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Friday, June 1, 2012

~ My Folk Art ~

These past few days have been quiet,
and I want to Thank all of you for your kind, healing words
regarding Tippy ~
I tend to try to escape my thoughs by turning to my handwork  & folk art ~
so I will share with you this }
'Nantucket Broom Ride'

 this has been a work in progress, as I've frogged it out a number of times...
the background just wasn't working for me ~ but finally it all came together into this ~
browns, black, greys...a hint of mustard and wheat ~
a scalloped border and a touch of movement in the background...

I wanted to keep a subdued look to this piece.
 was going for a primitive, early hooked rug look

I think I'll make a sawdust-filled pillow with it, but not quiet sure...

I've since started on another piece,
the punching of my needle is very consoling to my soul
right now...

This design will be sold as a pattern soon.
it is (C) Copyright protected, as is all of my work.
Kris at
has adapted this design for primitive rug hookers, along with a couple of my other designs as well...please visit her website to see them ~ they are AWESOME!!!

this Finished piece will be sold at the Ghoultide Gathering Show in October.
and a painting of this design (or adaptation of it)
...will be on my Ebay auctions this weekend.

Next weekend, things will be very different here on the farm...
Hannah will be graduating from High School, and we will be celebrating with Family & Friends...
can't wait to see my Mom!

Blessings from the Farm!


  1. This piece speaks New England to me in the most pleasant way! Very nice.... as is all your work. I am so sorry about your dear Tippy...My Sherlock will be happy to play with her Over Rainbow Bridge....thinking of you today....

  2. I think you captured the early hooked rug look perfectly! What a whimsical New England feel! Love it! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Very clever. I do love your color palette, kind of moody, but calming at the same time. Some times it nice to have that reprieve from all things around you by diving into a project. I know I call it my serenity as I get deep into thought and work things out in my head while I am stitching. As jumbled as my head is,i have so much clarity when I am in the throws of stitching, and now trying my hand at hooking.

    I recently rescued a beautiful almost completed hooked project in hopes of finishing it. I posted a pic on my blog. The challenge is there was no pattern or wool with it, so I hope to do a close as possible match to complete the background. I am excited about this challenge, any words of wisdom from an expert?

  4. Pam ~ a beautiful rug and what a find! looks like you have your work cut out for you :)
    I don't hook in a fine cut, not my cup of tea! sorry for not being of any help there, but can't wait for your finish!!

  5. Well you have helped in some regard. :-) now I know to ask for fine cut vs really skinny strips. Hahaha. Thanks for taking a peak. I will certainly be posting my adventures with this one.

    Look forward to seeing what project you create next. As I am getting my feet wet in hooking, I hope to purchase a Notforgotten Farm design to work on. Love your work.


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