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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The "Inspector"

Iggy likes to help.
well, not 'help' exactly...
...but do his part.

we like to call him The Inspector.

everything we do, Ig wants to 'see' it.
smell it.
touch it. involved.

so of course, here he is in the bathroom, checking out Peters' work ~
and nice work it is:

finished floor!!!!
 Ig has to check out the tub, you see,
 because the door to the room has been closed 
to allow the floor sealant to dry without his little paws tip-toe-ing in there....

and because Igmeister like to drink water from the tub.


back to the floor ~
I LOVE it!
it sure is different from what was there...

I like how light it is, how it glows in the morning sunlight now ~
I love the dings, scrapes and stains on the old wood 
...and how they add so much more character to the room now.

not too shiny, just a mellow glow ~

 Today will be the painting of the walls and trim.
and I'm sure Iggy will be there to lend a,...paw or two.

goodbye old, hello new!
 Here is just a small stack of wood that we use in the farmhouse ~ 
we heat almost entirely by wood stove, and have for the past 10 years...

this is beautiful hard cedar that has been seasoned 
and it will warm us in the frigid temps we have at the moment...
temps are in the teens and 20's and I was talking with my Mom this morning 
who said it was about 1* degree at her house in CT....

whew! that's cold!

heating with Firewood warms you twice...
once when you cut it, and again when you burn it!

so for all of us in the deep freeze, here's the mantra for today:

come on!

stay warm, be safe &
* Blessed be * 


Nancy Bauer said...

The floor is wonderful Lori & Peter, can't wait to see the walls painted…you need to paint Iggy's paw and let him leave a little print in the corner somewhere! Have a happy day and stay warm in your cozy home and shop, 13 is waaayyyy to cold for around these here parts!

matty said...

When I was painting the bathroom, Annie decided to help. She has a lovely lavender streak on the side of her very black face. It looks like a beauty mark and she is very proud of it! Purple on black IS becoming...

Colleen said...

The floor looks gorgeous!! Nice job :) I like that you're lightening up your rooms. We did that about 3 years ago and it made such a huge difference in how all the furniture and (prim) decorations look. I do counted cross stitch and quilt so I have a lot of samplers and quilts hanging on the walls. The light background seems to show off these pieces the best. I'm anxious to see what you do next.

We have two (rescued) kitties and Sara is the nosiest one, by far. This morning, after my shower, she likes to come in the bathroom (opens the door, which isn't closed completely) and walks in the shower to inspect the water left. She doesn't drink the water but she likes to sit in the shower and doesn't care if she's getting her feet/fur wet. Goofy girl...haha.

I bet that cedar smells good, too.

Jennifer said...

Floor looks great! So what is it with cats and the bathroom? Read an article about it recently....1. the water aspect 2. the fact that the door is usually CLOSED and cats just can't stand to be shut out and 3. the "captive audience". While we are in the doing our business the cat gets all the attention. Afterall, where else are we going to go.........

Jan Conwell said...

That is a beautiful floor! Funny...this far south, our mantra is chanted in Summer; "Hurry Fall!" Iggy probably wonders how you can enjoy YOUR water without a wee bit of soap and hair in it. Crazy humans.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my,love how the floor looks, so warm.....Iggy is such a great supervisor, sweet kitty......Keep Cozy, Francine.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Lori, the floor look wonderful. Can I adopt Peter:?? LOL! Stay warm.

denise said...

looking good!

Orange Sink said...

Oh the character that floor has now Lori and Peter! It looks fabulous! That Iggy is quite the character himself... probably wondering if the tub is going out next!! LOL!!
I need that Spring Mantra pretty desperately here in nothern WI... we are expecting -30 that's MINUS and windchills MINUS 60! We could use that beautiful cedar! Our woodpile is looking pretty skimpy....
Have fun painting!!
Cathy G

Michele Hebson said...

Hi Lori, what a fantastic looking floor. I love hard wood floors too and all the dents, dings and grooves make them all that much more honey. I just recently (over the summer) remodeled our bathroom here and it was some work. So I know what you are going through...especially with the Inspector and paws all over everything. I stopped counting all the times I had to go hunt something down in another part of the house because of lil paws deciding it belonged somewhere else. LOL o.O ...Blessings to you and yours.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Looking good, the wood is so warm and inviting...
I also heat mostly with wood, maple, oak and birch up here.The windchill was -29C yesterday, that's cold enough to take your breath away...
Keep posting the progress, I find it warms the soul.
Susan x

Lori Ann Corelis said...

How beautiful and earthy your wood floor is! And the stories that wood would tell if wood could! ;-)

Stay warm . . . . pretty darned chilly here as well! Hedging on single digits.

Happy painting!
(I'll be doing the same!)

Prims By The Water said...

Iggy is a great supervisor as Peter did a good job on the floor. Cannot wait to see the finished job..looking good so far. Janice

Dog Trot Farm said...

Lori, what character that lovely floor now has...I chuckled at the unpainted space behind the toilet...Iggy seems to approve, four paws up!!

Saundra said...

Beautiful flooring and love all the age marks as well. The firewood is also beautiful. WOW. Now that would be something wonderful to hook for those creative souls.

Looking forward to the painting and transition.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Love the floor! What a difference a wood floor makes.
Stay warm!
Hugs :)

Karen said...

I enjoy reading about your life in the farmhouse. And seeing the things you create.

P.J. said...

Love, love the floor! Our Chewie drinks the tub water too; I joke that I need to get out of the cat bowl when I am done with my shower as she sits there staring at me. :) can't wait to see the next stage of change, how refreshing.
Take care, keep warm.

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Luv the flooring, so warm and cozy!! We have a helper like Iggs too, Cupcake seems to think that her opinion is vital to our daily tasks. She recently spent a WHOLE day in our cold garage because she felt I needed assistance doing laundry and unknowingly snuck in while I was tending to the wash and it wasn't until bedtime we realized the house had been awfully quiet??? After searching I realized there was one more place....She was there at the door, and sassed ME for HER chilly day. :) Keep up the good work, anxious for the finished room reveal!! ~Kriss~

Robin said...

Oh it looks good! What are people thinking when they cover hardwood floors. I did a quick look back at the before - quite a difference. Thank you so much for sharing your remodeling journey. Love the mantra. 4 degrees here yesterday morning. brrrr.

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