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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting to Know Me...A through Z

I was tagged by dear, sweet Cecilia ~
...she wanted to know why I haven't posted a
'Getting to know me A through Z' post yet...
I told her I didn't think I was that interesting ~
I told her that I have been enjoying other's blogs that were linking to this subject ~
(I especially had to chuckle at a couple ~ you know who you are!)
and getting to 'know' the authors better...


ok...here goes to the best of my ability...

A ~ Anything Goes
...that means I'm usually up for anything.
Midnight Movies. Car Races. Tetherball....really? sure, go ahead & ask....
B ~ Beauty
...I try to find beauty in everything...rust, dust...tattered & torn~
even in those people who don't think they're 'beautiful'

C ~ Cats
I don't think I have to elaborate much on this one...ya with me?

D ~ Diligence
I guess this word came to mind because I just keep on going...
I try not to be influenced by others'....I try to stay on my own path.

E ~ Energy
If it weren't for stress, I'd have none...
(just kidding, I lead a very stress-less life)

F ~ Forgetful-ness

do I really need to remind you all that I'm in the throes of menopause?

G ~ Glitter
yes...GLITTER. I secretly love it. I don't use it in my work at ALL, but I have beautiful, vintage salt shakers and sugar shakers chock-full of every color glitter imaginable...
...one day I'll cover everything I own in it...

H ~...Hannah
my daughter owns my heart & soul ~
she's everything I've ever wanted to be in person-form.
she exudes charm & happiness & has the world at her finger-tips...
she will one day change our world.

I ~ Imagine
my mind is a bottomless cavern that hold mysteries and secrets...
my imagination holds the key that will someday unlock it all.

J ~ Jo-ene
...my sister Jo has been gone for two years, passed from Breast Cancer...
please allow her fate to be your spring-board to get your annual mammogram.

K ~ Keys
yes, we all love skeleton keys...I have amassed a collection of over 200.
'nuff said.

L ~ Levora
my given, birth name is Levora...
I am named after my Southern Grandmother on my Father's side,
Elva Levora Thomaston Smith Peters...but you may kindly call me Lori.

M ~ Marmalade
Marmalade was the first cat that ever owned me...
He was an Orange Tabby with six toes on each of his four paws (polydactile)
He would come when I whistled for him. He knew his name. He loved me & I loved him.
He lived to be 19 yrs young and succombed to Feline Leukemia & an Enlarged heart..
....please bring your fur-baby for regular vet visits.

N ~ Notforgotten Farm
yeah I know...it's my business name...BUT..it's also where we live, dream, hope & pray ~
our farm is as much a part of us as is our breathing & creating...I am blessed to be here.

O ~ Opposite
Peter & I are definitely opposites...
I am a Pisces, He is a Scorpio...he has a type A personality, I am...well...I haven't been diagnosed yet... I am a fighter, he is a lover. I want it NOW, He will wait till something better comes along.

and I LOVE him for that.

P ~ Peanut Butter
when I was pregnant with Hannah, I CRAVED peanut butter ANYthing.
Reese's PB cups, Nutter Butter Cookies, PB & J, PB on Ritz, PB on a SPOON....
Q ~ Questions
I tend to ask alot of these...why? when? how?...I usually get answers, but not the ones I'm looking for.

R ~ Rain
I LOVE rainy days. Especially rainy FALL days. I can sit for hours listening to the rain falling on my old farmhouse's tin roof and compose a different concert for each rainfall ~
S ~ Stitches
my life is made up of many different stitches....primitive, contemporary, oppulent, simple...
I work with my hands and most of my work is compiled of many types of stitches.

I enjoy each stitch that holds my life together.
T ~ Tea
I love my tea ~ Green, Black, Pekoe...Earl Grey, Celestial Seasonings, whatever...
If the kettles' hot, pour me a cup!
U ~ Ummmmm........

that one has me stumped!
V ~ See: "U"
W ~ West
I have always longed to visit CA, OR, WA ~
but I am petrified of flying....
X ~ "X-Pect" anything...
I have no idea where I will go ~ where this path of creativity may lead me...
I may design needlework patterns forever, or I may end up as a truck driver...who knows?
I won't fret, Life is for living ~ not for figuring out.

Y ~ Yellow
I want to paint my breakfast-nook walls butter yellow...
will you still love me if I do?

Z ~ Zat's All Folks...
...take me or leave me...I'm who I am:

not perfect.

















a little over weight. (ok....)







and many other explatives....


blessings from the farm,

btw...I never care if I've mispelled anything in my postings...
if you have trouble with that ~ you need to lighten-up.

Live. Life.Forgive.


P.J. said...

Well said! Sound like a down to earth kinda girl, with gumption to try anything! Keep on stitching. P.J.

anne said...

thanks for the introduction!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahhh...you filled me up with wonderful Lori-ness...Thank you for that. I knew I loved your you-ness for a reason...now you gave me 26 more....Smiles & Hugs A-Z ~ Robin

cucki said...

you so sweet and a very lovely person..
thank you for sharing this.
love and blessings for you xxx

BumbleBeeLane said...

Wonderful,open and honest.So you sweet Lori! Warm Blessings!~Amy

MoonBeam said...

You did a great job on that. A fun read.

jennifer768 said...

Thanks for letting us get to know you a bit better.A fun post and love your down to earth personality.Hugs,Jen

Jane said...

V's for you....vivacious, vigorous,votary( a devotee, enthusiast, staunch believer),visualizer,vital,valorous.... I got out my dictionary!

Beckyjean said...

Loved your A-Z's Lori!! Thanks for sharing!!


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