too am learning only to add things that are amazing . . . those that must have a home. It's all part of our growth . . . we grow, we change, anything that stays the same just withers. So excited to see all you do!

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Dust and all its just beautiful lol

anniebeez said...

Lori you are speakin' to my decorator heart! I am also going white, white, white this year! I started a little last year-but mostly with "the purge"! Shabby, but not chic, romantic but not fluffy, vintage is the new prim!

Linda said...

I collect so many of the same things you do. Again, we would be tearing each other's hair out to get to the items in the shops - so good we don't shop together - LOL! I have a small collection of tiny little pitchers and tea sets that I adore (and I love yours)! I also, like you, collect dust.

Linda in VA

jody said...

It always feels good to clean and simplify .. It will be fun to see some of your creations!! Enjoy!

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