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Monday, April 16, 2012

For what it's worth....

Good Monday Morning Friends & Folk!!!
Here are my 2 cents on this whole PATTERN SHARING 'thing'....

I have recently been receiving emails from my loyal customers asking if it is ok to sell something they make from one of my patterns, make more than one item from one pattern, or if they think any of their patterns that they purchased from online could be ones that have been 'shared'...
I'll try to clarify a little on these subjects, but please remember these are my feelings & thoughts only and may or may not be the feelings or thoughts of other pattern designers....
with that said:

I design patterns for a living.

I sell my patterns to those that love to do handwork,
and for those that may not have drawing skills or have the time to design their own pattern.

I sell my patterns so that others can make them and sell a small amount of finished projects from them...not hundreds or mass produced, but in limited quantities, for example a show or an online update on their picturetrail/selling blog ~ Selling finished projects from my patterns in a limited quantity on ETSY & EBAY is ok have my permission!!!
BUT please be kind enough to respect my work and let everyone know I am the actual designer.

I sell paper patterns ONLY.
if you purchased an emailed or downloadable pattern from somewhere online, then whomever you purchased it from does NOT have my permission to sell my patterns!!
I do not mind if you & your best friend share one pattern between you,
if you're making projects from my pattern for your personal use only.
(see? I'm a nice person)
no 'SHARING' of my patterns with gobs of people...
that's just not nice, and please remember,
I SELL patterns to make a LIVING.
ABsolutely, POSitively NO photocopying of my patterns is allowed under US Copyright Laws.
I have to pay for each & every Copyright on my patterns...and let me tall you...this adds up!
and to have folks copy them off for others is not only a violation of US Copyright Laws, is hurtful and just plain mean.
Copyright Infringement is a serious crime. it is punishable by extremely heavy fines,
and lengthy jail sentences...

when a customer purchases a pattern, yes, they are the owner of that pattern...
but that doesn't mean they can go ahead and make copies of it to sell or giveaway.
(: reselling a used pattern of mine is ok, but I'd hate to think of that :)

My best advice to you, if you're unsure of a designer's Copyrights, is to email or call them.
Also, to be extra sure you're getting an online pattern from the designer,
purchase directly from THEM...or ask them where you can purchase their patterns...
Designers who wholesales their patterns knows who our reputable distributors are,
and also which brick-and-mortar shops carry our patterns...

I thank each of you who will go on to help us "call out" & banish the people that are illegally selling our patterns...
AND we have begun a band of designers
that are willing to do what we have to to eliminate these parasites from the
needlework industry...

without you, the customer, we would not even have known that this
PATTERN MAFIA exsisted...
but we do now!!!!!!

...and we know names too.
...just sayin'.
I'm not in any way trying to be snarky or anything other than helpful.
I value each & every one of my customers and I am ALWAYS here to try to help ~
PLEASE let me know your 2 cents on this subject by leaving a comment for me!
Blessings from the Farm!


  1. I liked your two cents and the lovely little dish holding the two pennies. Call me old fashioned but I like to own my patterns and prefer them to come to me as paper patterns. There's nothing like stitching with a clean conscious. ;) Besides, we want our designers to be able to afford to continue designing.

  2. Lori, you put it so perfectly....
    I put a disclaimer on my patterns as well.
    I don't mind if they make them for a craft show...but no mass producing them or re-producing the actual pattern to sell.
    It's very difficult to police can only hope that people will respect that it is OUR BUSINESS...our income...and not theirs.

    You are a sweet and kind lady and you phrased your thoughts perfectly.


  3. It is sad that this has occurred. I have been making wooden folk art for many years now, and when you see this happen to you, it is so frustrating. I try to cope with that by thinking it will catch up to those in the end & they will loose respect & burn out. The people who love & collect our hand work appreciate our creativity & continue to support us ,so we can get thru this. It's a shame we hear this over & over again. You do beautiful work & inspire me to continue to be creative ! Thank you for your 2 cents & I Love the pretty little dish ! :-)

  4. Thank you Lori for adding your two cents to this "out of control" problem. With the patience and diligence of a group of pattern designers we hope a solution can be found. Thanks again for your post....Pam Gracia "Soft in the Head"

  5. I'm with ya girl! I've found some of my designs uploaded illegally on foreign sites and can't get them removed. Broke my heart. Eventually, they will just put us all out of business and then no new designs for anyone! So sad.

  6. Maria ~ they will never put me out of business!!! I will ALWAY design for my customers... :) keep on trucking!

  7. You are a nice person! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and you're right, you can't let others stop you!

  8. Hi Lori,

    First, are the strawberry and tomato pin cushions for sale? They are too precious for words!
    Secondly, if these Pattern Pirates
    feel they can do this with your patterns is truly unbelievable. How they can go to sleep at night without GUILT on their conscious.... I truly adore your patterns and wish I had all the time in the world to stitch. Your creations make my heart happy! Thank you Lori!

  9. Thanks Lori for posting, I truly admire all of you for your hard work and sharing your visions and designs, you are truly amazing, and for anyone reading this who is involved in this truly illegal activity, shame on you, be an honest person...and if any of you follow my blog or me, I'd appreciate that you don't anymore. Just sayin...together designers can make a difference, and we as your loyal customers support you whole heartedly.


  10. As a person who buys patterns and have never had the nerve to sell a thing, it is nice to know. When I make something and show a picture on my blog I always try to link back to the designer.
    I am glad you wrote it out in black and white. I know that I have thought about selling some of the things on Etsy but I didn't have any idea if I would get in trouble. So thanks.

  11. Amen, Lori! And let me just add one thing....if you buy a pattern that is already drawn out on foundation cloth, you CAN NOT trace and copy that pattern to use again. Never, ever. The patterns drawn out on cloth are for ONE USE ONLY. I cannot stress this enough! If you want two of the same pattern, you must BUY two patterns. This is not my rule, it is COPYRIGHT LAW. People have been doing this with my pattern line and it is STEALING when you do this without paying for it. I make my living designing and selling patterns. How would you (the pattern pirates) like to have someone steal your paycheck week after week? The only way to inform folks of this is to get the word out and educate...thanks Lori, for letting me throw in my 2 cents!

  12. I'm SO happy that I'm receiving feedback for this post...keep the comments coming!!!


  13. Hi Lori. Not having a local shop and always looking for a usually OOP chart, I enter the title in Google's search. This is how I came across the coin palace. It came up in searches time and time again. At first I didn't understand what the deal was since I was asked to download a program that would convert a scanned photo of my requested chart into a symboled chart. ???? What? I wanted the chart!! I wasn't interested and didn't download the program. Never did find the chart! I realized on subsequent searches what was going on and ASSUMED another country may not be liable under US laws or something, since it was certainly not trying to hide. Too weird for me, and I ignored the confusion.

  14. Lori,

    Very well said!! I wasn't even aware of the pattern mafia until I saw it a bit on FB.... Respect for the artist, is lost a a few, but not the mojority, thankfully. So love your work and patterns! OLM

  15. Well, I am one of those people who cannot design herself out of a paper bag, and I am extremely grateful for you and all the other designers out there who share their talents and designs with us stitchers. It breaks my heart whenever I see and hear about those unscrupulous folk who think nothing of stealing from the designers. I don't know how they can sleep at night. Thank you for all that you do!


  17. Hi Denise ~ what you're doing is just fine, I do it myself...thanks for being honest!!

  18. Like I said...people who have to steal others' ideas, obviously have no ideas or talent of their own...


  19. I totally agree with your comments. I have supported many designers by purchasing charts and it has been a pleasure. I know how hard it is to actually try to make a living in a business like that. Thanks for all the hard work!
    Sheila, Mesa AZ

  20. Okay I am back, I didn't really understand but now that I have went and read up on it, I had no idea that people were doing such a terrible thing. I always have felt it was a privilege to be able to buy patterns like I do and keep them to have as a reference. I will pay better attention now when I am online.
    It breaks my heart that people would do that to you girls who work so hard by giving us patterns to make, you know as I am art challenged. :)

  21. Hi Lori !
    I totally agree with your comments!
    I have supported many designers by purchasing charts and it has been a pleasure.
    I am now trying to design patterns and I was very happy when I saw my very first chart stitched and that the stitcher gave credit to me ...
    I personally stitch other designers'patterns and I find it nice to give credit to them and to "advertise" their new (or not so new !) designs because like that, people are encouraged to buy and stitch all the wonderful patterns designed by all those talented designers !!!
    I know how hard it is to currently try to make a living in a business like that.
    What you say about "paper patterns" is true but more and more people tend to prefer e-patterns because they get them immediately ... they have no shipping fees, no problem with the Post office and so on ...
    As for me, I only sell e-patterns ...
    Thanks for all the hard work!
    I went to the "horrible" website you mentioned ...yuk !!!
    I couldn't join ...

  22. What bearing does this have on out of print charts? Having just recently fallen in love with several designers whose charts are no longer available for purchase, I have often wished there exsisted a pattern "library" where you could check out a pattern (even for a fee) and stitch a piece to give renewed life to that work.

  23. Ruth ~ if you directly contact the designer of an OOP chart, they may be able to offer one to you, or direct you to someone who may sell them legitimately...if not, then you know that if you come across one on the internet to purchase, most likely a downloadable form, it is most likely illegal.
    thanks for your comment/question!

  24. This is all so terrible. I joined that site so I could make comments that I am sure will be deleted. I am absolutely sick about some of the comments that I read on there. These pirates have no respect for the designers whose designs they are stealing. Calling people trolls and there are lots of tips on ther about security so that the designer trolls can't find out who they are and press charges against them. I guess some of them have received letters in the mail to remove the designs from the site. The site no longer allows the removal of designs by the person who uploads it. This is one nasty situation and these people have no conscience or moral compass. This is just wrong what they are doing. I know this practice won't stop but I am sure there are people who are just ignorant about copyright infringement and maybe if they are informed they will stop.

  25. Last night I commented on that nasty pirate site, they deleted my comments and now I am banned from their site. Doesn't look like they are going to let anyone get the message out in their forums.

    These same women that visit that site also visit and follow the blogs of the designers. Hopefully the needlework blogs can get the word out for those who are doing this unknowingly.

  26. Wow....I did not realize the extent of this issue until I read your posts on it, and Pam's from Soft in the Head. I am a pathetically slow crafter, so I do not go through patterns quickly (and to be honest, I probably have a stash would last me several lifetimes), and almost all have been bought directly from the designer, from my local needlework shop, or ordered from reputable online sources that carry those designers' patterns. However, my friend is a rug hooking designer and I know the issues and problems she has had trying to protect her original work. She does not have a website, and does not sell paper patterns - just patterns already drawn on the foundation - and it is amazing where she finds "clones" popping up. I really feel for you and other designers out there and wish you the very best of success in your battle. Robin

  27. Hi Lori,
    This subject is SO relevant to me right now as in the past couple of months I have had alot of requests for hooking patterns on paper. I will not do this as I have always felt it invites "sharing or copying". I draw my patterns on fabric for a one time use. I actually even had a store owner ask me if she could buy my punch needle patterns and enlarge them for hooking. I've had several people tell me that since the economy is so bad they are looking for alternative options. Well, the economy is tough for us all, we are all trying to make a living! I did not know about the website for pattern sharing, but have seen some of my work on other sites and I have emailed them but have not heard back from them. What a shocker!! It is sad. I guess all we can do is keep the designs coming for our customers and know that our creative minds will always be one step ahead. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


  28. This comment has been removed by the author.


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