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Monday, April 16, 2012


ok, so you can guess by now how *ticked* off I am about this...
but hold on to your hats!!!
I've found out that actually is a patterns sharing website...
how it works is:
you join for free...then you take a pattern from your personal collection and scan it to their website...that allows you to get a 'gold coin' (points) once you have scanned a bunch of your patterns, you can then search their website for OTHER people's scanned patterns and 'buy' them with your 'gold coin'...
I'm finding more & more designers' patterns being 'traded' for 'gold coins' on this website...
Stacy Nash
Blackbird Designs
Homespun Elegance
Prairie Schooler
Primitive Needle
(for God's sake, Lisa is NO LONGER with us and these people are STILL doing this to her & her you understand what we're dealing with??)
Carriage House Samplings
Good Huswif
Little by Little
and MANY MANY MANY more.....

so here's what we can ALL do to let these folks know how very WRONG it is to do this;
PLEASE visit this website, and join's FREE to join...but, then you have the ability to post on their FORUM and let them know how you feel about this...
and look...I know that there are those out there that really,
truly don't understamd the copyright laws and weren't aware that they were doing something illegal...maybe it was you, or you...or you?
now YOU know.
it hurts the needlearts industry, the brick and mortar shops, and of course
it surely hurts us as designers who try to do nice things for good people... a good person and do the right thing.
IF you are a member of that website, and have 'shared' patterns before,
please stop...every pattern that you share takes food from our tables...
if you have purchased a pattern from ebay or etsy,
and the pattern looks like it was photocopied, it probably was...
and IF you really are still unsure, contact the actual designer, as I've said before.
I'm thrilled at the response I've been getting and the positive feedback for all of this...
and I know in my heart that we all really want to do the right thing...
ok, 'nuff said for tonight...
thanks for putting up with me!
Blessings from the Farm!

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