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Thursday, November 10, 2011

on my worktable ~

they're standing like little soldiers...
all lined up and waiting for their decorations...
these are some of my spiced pillar candles that will be available at the open house ~

and here are a few familar faces on canvas ~

I'm working everyday now, creating for the Holidays...
these candles smell like eggnog and nutmeg!

and there are more canvases primed and ready for my paintbrush...
I'll be capturing simple scenes from my memory and some from my imagination to place on them...

I would like to thank you for the well-wishes for yesterday ~
it was a long, stressful day for everyone, but we have great faith and it seems as though all will be well in the outcome..of course, we have to wait another 2 weeks for any conclusion, as our legal team goes through briefing and then arguments...but we are happy to have this past us now and we can begin to heal ~

it's a beautiful, rainy day here on the farm...
I have the woodstove going and will make some chicken & dumplings for supper, along with corn bread and baked apples....
hoping you all have a simply wonderful day too :)

blessings from the farm,


From Sherry's Heart said...

Can I come for supper PULEEEZE!!!!
That sure beats a frozen dinner or lunch meat sammich that Inusually eat!!!!!!

P.J. said...

I can smell the baked apples already. Too funny though, my daughter has put in requests for special meals before she leaves for the Navy in January, one of her quests was my baked apples with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins! Glad to here the proceedings went well! Will be looking forward to a good outcome in the near future.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi Lori
Terrific items you are working on ~ and the Chicken & dumplings oh, my YUM!!
Glad to hear things went well yesterday~ I say on to better pastures~
hugs to you~

cucki said...

wow great items on your working table..they are so sweet..love the faces :)
so glad to hear that everything went well yesterday..
enjoy your supper xxx

Courtney said...

I want those yummy candles...and I want to crash your house for dinner tonight!! Chicken and dumplings and a baked apple...bliss! Hope the rest of that business goes well and all settles down. Not fun to have that kind of stress at this time of year!

Penny said...

Wow -- love all the items on your work table!! You have SO much talent!!
Dinner sounds delish.... As with the other posters, I'll be there soon.... put another place at the table....
Glad yesterday went well, and I look forward to hearing of a great outcome in a couple of weeks... too bad you have to wait sooooo long!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Loving those Santa portraits Miss Lori....Glad to hear things went well yesterday....I hesitated commenting on yesterday's post as I am much to close to the "system" to believe right always prevails....but I was thinking of you, hoping, and I do believe in miracles....Wishing you the very best outcome-wise....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jacqueline said...

As usual your work is superb.. and glad to hear things went well yesterday.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Lori, Delightful goodies as always!
I am glad it looks like all will work out! I still have my fingers crossed for yoU! OLM

Jennifer said...

You are so talented. Wished I lived closer to go to your Christmas openhouse!!!

I always love reading your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

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Cinlyn said...

Lookin' good...as always! I envy your painting skills!
Mmm...chicken and dumplins...I made chicken and homemade noodles just the other night...always a hit around here!
Glad things went well yesterday...continued thoughts are with you!

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