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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Crewel Addiction ~

Lately I have been perusing my collection of books internationally known Japanese designer/author

I have been in love with her work for many years, 
...and try to buy her books when I see them on or in quilt shops ~

her unique design-sense and color ways, 
plus her use of neutral fabrics & textures is what I love most.

yeah, I'm obsessed with her :)

a healthy addiction

the other 'thing' that has gotten in my brain lately is
CREWELwork Embroidery.
yet another form of needlework that I can't seem to stay away from.

If you follow my Pinterest boards, 
you'll see that I've been scouring the web for images of wool-work, stump work,
3-D embroidery and all kinds of different & new {to me} stitches…

here are a few books in my collection on that subject ~

nothing like a needle & thread in hand ~

My plans for the new year 
...are to incorporate more embroidery into my work & designs.
I am in the initial stages of designing a few patterns for YOU to work on along with me,
like the beloved old tapestries and lady's pockets we can't stop looking at ;)

I want to design a line of pockets for you to embroider ~
and I'm thinking I will also offer limited edition kits for them using wonderful Waverly wool yarns.
{progress is coming along on a prototype, will share snaps soon}


and what self-professed Needlewoman would be complete 
without a sewing basket/box? {or 3, or 4….}
well, yes, I have many.
none of them seem to be big enough to hold my 'essentials' ~
**my essentials include but are not limited to:
scissors {usually 2 pair, sometimes more}
plastic boxes with compartments to hold my floss {usually 2, sometimes more}
assorted linen fabrics in many different colors/counts
assorted 'other' fabrics {in case inspiration hits on the road}
glue sticks, fray check, sewing thread, lip-balm, hand cream, assorted pens, pencils & highlighters ~
USB flash-sticks, seam ripper, ruler,
 pinch-type clothespins {to 'hold' my linen for me when I stitch 'in hand'}
small notepad, tissues, tiny clip-on Ottlite* , thread winders, floss holders, 
wooden sewing hoops {usually 2, sometimes more ~ see a pattern here?}
assorted ribbons & trims, rusty pins, old buttons ~ 
and of course I need:
Old photographs {really?}, magnetic needle-minders, magnifying glass, mad-money {shhhh}
retractable tape measure, small tomato pincushion, 
black-headed pins, white-headed pins {again, really?} beeswax, iPhone charger {just in case}
and last but certainly not least ~
not just any needles, but:
DMC brand, round end, size #28 teeny tiny tapestry needles {my #1 fav}
John James 'petite' #28 tapestry needles {my 2nd fav}
but that list hasn't included the actual work-in-progress or the chart/graph in-progress.
{i think that's all….}

OH C'mon…
you KNOW you carry all of that around with you too…'fess up!

So what's a girl to do?
~ that's right dearie.
{using a gift card to Joann's that was given to me by my enabler um…beloved}

and here it is in all of it's massive glory:

what a big girl!

nice & sturdy


and roomy!

lots of little compartments to fill up,…hold my 'essentials'.


there is just one. little. problem.
>>>the fabric<<<
yeah, not so much…

being the ever-adaptable person that I am,
I will muster up every ounce of creativity I have 
and re-do {redux?} the way-too-cutesy-for-me fabric.

{how will she do that?}
not sure.
I am sure it will not look like it does now when I get through with it….

stay tuned!

hhmmmmm……putting on my thinking cap for this one ;)

If you have hung in there and have read the ramblings on this post to here,
I want you to know that I'm wishing you all a very happy, safe, heathy New Year!!
and to say Thank You for putting up with me thus far ;)

* Blessed be * 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Folks like us…..

Folks like us
like simple things.
...we like un-fussy things.

~ plain, yet dignified ~

Folks like us
like to use our hands
to work in old ways…
stitching, sewing, mending ~

new Jan/Feb/March 2015
Little Stitches Handwork Club project kit model ~
 "Folk Tulip Needlework Station"
from ©Notforgotten Farm

Folks like us
love to things that speak to our hearts ~
we love history and memories.

we us try to use things up
and recycle, never wasting anything and
it's not in our nature to buy something when we can usually make it,
~ and make it better in most instances.

pretty little X's

We are Folks 
who appreciate the timeworn & ragged ~
always searching for 'that look' in our home-decor & needlework.

we don't mind slipped-stitches or loose threads…
we don't mind chipping paint or scuff marks.
~ as long as our hearts fill with joy.

Jan/Feb/March 2015 ~ Little Stitches Handwork Club project kit model
"Folk Tulip Needlework Station"
from ©Notforgotten Farm

We are kindred in hoping that our handwork will be passed down ~
or at least hope the act of our handwork will...
 ~ as we let others know just how much our needlework means to us ~
...letting them know how it fills our days, thoughts & hearts.

~ needful yet utilitarian too!
love the red/cream homespun that will be included in the project kit :)

I'm always happy to be in the good company of such Folks.
~ humble, happy folks who enjoy the same things as I do ~
So, this is the finished model for the 2015 Little Stitches Handwork Club {LSHC} kit 
...that will begin shipping soon ~

I've made the finished stitch into a simple little needlework station
for your worktable ~
it has a small linen pincushion
and a pocket to hold your scissors, folded charts, extra fabric/wool, etc…
...then I added rusty pins to each corner to act as thread 'rings' ~
…there's that 'making-do' & 'using-up' thing again ;)

If you are a current member and would like to renew your membership for the LSHC 
~ you can email me directly at  
OR if you would like to learn more about joining,
you can click HERE for more information ~ 

We are thrilled to say that this is our 3rd year of hosting this club 
~ and we are so very Thankful to our members!!
 I have SO much fun designing for you!

the photo below shows the finished model, 
which is stitched onto my 30ct Old Farmhouse Linen {included in kit}
~ next to a smaller version of the design which I am in the progress of stitching 
{just for fun, mind you}
onto my 40ct Old Farmhouse Linen…
...i'm getting there !!

Hoping you all have a wonderful evening 
...Friends & Folk!

* Blessed be *

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Paperwhites, Hot Tea & Tulips

Good Saturday Morning to you!

~ or should I say to those of you who, 
like me, have chosen to stay home 
and not venture out into the crowds of sale-shoppers!!

I like a good bargain, but really ~ folks are nuts out there!

nope, I'd rather stay home and watch my birds at the feeders out my kitchen window…
and watch the progress of my paperwhites blooming on the sill :)


aren't they beauteous?

and they smell heavenly.
their subtle spring-like scent wafts through our little kitchen ~
reminding us of new beginnings…

oh so pretty

this is my first time ever forcing bulbs.
well, I actually don't like to use the word 'force' ~ 
I will be more gentle than that and say 'coax'…yes,
... I have coaxed them to rise up from their dried bulb.

multiple blooms are characteristic of this type of narcissus ~

they just make me happy :)

a hint of things to come….

and speaking of things to come & flowers,
here is the model for our upcoming class on January 24th ~
CLASS rescheduled until FEB 7th
a wool applique Tulip teacup rug!

just a small little project to warm our hands during the class 
~ while Miss Nancy teaches us about blending our own herbal teas….

Tulip Teacup Rug

I used all wools for the project:
the background wool is from an old army blanket 
that I rescued from the moths ~

In between the background wool and the backing wool
I sprinkled in a few crushed whole-cloves, some star anise and a few cinnamon chips…
so when we place the warm teacup down onto the rug,
... the spices will release their cozy scent.

love handwork

I've been practicing my feather-stitch and blanket stitch using pearl cotton ~
oh, and a few colonial knots too :)

…warm woolies

I'm looking forward to the class ~
I love when we gather round and chat, eat & stitch {hook, punch…}

Friendship is a gift best shared
and what better way to share it,
than at a table piled with wool, threads, hot tea & cookies
...on a cold Winter's day?

warming hands & hearts

Miss Nancy always teaches a great, informative class…
I wonder what kinds of teas she'll be bringing for us?

~ I have always loved herbal teas ~
{herbal anything for that matter :)}

A Winter Tea ~
Herbal Tea & Wool Applique Class
Class Fee: $38.00 per student
Saturday January 24th 2015    
Class RESCHEDULED to Sat. Feb. 7th
10:00 - 3:00
at Notforgotten Farm
We have room for 8 students at our class table ~
room for 2 available now due to cancelations
if you'd like to sign up, please email me at
first come, first served ;)

Hoping you are enjoying the Holidays,
Hannah is now back at her apartment in Richmond ~
the house seems so very quiet & empty…
~ but plans are being made for New Years Eve…
looking forward to spending it quietly with good friends & good food ;)

* Blessed be * 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

…to You!

* Blessed be *

Peter, Lori & Hannah
and all of our fur & feather friends here at
Notforgotten Farm

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

~ Christmas Eve ~

It's finally here ~

Christmas Eve!

I think I might enjoy this night even more than Christmas Morning…
When Peter & I were younger ~ before Hannah was even born,
we celebrated Christmas Eve at my family's house.
Usually at my sister's house or my mom's…
we gathered for dinner, then opened our presents in a round-robin style.

...we laughed and celebrated being together as adults then,
~ instead of as children.

when Hannah came along,
{she is our Christmas Gift}
Peter & I continued to celebrate Christmas Eve with our families,
but now we saw things through her eyes ~

...we saw Christmas Eve the way we did when both of us were little...
everything was magical to us again!

Once our little family moved to Virginia from Connecticut
back in 2003,
our Christmas Eve became almost lonely for me ~ 

...but we met and made wonderful new friends 
~ who invited us into their warm homes to celebrate 
with their family's traditions 

...and we are ever thankful for them.

Now that Hannah is no longer living at home,
{and Peter & I are officially empty-nesters}
Christmas Eve is made special once again by our girl's return home for the Holidays….
her visit may be brief, 
...but the memories made together are perpetual.

Tonight we will bake cookies from ancient family recipes 
{which are safely tucked into my stained & bedraggled cook book}
...conjuring the sights and smells of a Christmas Eve kitchen long ago
where molasses cookies and fudge were made by my mothers loving hands…

after dinner, 
we will sit by the wood stove 
and watch old movies together ~ 
...popcorn & hot cocoa will be made
and all will be right with the world for us.

Peter & I will most likely bore Hannah to tears {again} with our beloved memories
 of how she was due to be born on Christmas Eve, but arrived 4 days early due to my having pneumonia and coughing so hard that my water broke….

...ahh…good times ;)

then Peter, Hannah & I will head to separate rooms wrap our presents bought for each other ~
where from behind each other's closed doors we will hear the sounds 
of paper rumpling & scissors cutting and that noise of tape being pulled from plastic dispensers
{and I'm sure a few 'chosen' words by me since I'm not a good present-wrapper.}

we'll pile the presents under the tree….
Hannah will most likely talk us into letting her open "just one???"
and we will concede to let her.

...we will no doubt talk about our Christmas Day plans for tomorrow
which will be spent with good friends warming & gracing our humble farmhouse…
and I'll ready the farmhouse ~ 
...making sure it will welcome our guests with open arms and warm hugs.

if time allows,
I'll take a little time for myself to stitch ~
perhaps during a movie 
or even later...
when the house is quite and snug.

while stitching, 
I'll think of you all ~
Family and friends both near & far…
and how I miss you and wish we could all be together once again.

...have a beautiful Christmas Eve my friends,
spent with those that love you most ~

* Blessed be * 

Monday, December 22, 2014

All is calm….

yes, all is calm…
Hannah & Willie Nelson 
{her Italian Greyhound}
are once again home safe & sound ~

Willie, you are one handsome Santa!
and I cannot believe I have a 20yr old baby...

I always worry about her getting home safely…
oh who am I kidding? I worry about her constantly!
Just having her home makes me feel better ~ 
I know her stay won't be a long one, 
...but we will cherish every moment we are with her. 

well, now that she's home, I can relax a bit & work on some serious stitching!
I am working on the first LSHC project model for 2015!
well, ok ~ that's a half-truth.
in actuality, Miss Flea {Felicia Martin ~ The Martin House} 
...has already finished the project model.
{{yeah, she's got quick & nimble fingers that one}}
She stitched the actual model on our 3oct Old Farmhouse Linen ~
 that will be the linen included in the kits going out soon…
I, on the other hand, decided to stitch a smaller version onto my 40ct Old Farmhouse Linen.

...and I love love how it's coming along:

can you see how funny my stitches are? how they don't lay flat and are twisted?

I always work with one thread of floss, no matter the count of linen I'm working on…
I wax my threads heavily with beeswax ~
I'm thinking that's what is creating this almost 'crocheted' look to my tiny stitches…
whatever I'm doing, I love it.

and ya know? that's what we're supposed to do ~
L O V E what we're doing.
not be perfect or worry about perfection.

Being able to be happy with ourselves is a hard thing to do ~ BUT
trying to strive for some kind of perfection is crazy and not fun at all.

I want to have fun.
I want my handwork to look like just that ~
H A N D W O R K.

Wishing you a Peaceful Day spent doing something you love…

* Blessed be * 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Winter Solstice!

First Day of Winter!

thought I'd brighten your day with a few of my favorite works of art ~
{all found on Pinterest of course}

this one is so 'me'….

who doesn't love a smiling and dancing opossum? ;)

Winter King

St. Nicholas & Friends

Mother Winter shaking her feather pillow onto the town below...

love the 'bowing' owl ~

have you hugged your bobcat today?

Wishing you all bright & sunny days and cozy nights ~
wishing you all peace and happiness,
health and true wealth!!

* Blessed be *

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Tree & Birthday Wishes….

"The Tree"

I wanted to go with a more old-fashioned look this year ~
 and of course lighter too…

so I brought in a tree that I had been using in the shop 
~ instead of our usual huge, dense tree.
opting instead for the more-airy, sparse look of this one.

our farmhouse Keeping Room

I purchased the white table from a local antiques shop in Amherst, VA
(Warehouse Antiques)
and thought it would look good placed between my old wingback chairs…
{and it does}
I had the idea to put the tree on the table ~
I love it!

I kept the decorations very simple this year too…
only german glitter pinecones, beeswax sheep, a sprinkling of candles
the squirrel.
{can you see him?}

he was made many moons ago
~ by the talented hands of Angela Hillstrom from

I keep him out year long 
and this year decided he needed to be included in the Christmas decor ~
lending a nod and a wink to the famed squirrel-in-the-tree scene from the infamous
National Lampoon Christmas movie ;)

see him?

 under the tree,
I placed a few of my beloved rabbits ~
one is chalk ware and is a flowerpot
 {which now holds an abandoned birds nest}

...the other is velvet and was made by my dear friend
 Lori Ann Corelis from The Spotted Hare

of course these will make room for many presents soon ~

my farm & field friends

in between decorating, getting ready for Hannah to come home for the Holidays,
stitching & such ~ I like to flip through these:

Country Living's ~ The Farm Chick's Christmas
Country Living's ~ Merry & Bright
Ti's the Season from James Cramer

good reads!!
….all three of these have wonderful inspiration and joyful photos!


And now for the

20 years ago today
a gift was given to Peter & I….

...we welcomed our long-awaited daughter, 
into our lives.

she taught us how to be better people ~ to always expect miracles.
we are blessed with her love, laughter and light

We LOVE YOU Pumpkin!!!!!

* Blessed be * 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Shop Open

Good CHILLY Morning!

wanted to chime in here to say that the 
~Farm Shop~
 will be OPEN today & tomorrow 
10:00 ~ 3:00

come on in for a visit & warm up a bit…
and don't forget to bring your handwork with you!

I'll be there stitching the day away both days  :)

**ALSO please note:
the Farm Shop
 will be
 Friday December 26th & Saturday December 27th
Friday January 2nd & Saturday January 3rd
to celebrate the Holiday with our friends & family.

We will REOPEN with regular business hours again on Friday January 9th 2015

Have a beautiful day my friends & keep warm!

* Blessed be *

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Simply Christmas ~

forcing paperwhites on my kitchen windowsill

kitchen tabletop vignette

mourning dove

keeping room table vignette

one of my older angel paintings and favorite quilts

basket santa by Becky Carney hangs on my blue tulip cupboard door

tall santa by Becky Carney on our mantel

ironstone needlepunch & holly

mercury-glass tree & old children's brooms

little white log cabin 'smoker' and tiny glitter-bird w/ abandoned nest

our snug farmhouse

keeping room where Peaches & Barbara live

shoe-shine box with my collection of children's leather shoes

ironstone & pinecones you can tell,
I'm paring down a bit with my Christmas decorating…
just tucking in greens amongst my treasures & collections, and keeping it lighter this year

the 'big' tree will go up when Hannah comes home this weekend ~
….please come visit again soon!!

* Blessed be * 

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