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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CrAzY WeaThEr, cRazY CHicKeNS, CraZy HeaRTs ~

Happy February my Friends!
it is my favorite month...
...I was born on the 28th of February, during a blizzard in 1963
(so they tell me)
I love everything about this month,
from Presidents Day to St. Valentines Day, to the usual cold & snow...
This year it seems, that Winter has forgotten about us...
here are some pictures of our budding lilac bushes and early-bird daffodils ~
I guess they don't rely on the calendar....

Below, you can see the daily stand-off that occurs between dogs & chickens:
Lazy is trying hard to ignore them, but he usually shares with them!
Buddy definitely shares with them, you can see by them flocked around his food dish below~
I swear I heard the rooster BARK the other day....
they love Kibbles & Bits
and dirt baths.
...and sunshine.
and they also love ME.

and here are a few hearts that I'll be making into jewelry take with me to the feb 11th show ~
sculpted from paperclay, painted & aged...
they will be given hemp cords, silver & turquoise beads too...
I love them.
Have a beautiful, crazy February day!!!!
blessings from the farm,


  1. Hi Lori, good morning. Love your chickens. They are beautiful. We have Rhode Island Reds, and some other varieties. I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday early. I was born on Leap Year the 29th. Yay a real birthday this year. But when it isn't Leap Year I celebrate on the 28th, buy myself a gift card to Michael's or Joann's, thank my hubby for it (hahahaha) and have some cake.
    REally enjoy your blog, and wanted to thank you for the free cross stitch pattern. I love cross stitch. Saw this on Pinterest.
    Have a great day!

  2. Those chickens are so cute. Our winter has been really mild too but I am NOT complaining! :)
    Those hearts look fabulous, can't wait to see them finished. Have a great day.

  3. That is one handsome rooster! Love the hearts! I like February, too...think it has to do with all the red.

  4. Beautiful pics! I miss having chickens. Love the hearts. Now I know I will have to come to the show!

  5. Aww lovely pictures..I love hens so much..
    Beautiful hearts,,
    Haveca lovely day xxx

  6. Beautiful photos of your chickens.
    Love how your hearts turned out. They are Beautiful.
    Enjoy your day!

  7. Lori~pretty photos of Mother Nature popping out & the Hens & Rooster~ last evening I seen some of my Daffy's popping up against a rock in the direct sun " I told them slow down you might get nipped by a chill if it gets cold" Crazy weather indeed~
    February gal~ also~ the 25th 1964 Giggles, My Grandpa said it was the coldest day of the year~ I always love my Birthday time, I know it will means spring is right around the corner~
    enjoy they day

  8. Love the pics of the chickens and that rooster!

    The hearts are adorable; would love to see them again all ready to wear.

  9. Love those hearts, the furry & feather friends rock!

  10. Amazing weather Lori!!! I have never heard of such a thing anywhere. I bet you are enjoying it. Lucky. Your chickens are fun. I wish we had some. Lovely hearts. They will make some neat jewelery. -Steph-

  11. Our weather IS really weird!! My daffs are popping up, too. Love seeing pictures of your feathered friends. We've gotta get over to see our NotForgotten Farm friends!!

  12. Hi, Lori:
    That's so cute to see the chickens with the dogs. They eat dog kibbies!
    You are having beautiful weather.
    Good luck at your show, the hearts are beautiful.

  13. Today was my birthday. Also two cousins this month and we are all the same age! Yay for February babies! :) Love your hearts! I love working with paper clay!

  14. Love the hearts! Any tips for creating them? I have paper clay in my k-5 artroom and never use it.
    Sue Costello, Quincy, MA
    MissCostello on Pinterest

    I LOVE your hearts of paper clay as I work with Polymer Clay a whole lot and have used very little Paper Clay, but it is so pretty the way you have antiqued it, it almost looks like fired clay or even wooden Hearts!
    Raye Holland


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