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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Threads & Roses and other amusements...

Here's the progress of my
Colonial Adam & Eve
needlepunch pattern
(actually, it is finished...but I have other works in progress on this same fabric too)

and is this rose not just perfect??
I was gifted with a beautiful arrangement for my birthday
from Peter, Hannah & Skyler....
(it's color reminds me of a creamsicle :)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s another view of what's on my frame...
I'm really enjoying punching lately ~

...and here's thee entire arangement ~
the vase that it came in is clear glass,
but it has an etched design in it that looks like tree bark on a log...
perfect for me!

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends at the
Virginia Rug Fest on March 24th...
(click on my events link under my header)
I love seeing the rugs, fondling the wools, and decorating my booth!
(of course I'll share pics!!)

a beautiful day on the farm today...70's and sunny altho a titch windy...
Oh Well
"In like a Lion...."
I've decided for dinner it will be a nice, flavorful but HEALTHY meal ~

Baked Lemon Thyme Chicken
Steamed Asparagus with Sea Salt & Chive Butter
Garlic & Rosemary Broiled Potatoes
(all of the herbs mentioned are from our herb garden)

I even snipped some fresh herbs to decorate the farmhouse kitchen with...
I'll post those pics tomorrow ~
blessings from the farm,


  1. A most happy tho belated birthday Lori!!
    Your flowers are as beautiful as you and your stitches are!

    Happy Spring!
    Lori Ann

  2. Beautiful Lori! Oh 70's...I'm just a wee bit jealous! Enjoy your the herbs!

  3. I'll be over for dinner, yum! Happy Birthday. Beautiful project and flowers. I really like the look of your multiple projects on one piece of fabric.

  4. Happy Birthday....hope you enjoyed every minute of it.

  5. Happy Birthday Lori!!! I hope it was a fantastic one!!! :0)

  6. Oh dear! I Missed wishing you a Happy Birthday! Love to read your writings! I wish you a lovely, healthy, fun, and safe whole year!

  7. That blue cupboard in the background is sooo nice-


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