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Sunday, March 21, 2010

{ sunday musings...}

...seems like the weekends always find me day-dreaming ~

about my herb, flower and vegetable gardens...
(the pansies were put in saturday, and the potatoes, above, will go in tomorrow if it's not raining...actually they should have gone in on St. Patrick's day)

and of course,
about my beloved animals...

the farm is waking to Spring,
soon the baby chicks will hatch ~
the bees in the skep have begun their daily flights forage for food and re-pollen the gardens...

the sheep will soon receive their first shearing of the year,
as well as Buddy,
(see above....he gets miserable in the summer heat with all that fur,
so Peter trims him really short now...
usually by the middle of the summer,
he can be found under the front porch,
in the cool earth,
or wading in the creek out back,
... behind the old summer kitchen)

another turn of the Wheel for the Year ~
more memories to be made, more dreams to come to fruition...

May all of your SPRING dreams come true!
Blessings from the Farm,


  1. A wonderful wish for all. I am ready for spring. We have had a day, here and there, that reminds me spring is on its way.

  2. Happy Spring Not Forgotten Farm! It came to us beautifully, a good sign. I hope your garden flourishes!

  3. such lovely signs of spring! pansies are one of my favorites

  4. Beautiful welcome to spring post, we have had a few good days as well, nothing like beautiful garden flowers to brighten your day. thanks for sharing,,

  5. Happy spring wishes to you and all your animals. BTW... Buddy is such a huggy bear. Sooooo cute.

  6. Congrats to the winner of the beautiful neck piece....yay her, yay you for such a cool give away!
    Happy to see such exciting signs of spring....I think its safe to say were ALL ready!
    Enjoy your week my busy friend!

  7. Happy Spring!
    We got snow on the first day of spring here in our parts! It's all about melted off now and supposed to be near the 50's & 60's this week! I hope so!
    Pansies...I like pansies...I SO need to get on my list...I keep daydreaming about what's going in my gardens yet I've not gotten my list made yet...need to get busy!!


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