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Monday, April 16, 2012

For what it's worth....

Good Monday Morning Friends & Folk!!!
Here are my 2 cents on this whole PATTERN SHARING 'thing'....

I have recently been receiving emails from my loyal customers asking if it is ok to sell something they make from one of my patterns, make more than one item from one pattern, or if they think any of their patterns that they purchased from online could be ones that have been 'shared'...
I'll try to clarify a little on these subjects, but please remember these are my feelings & thoughts only and may or may not be the feelings or thoughts of other pattern designers....
with that said:

I design patterns for a living.

I sell my patterns to those that love to do handwork,
and for those that may not have drawing skills or have the time to design their own pattern.

I sell my patterns so that others can make them and sell a small amount of finished projects from them...not hundreds or mass produced, but in limited quantities, for example a show or an online update on their picturetrail/selling blog ~ Selling finished projects from my patterns in a limited quantity on ETSY & EBAY is ok have my permission!!!
BUT please be kind enough to respect my work and let everyone know I am the actual designer.

I sell paper patterns ONLY.
if you purchased an emailed or downloadable pattern from somewhere online, then whomever you purchased it from does NOT have my permission to sell my patterns!!
I do not mind if you & your best friend share one pattern between you,
if you're making projects from my pattern for your personal use only.
(see? I'm a nice person)
no 'SHARING' of my patterns with gobs of people...
that's just not nice, and please remember,
I SELL patterns to make a LIVING.
ABsolutely, POSitively NO photocopying of my patterns is allowed under US Copyright Laws.
I have to pay for each & every Copyright on my patterns...and let me tall you...this adds up!
and to have folks copy them off for others is not only a violation of US Copyright Laws, is hurtful and just plain mean.
Copyright Infringement is a serious crime. it is punishable by extremely heavy fines,
and lengthy jail sentences...

when a customer purchases a pattern, yes, they are the owner of that pattern...
but that doesn't mean they can go ahead and make copies of it to sell or giveaway.
(: reselling a used pattern of mine is ok, but I'd hate to think of that :)

My best advice to you, if you're unsure of a designer's Copyrights, is to email or call them.
Also, to be extra sure you're getting an online pattern from the designer,
purchase directly from THEM...or ask them where you can purchase their patterns...
Designers who wholesales their patterns knows who our reputable distributors are,
and also which brick-and-mortar shops carry our patterns...

I thank each of you who will go on to help us "call out" & banish the people that are illegally selling our patterns...
AND we have begun a band of designers
that are willing to do what we have to to eliminate these parasites from the
needlework industry...

without you, the customer, we would not even have known that this
PATTERN MAFIA exsisted...
but we do now!!!!!!

...and we know names too.
...just sayin'.
I'm not in any way trying to be snarky or anything other than helpful.
I value each & every one of my customers and I am ALWAYS here to try to help ~
PLEASE let me know your 2 cents on this subject by leaving a comment for me!
Blessings from the Farm!

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