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I love seeing the past through the eye of a needle ~
...I collect old & odd things.
I pull wool & cotton through linen. I walk barefoot in my garden and throw my head back and cackle when I laugh...

I'm just a little farm-witch that loves where I am & who I'm with ~

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It All Begins ~

Mostly all of my work ~
... or folk art

begins with a sketch...

I keep many (many) sketchbooks ~ 
in the farmhouse
in the shop
in the car
in my purse.

so that when inspiration strikes
or when my muse visits...
I am always ready.

the visions in my mind are very clear as to what needs to be applied to paper ~
and I can usually sketch out exactly what I see behind my closed eyes.
some of my sketches are quick and rudimentary...
others very detailed and sharp.

some sketches never make it out of the sketchbook,
others become alive with the help of paint, paper, needle or thread.

A couple years back
I designed a line of notecards based on my sketches.
..they sold very well and were even collected by some ~

I've decided to indeed get back to making more notecards,
as well as limited edition prints of my drawings, paintings & sketches...

I've opened an account at
where I will be uploading my artwork/photographs 
to create & offer different licensed products like:
coffee mugs
tote bags

...this little Robin bird-girl
that I'm in the process of sketching
will be painted with watercolors and penned with ink ~

I'll be uploading her into the Zazzle shop soon
and she will be the first of many offerings there.

I'm thinking of painting her dress 
with inspiration from the fabric you see...
what do you all think?

my humble beginnings 
came from being a child with pencil & paper in hand ~

I can remember drawing at a very early age...
a new pad of paper, 
some new #2 pencils 
and a good box of crayons were enough to settle my little soul 
and busy my small hands back then...

~ and continue to do so to the present day.

although I work primarily with needlework and designing,
~ my heart will forever be found in my sketchbooks.

I hope my love for this shows in all of my work...

Keeping warm today by the wood stove ~
frigid temps and snow/ice today although sunny & bright!

*LSHC members:
kits have been mailed!!!
if you haven't received yours by the end of this week, please do let me know.

* Blessed be *


PatC - All is Bright said...

I think that fabric will work beautifully with your art work. What a wonderful gift to have. Love reading your blog and may you continue designing.

Warm regards


penelope said...

Lori..just love your sketches! My favorite part of your designing is your watercolors. Oh... too just have a glimpse in your sketchbooks..all are gems just in pencil.Can't wait!

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

So much talent Lori! Thanks for sharing! That fabric will look sweet on miz bird.

Debra said...

I was the a child, I was forever drawing and sketching, and had fantasies of being an artist. I even painted in oils, watercolors, and tried pen and ink drawing before needlework took over my life. I wish you much success in this endeavor!

anniebeez said...


NMK said...

You are So creative...note cards & prints would be So nice !!! Good Luck !!!

By Thy Hands Tinkerings said...

This is soooo weird, but I painted a picture yesterday!! Can't wait to see you lovely pictures.


Nancy Bauer said...

Growing up I would sketch horses all the time, I just loved it…then a stint in art school in the early 70's snuffed the joy of it for awhile (art school at that point in time was a WEIRD place). Altho I very rarely sketch much any more, I certainly understand the joy it brings. I love your robin and I think that is the perfect material for her dress, how sweet she is holding a heart with a nest of eggs on her mind!

Jane said...

I really like your robin sketch. I envy anyone who can put ideas onto paper. There must be a big disconnect between my brain and my hand!
I'm looking forward to seeing your new stuff.

Jacqueline said...

You are such a talented woman. I love your sketch and do agree that the fabric choice is wonderful.

Linda said...

As usual, love seeing what you are up to Lori! I will look at your new site.

Stacey said...

It was your drawings that called to my heart, not so many years ago and I am excited to see more! I can't wait for Miss Robin! I am so excited to see and collect <3

There is something about the sheen of ink... especially on the warmth of the aged papers. I carry with me, your words of encouragement still and with it; Hollyhock Hill was born last Spring.
Bright Blessings~


Mugwump Woolies said...

She is perfect! Will you be selling your original watercolor? How I would love to have a robin!

Jonette said...

I love your note cards. I got one in the mail from someone this past year and I treasure it. Would love to buy some.

linda56 said...

lori...I love have so many as I sit here in florida I have been sketching too ....only I do what they call zentangle.....I do it at the beach...I do it in the car.....and I too have many sketch books around....we have so much in common.....some day I must meet you in person....what fun we would have chatting....can't wait to see your finished robin project.....

Tina said...

I hope that's going to become a cross stitch chart,it's lovely

denise said...

love the fabric!

Saundra said...

Such an inspiring blog and I love the Robin sketch. You're very talented and in tune with nature. Cant wait to see the final color print.


Ronda said...

How exciting, congrats on opening a shop on Zazzle, best wishes!

The Cinnamon Stick said...

I loved your notecards and they sold so well in our store...I do hope you will be wholesaling them again. They make our Stationery room so special!

Elisabetta said...

Your draw is wonderful!

Maggey and Jim said...

I think the fabric is very appropriate for a Robin as they love berries.. I love her , she is so sweet..

matty said...

I love the Lady-Robin! She is precious! Must. Have.

Dancing in the very cold, cold mountains today because I was rewarded for putting on all the layers it takes today so I could stagger to the mailbox.... to find... my LSHC waiting patiently! I have scurried to do my chores so I can have a nice sit tonight and stitch! Can't wait to see what it decides to become when it is done!

Thanks for a cutie!

Melba said...

Got my kit today. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Nancee said...

Love your art work...look forward to note cards,etc.

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