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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goodies & a New STITCH ~

it's the afternoon...
I spent the entire morning running errands & shipping orders
(many thanks!)
so now I have a moment to spare, and to share....
I visited Miss Robin's shop yesterday ~
I was looking for an accent lamp/light and found this beautiful old BLUE painted lamp
that was rewired and now sets upon my olde cupboard ~
I placed one of my (many) little chairs next to it,
...and now resting sweetly in it is one of Tina's dolls.
then I added my little barbed-wire tree from Barb & Giles next to the lamp...
I've added early little wooden thread bobbins to it as simple decoration ~
I love it so...I will add some tiny heart & bird ornies to it for St. Valentine's Day...
behind everything I've propped up an antique sampler I purchased from ebay ~
it is a nice, large sampler ~ done in blues, creams, whites & flax-colored threads's stitched on nubby linen and dates from the mid 1800's.
I will be hanging it as soon as I can locate the hammer!!!
I've pulled my threads for a new sampler I've designed :
the sampler's title is:

"Susannah Hoffer's Marking Sampler"
it's a simple stitch, yet has an old-world look to it...
and I will be stitching it on overdyed Osnaburg ~
I counted the threads in the Osnaburg fabric last night,
and it is a 40ct fabric when stitched over one thread...
I will stitch this pattern over 2 threads so it works out to be 20ct.
(a little easier on the eyes!)
but, you can stitch it onto whichever fabric you choose !

I'll share progress pictures soon...
In the meantime,
I'm off to make Pesto Chicken for supper,
then off for a walk in the woods with my dog-friends before the sun sets on this day.
blessings from the farm,


  1. Love the little bobbins on the tree! Can't wait to see the new sampler, great thread pick.Pesto chicken...recipe?


  2. Aww sweet doll on the chair..lovely thread colors and linen,,
    Happy stitching xxx

  3. Oh Lori~~ Those colors being used in the new sampler have really captured my eye! I LOVE them~~

    Also, would you please advise me if/when you will be having your next "gathering"....I may be in the mood for a road trip a little ways north of me...Carol S. and I have been emailing some....

    Many blessings, Faye

  4. Hi Faye!
    our Gathering of Primitive Friends Show is September 15th 2012 ~ Looking forward to seeing you!

  5. Your bobbin tree is the cutest. Love the colors for that new sampler, looking forward to seeing more :) Enjoy your evening!

  6. Oh my Goodness! What a beautiful display! LOVE the Olde cupboard and the barbed wire tree and the old blue lamp. Simply Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I, too, am intriqued by the floss colors of your latest sampler.... can't wait to see it!

    Pretty display on top of your cupboard -- love the new lamp.

  8. A perfect display Lori! Love that old cupboard too! Great floss colors. I'll look forward to seeing what you are up to. Hugs, Lori

  9. ...Gorgeous color selection! :o)

    ...I love your new lamp and the little tree. As a matter of fact I just love the whole vignette - cupboard too! ;o)

    ...Enjoy your walk!

    ...Blessings :o)

  10. Oh my, I love the display and adore the wire tree, need to go check out those links.

  11. Hi, Lori:
    Sweet display! Oh, an antique sampler. Is there a name/date? It sounds beautiful and dreamy colors.
    How in the world do you see on osnaburg? I'm having a devil of a time stitching on this 25ct linen
    I purchased for my sampler.
    I am amazed that you can stitch on that. I can't wait to see it!

  12. Love your wire tree and your hearts. Cannot wait to see the progress on your new stitchery. Take care, Janice


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