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Friday, November 11, 2011

Farmhouse Friday ~

a beautiful day here on the farm ~
sunny & cold, windy & bright...perfect November day
first, I want to Thank
the VETERANS of the USA
for allowing my family to enjoy the freedoms in my life...

second, thought you'd like to enjoy some snaps of the farmhouse-in-progress
of getting ready for her holiday frippery:

here's a snap of our mantle in the keeping room~
I have to figure out what to put in the opening to cover the wall since it's not a true fireplace...
brick? should I paint it black? how about a folk art wooden fire screen faux painted with a primitive mural?
let me know your thoughts,,..

but for now I have placed a little wooden rack with early children's stockings and mittens on it,
and you can see my dried sweet potato garland and faux brich logs
(they are cement and weigh a ton!)

sitting on the mantle is the very first bear I ever made ~
his name is Comfort & I've showed him before...he resides throughout the house but for now he's here with a very favorite Santa Doll I have from Christine Crocker (Deerfield Farmhouse)...

Across from the mantel is this quilt rack that Peter made me when Hannah was born~
it holds old buckets, sewing baskets, a triple-tin candle holder and a new redware plate with the name of the town in CT hwere I grew up...
and my favorite quilt circa 1850 made with men's shirtings and calico dresses...
it will soon be embelleshed with fresh & faux greens and some of my santa dolls ~
the dress on the form to the left was one that I had made when I was reenacting up North...
it really did fit me at one time !!

below is a snap of a blue cupboard in the breakfast nook ~
it displays a small collection of wooden butter molds, redware and brown transferware..
I will soon incorporate fresh & faux greens and flicker candles for the Season.

and here is the shelf abopve my stove...
Peter built this for us when we moved in to the old farmhouse...
it holds my collection of aqua canning jars, old bottles, wooden boxes & 'stuff'

here is another snap :

my lower shelves are covered with fabric to hide the shelves,
since the kitchen is not finished completely yet...
I will soon change this fabric to a small red checkered fabric...nice & warm & cozy!


I HAD to show you folks this wonderful piece of Folk Art...
it is a pottery sculpture of a half-lion, half-mermaid...
it was glazed and fired and is so heavy...it reminds me of chalkware...

who made it?

I am So PROUD of her !!!
I never knew she was interested in pottery at all...she just recently started taking it in class
and loves it...now she wants her own studio! haha!!!
(guess she's a step off her mother's back porch, huh?)

Hoping you all enjoyed the little 'tour'
...have a wonderful weekend,

blessings from the farm,



Rugs and Pugs said...

Lori ~
Thanks for the tour!
I think a firescreen painted with a Connecticut sea port theme would be perfect for the "fireplace".
Hugs :)

Courtney said...

Great tour! I love that blue cupboard. Neat idea of the open shelves with the collection of blue canning jars. I like the look in the kitchen.

lilraggedyangie said...

Thanks for such a beautiful primtastic tour! Love all your canning jars ,a personal fave of mine as well, but really love it all! Have a great weekend!hugs lilraggedyangie

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a wonderful place that ol girl is - and filled with amazing treasures....my faves have to be the quilt rack and the shelf above your stove....I agree with Lauren - I think a painted fire screen would be awesome in your mantel....And, yes, I'd say you have a strong pool of creative genes in your family - Hannah's MerLion is adorable! Have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

cucki said...

aww sweet..thank you for the lovely tour.i love everything with my heart..
have a lovely weekend ..hugs and blessings xx

tj said...

...Ah, your home is much like its inhabitants - sweet. ;o)

...I personally would go with a mural of some sort for your faux fireplace. It is beautiful the way it is but I too agree that it needs a lil' sumpin' sumpin'... :o)

...And yes, the apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree. Er, or her mother's back porch. *giggle* Great job Hannah!

...Thank you for the tour - 'tis lovely.

...Blessings :o)

Penny said...

Thanks for the tour -- everything looks wonderful, as always! I'm starting to sneak a few Christmas things out at my house, too.... We are creatures of habit here and decorating has always been the day after Thanksgiving, but I've got the bug early this year!

Hannah's creation is just great... I still have a few of my daughters' pottery pieces around, too. They make me smile..... :)

My sister has a faux fireplace, too. She always has it decorated so nicely. She has real wood pieces and little flickering lights wound through them. She hung a flat wrought iron plate from a hanger on the side of the fireplace that holds a faux pie on it for the fall season. Love it!!! I like a fireboard, too, and have one myself that I use occasionally, but I really like the look of having it open. Can't wait to see what you do with your's!

Linda said...

I would go for a dark maroon color for the fireplace.... And then have a mural painted on a firescreen of a house and trees and pumpkins and a cat or two.....
Doing it as a cross-stitch type sampler would be fantastic (just like your NFF designs!

Linda in VA

Jane said...

Warm, homey and welcoming....words to describe Not Forgotten Farm!

TeresaM said...

I enjoyed the tour of your home! You have some wonderful pieces! I would love to come to your open house.... I did a mapquest and see it would be a 4 hour trip so I will need to watch the weather!

A Quilter Awakens said...

I love your bear, quilt, shelf, cupboards and mer-lion! Too many wonderful things to absorb in one viewing; I'll be back (hey, didn't someone formerly famous say that?). Karmen

Christine LeFever said...

I would be inclined to do a fire board for the hole in the fireplace.

I love ceramic art work by school children. As a dealer, I've discovered that they also sell well. I always buy them whenever I find them at thrift stores or estate sales and I then sell them in my mall space.

Your daughter's piece is so fabulous that it should never be sold. Such talent, and it stands to reason.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Tina,
Fun post...I love your fireplace - and I think the folk art wooden fire screen faux painted with a primitive mural would be just perfect and add a spark of Whimsy to the room too.


Raymond Homestead said...

Love the pictures of your home! Would love to see more!

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