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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Herbs, Flowers & Sparklers ~

Hello from sweltering Virginia!!!

it has been SO hot here, & most of you are sufferng from this heat wave along with us ~
weather-folks are saying that relief will come on Tuesday for us...
that's 5 more days of scorching morning sun, rolling afternoon thunder and sticky humid evenings.

we've been fortunate to have daily showers, mostly lasting from 15 minutes to half-an-hour
and they help greatly with the watering of our gardens...

I showed you the lavender in my last post,
and yesterday we harvested a small portion of our catnip & mint crops ~
we hang it on our clothesline initially to dry...then move it to the barn for a while...

Daisy doesn't seem to mind the hanging herbs..they make her barn smell fresh & clean!!

Hi Daisy!!

This morning we woke up to our Hibiscus flowers in full-bloom...

I tried to capture a shot of the many bumbler-bees visiting, but wasn't lucky enough to snap one

Last night Hannah & Skyler lit up their sparklers...
((I love these pictures...))

SOoooo magical!

I'm working on a new sampler, called "Sisters of the Broom" ~ I'm almost finished designing it, and will soon start on the actual stitching of it ~ for those that like my Hallowe'en designs, I'm pretty sure you will love this one!

I'll share pics of the progress soon...
also, I should be receiving the shipment of the 30ct & 32ct linen today...I'll overdye it and process the pre-orders for thos who have placed them.
My thanks to all who have ordered the 28ct and have given me such wonderful feedback on it ~
I'm so happy that you love it too!

Stay cool, my Friends ~

Blessings from the farm,


  1. The sparkler pictures are amazing! I love seeing pictures of your garden and flowers.

  2. I so love that picture of the herbs in the barn~ Daisy is too cute :)

  3. Beautiful pictures Lori. Your farm looks so tranquil. The inside is cozy and inviting. Love those sparkler pics too! They look like they had lots of fun. Love my linen BTW. Hugs, Lori

  4. Lori,
    Love seeing the pics of your herbs drying on the line and in the barn! It has to be the perfect weather down there in ol' Virginny to grow big crops like that! My lavender looks so punny compared to yours!!
    The sparkler photos are precious too! The kids grow up too fast don't they!!!
    Cathy G

  5. I love the herb hanging pictures...I can almost smell them here in hot Arizona! I remember as a kid playing with the sparklers in much the same way...thanks for the memory....

  6. Lori I would like to order the 30 count linen Thanks Debbie Wortman

  7. Love the sparkler pictures! And I love that you find time to post so often ~ that's a commitment! We all look forward to it ~ wish I could get it together to post half as much!!

  8. Debbie Wortman ~ please emial me at to preorder the linen !! Thanks a bunch!!

  9. Love your hanging lavender, can almost smell it from here. The weather you are experiencing is just the opposite of here in the UK - today we have been watching the tennis at Wimbledon in front of a log fire - and there's another weather warning out for tons more rain. Complete contrast to across The Pond! Belated Happy 4th July - love those sparklers!

  10. Loved seeing the herbs drying in your barn!! Sparklers were so festive!!

  11. Lori,

    Daisey is so cute! looks like she is definately enjoying your herbs. Love the pictures.

  12. Yeah sparklers! I just told my hubby I was a total old poop this year. I did not go to the parade and we always had sparklers. May just have to pick some up and fire them up this weekend. Thank you for sharing those happy pics!

    What do you do with the dried mint? I have a ton of it myself. We usually put bundles of it in te wood shed to keep the critters at bay.

    Ooh, can't wait to see Sisters of the Broom!! Most of my family is in Maryland and several without power still. Thinking of all those suffering from this nasty weather.

  13. Love the sparkler pictures but the hanging lavender was so soothing, even though the scent didn't come through. :o)
    I ordered Peace & Plenty Sampler and can't wait to get started on it. I'm really anxious to see your new designs.
    So glad you weren't affected by the storms.
    Please list how you charge for your linen, by the cut size or by the yard. What is the price?
    Thanks, and happy stitching.

  14. Lori ~ I found the fabric icon and got all my questions answered.

  15. Your blog is always so delightful to visit!


  16. What a beautiful sight with the herbs/lavender hanging on the it.
    Wish you weren't all sold out as I would have purchased a bundle or two.


  17. What do you do with your catnip?

  18. I love the pictures of Daisy !! Keep them coming, she Brightens my day with a smile !


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