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Notforgotten Farm Shop & Studio Calendar ~

Notforgotten Farm Shop & Studio Calendar ~

Friday, July 06, 2012

Freebie Chart for July ~

Hello Friends & Folk!

here's a little something for you to work on during this heat wave ~
a little patriotic design that's simple and quick to stitch!

the DMC Floss colors I charted this with are as follows, but you can use whatever you'd like
Flag ~ 844 (ground)
Flag Stripes & Chimneys ~ 918
Flag ~ 782  (Stars & top of Flagpole)
Flagpole & Roof, Windows & Doors ~ 3021
Crow ~ 310
Front of House ~ 3033
Side of House ~ 422

I intentionally left the other stripes in the flag blank, so the linen will show throughm but you can always stitch these with the 3033

I would LOVE to see your finished work, so send me a pic or two & I'll share them here on the blog!

Another HOT day again today ~ please pray for some mush-needed, soaking rain
(but NO high winds please)
and HURRAY!!! to my friends who got their power back on after a week of having none ~
WooHoo to YOU!!!

Blessings from the farm,

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