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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Switching Gears ~

I am working on that deadline ~
and am working on some wool applique designs ~
so I have grouped my wools and need to get my pearl cottons in order...

like most of you, I favor certain colors and have my own palette...
they are a little too bright, so I will dip-dye them in my homemade walnut dye ~

I lke to keep them in their 'twisted' state and dip them half-way down into my dye jar...
dipping them only halfway lets some of the threads stay undyed
so when finished,
 they will have a variegated look.

'poison' greens now take on a more mellow look...
I'm happy with that!

here they are all half-dyed and waiting to dry...

 I placed them on a cookie sheet and out into the full sun they go,
to dry just a little bit...
then I'll pop them into the oven to dry completely.
the oven is what gives them that 'look' I like :)

after drying in the oven for a bit,
the walnut dye 'scorches' on the cookie sheet,
...and then I flip them over to let that happen again ~

once they're completely dry, the scorch marks lighten up a bit...
giving the threads a nice, old look.

and since I dyed them whilst they were twisted,
the effect is perfect...
not too much, not too little.

now I'm ready to hang them and begin stitching with them...
I can't show you the finished project that I'm working on,
... but I can take some 'secret' snaps and share them with you tomorrow!

did you know that you can use these in your medium-sized Cameo Ultra Punch needle?
use all of the strands together, like you would with regular DMC floss (like I do with all 6 strands)
the finished look is really nice & old looking!
Hoping you enjoyed my little tutorial ~
let me know how your Pearl Cotton comes out if you try this technique!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

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