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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Paperwhites, Hot Tea & Tulips

Good Saturday Morning to you!

~ or should I say to those of you who, 
like me, have chosen to stay home 
and not venture out into the crowds of sale-shoppers!!

I like a good bargain, but really ~ folks are nuts out there!

nope, I'd rather stay home and watch my birds at the feeders out my kitchen window…
and watch the progress of my paperwhites blooming on the sill :)


aren't they beauteous?

and they smell heavenly.
their subtle spring-like scent wafts through our little kitchen ~
reminding us of new beginnings…

oh so pretty

this is my first time ever forcing bulbs.
well, I actually don't like to use the word 'force' ~ 
I will be more gentle than that and say 'coax'…yes,
... I have coaxed them to rise up from their dried bulb.

multiple blooms are characteristic of this type of narcissus ~

they just make me happy :)

a hint of things to come….

and speaking of things to come & flowers,
here is the model for our upcoming class on January 24th ~
CLASS rescheduled until FEB 7th
a wool applique Tulip teacup rug!

just a small little project to warm our hands during the class 
~ while Miss Nancy teaches us about blending our own herbal teas….

Tulip Teacup Rug

I used all wools for the project:
the background wool is from an old army blanket 
that I rescued from the moths ~

In between the background wool and the backing wool
I sprinkled in a few crushed whole-cloves, some star anise and a few cinnamon chips…
so when we place the warm teacup down onto the rug,
... the spices will release their cozy scent.

love handwork

I've been practicing my feather-stitch and blanket stitch using pearl cotton ~
oh, and a few colonial knots too :)

…warm woolies

I'm looking forward to the class ~
I love when we gather round and chat, eat & stitch {hook, punch…}

Friendship is a gift best shared
and what better way to share it,
than at a table piled with wool, threads, hot tea & cookies
...on a cold Winter's day?

warming hands & hearts

Miss Nancy always teaches a great, informative class…
I wonder what kinds of teas she'll be bringing for us?

~ I have always loved herbal teas ~
{herbal anything for that matter :)}

A Winter Tea ~
Herbal Tea & Wool Applique Class
Class Fee: $38.00 per student
Saturday January 24th 2015    
Class RESCHEDULED to Sat. Feb. 7th
10:00 - 3:00
at Notforgotten Farm
We have room for 8 students at our class table ~
room for 2 available now due to cancelations
if you'd like to sign up, please email me at
first come, first served
...so-to-speak ;)

Hoping you are enjoying the Holidays,
Hannah is now back at her apartment in Richmond ~
the house seems so very quiet & empty…
~ but plans are being made for New Years Eve…
looking forward to spending it quietly with good friends & good food ;)

* Blessed be * 


gracie said...

Would love to be able to take a class. Love the design and those lovely flowers.

Kathy L. said...

I need to move close to you. I would love to be able to come take classes and visit. Lovely project Lori!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly paperwhites grow? I am NOT a fan of their scent!!!
Happy New Year.
Hugs :)

backporchcarver said...

I so wish I lived close enough to be able to come to your shop and share in the warmth. I love the idea of the herbal tea class. And oh my! Your little tea mat is just about the coolest thing I have ever heard of.

Linda Ann Evans said...

no shopping for me either...I have been home, rug hooking, making soup and watching cooking programs.....a wonderful day !!!! I love the comfort of home, unless there is a good antique show or shop to go to!!!!

Martha Doe said...

Love your tea rug with the cloves and staranise and cinnamon! I am so sad that I can't take some of your wonderful classes. I love growing paper whites (none this year) mine always got so tall that they had to be tied together with a ribbon so they wouldn't bend over!

Happy New Year!

barb said...

You make me want to get the wool out and start stitching. ALso, I think I will have a cup of tea with you. Thanks for the invitation.

Linda said...

Those flowers are beautiful. I have never tried indoor bulbs before but you have inspired me.. Linda

Sandra said...

Love your paper whites! I used to do those, need to do it again. Love your class project, that is going to be so much fun! Blessings, Sandra

Three Sheep Studio said...

I am loving your beautiful tulip teacup rug. Stitching is lovely and really adds "the touch".

Janet said...

Dear Lori.... Just want to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog this year.....to me...this was a gift. Happy holidays and a wish for a healthy, happy new year for you and your family.......

Lori Ann Corelis said...

I too stay home nestled away from the crazy shoppers . . . better to stitch and watch the birds :-)
What a sweet class you will have ~ If only all of us could live right down the road!


Nancy Turner said...

would love to be with you drinking tea and having wool in my hands being with those who enjoy many of the same things i do there is no one at least that i know by me who enjoy these things nancy

Mary said...

I agree their scent is s bit strong, but so very pretty. Forcing is a harsh word...how about tease . I teased three Amaryllis, one was open Christmas Day...the other two not yet. I have been trying to tease hyacinth for two years now, so far no luck this year either. I may give up. Now what to do with for special bulb vases ?

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Wow, beautiful daffodils !!!
Daffodil with many flowers I have not seen:-))
Winter tea is good:-))

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