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Monday, March 22, 2010

{ Punch-Drunk }

Happy Monday Folks!
I've been in my studio all day ~
watching movies on DVD
( The Orphanage, Practical Magic, City Slickers!...)
ok, not watching entirely,
but listening intently and glancing sideways at the screen
while I Needle Punch away...

I'm working diligently on the new pattern models that I'll be releasing at the
VA Rug Fest
this Saturday...
I guess you can't really tell what the finish will look like,
but here's a hint:
I'll be showing you more progress-pictures as the show gets closer,
but not of the finished models yet!'ll just have to wait until next week to see them!!

Today was blustery...
...a typical March day...
sunny/cloudy, windy/calm, warm, yet chilly...

The birds outside are twitterpating and feverishly looking for nesting materials...
please don't forget to share your wool and thread scraps with our little
Feathered Friends ~
... they will truly appreciate your kindness towards them
by rewarding you with hours of
birdsong & delight!!!
Blessings from the Farm,


  1. Love the colors in your needle punch!

    The birds have been active here too! I emptied out the contents of my ort jar all around the garden last week!

    Cooler, windy, rainy and thunderstorming type of day here today!

  2. ...Now THAT is my kinda drunk! lol... :o) Love what you have done so far!

    ...I agree about sharing with the birds, I even empty out my dryer basket to them... :o)

    ...Enjoy your day and blessings too...

  3. Love the yellow ware, can't wait to see the finished product!! See you this week sometime. Have a good evening!!xxxooo

  4. I've been putting out thread pieces of thread for a week. I have carolina wren and mockingbird love going on in my yard!! I think the titmouses are fooling around, too.
    Isn't it wonderful to see everything coming to life again!!?

  5. Lori, Thanks for the idea of putting my ends of threads out for the birds. It was rainy and windy here today. I will put them outside tomorrow. That way the little birds can find them and they will not be wet... lol

  6. We're just a bit behind you in Michigan but I have my thread saved for the nest building. I would love to find a nest one day that had some of my embroidery floss in it. Love a movie and stitching day - especially Practical Magic - I would about Kill for that house and garden - oh, and the big hat that Stockard Channing wears- Love, love, love the hat!
    Looking forward to seeing your punchneedle.

  7. Terri ~ i too, would love to live in that house by the ocean,,,reminds me of growing up in CT ~ and yes, her hat is gorgeous BUT so is Aiden Quinn!!!!!!

  8. Love the movie Practical Magic! That Aiden Quinn is kinda pretty to look at isn't he!! One of these days I'm gonna rearrange this sewing room of mine and get my tv & dvd player in here...I like "watching" while I work too!
    That punched piece is gonna be awesome...I can tell!

  9. Hi Lori! That needle punch is looking great! Love the colors. Thanks for the tip about throwing thread scraps out for the birds. All this time, I've been putting them in the garbage, but that's about to change completely! Have a lovely day!

  10. What a movie:)I gather with my oldest dd and niece for dinner and watch this before Halloween each year; my daughter won a candlestick from the house (horrible they just tore it down) perfect all time happy movie.Lori, can you make your teaspoon stir like that? ;p Be well, take care and can't wait until we leave Thurs. for Va Rugfest. Looking forward to seeing all your goodies.Gail

  11. ahhh Gail...
    my secrets will never be told,.... but you should see how I boil my kettle water! <|:-)

    ~from the Farm Witch

  12. ...O.o never! lol, but, I think by twisting my nose and holding my tongue just right, I finally have this google id right...
    cya soon, be well ~Gail

  13. Hi Lori....I HAVE to share my awesome news...I FINALLY learned how to post blog links...woot hooot...thank you my dear friend...I just kept trying to do what you suggested & low & behold...walllla!
    I hope your show is wonderful for you...hope you meet alot of new friends & bring home warm memories...& cash too....
    Love the punched piece..hope to chat soon.
    Blessings (((Kat)))


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