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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rainy Day Musings ~

I LOVE rainy days ~
just ask my Mom....ever since I was a little girl,
...I have loved the cozy, home-y feeling I get from a drizzle-y day.

I can remember being little, and my Mom would do the ironing on rainy days...
I would sit under the ironing board, busying myself with either crayon or pencil & paper I usually did (do)
~ I remember hearing the faint sounds of our black & white television,
tuned to the station playing "Days of our Lives"
(" sands through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives..." & insert organ music here*)

my memory reminds me of the smell of the Niagra Spray Starch that Mom used,
and I can hear the sizzle of the hot iron on the clothing as Mom pressed them ~
That was so long ago...but that wonderful, safe feeling stays with me whenever it rains.

Today is no exception ~
I am snug in my farmhouse with my fur family today...
~ cat & hooking in lap, hook & wool in hand,
with the misty rain falling gently on our newly-sprouting potatoes outside.

No fresh laundry drying outside on the line today...
~ just a gentle reminder that tomorrow may hold sunshine.

and here is more progress on Daisy's rug:
I have begun the background ~

as you can see, I've hooked a black line around said donkey, but I don't think I like it...
looks too cartoon-y for me...what do you think?

I think I'll frog that line out, and replace it with a very light colored wool ~
I think that will age it a bit more...
...will also take out that dark line around the one flower on the right too (hate that).
and I'm thinking that dark border line will go too....

but, what better day to work on my hooking
...than one spent serenaded by raindrops on a tin farmhouse roof?

Wishing you all a beautiful day full of cherished memories ~
blessings from the farm,

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