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Thursday, February 4, 2010

{ I'm EXPECTING !!!!!! }

....more SNOW that is!!!!!!
THAT got your attention, huh?
{sorry Mom, I'd love to give you another grandbaby...but I'll stick to the fur & feather kind!}
Yepper, the wise a**....
I mean wise old weatherman is now predicting
another good foot of snow for tomorrow into saturday....
hopefully I will be getting all of the orders for the new needlepunch patterns out today..
please remember, they are shipped in the order they are ordered....
Hannah has been home all week from school,
and I think she's 'prolly not going back until she graduates at this rate!
Tomorrow is set-up day for the Winter in the Valley show
{SUCH an appropriate name, no?}
but the weather will play a large role in if I'll make it there or not.
SOOoooo...if YOU brave the snow, and go to the show
and I'm not there, then you'll know why!!!
in the meantime, today looks like the only day I'll be able to get out of here...
been home since sunday and as much as I love this old place,
i NEED to go somewhere!

Barnes & Noble here I come!
{hey, if I have to be stuck in the house for another week,
I need to stock up on more books & mags, no?}
Salmon & Asparagus for supper, with brown rice on the side.
a typical "spring" meal for us....
hoping to chase away the winter's blues a bit!

& I think it's time for:

do you all need the recipe again?
here it is~
6 hard boiled eggs, peeled
1 can red beets
2 cups white or cider vinegar
1 tblsp pickling spice
add all ingredients into a large pickle jar with tight lid.
put in fridge & let set a day or so....
these are great with salad, but Hannah & I eat them right out of the jar...
salted of course!

Wishing you all a beautiful day, get out there & grab some sun while you can!
Blessed be~


  1. Thanks, Lori, for another great recipe. Hope the snow does not keep you from going to the show!

  2. Stay safe & warm with all your snow. We are suppose to be getting more today & tomorrow also... but only 2-5". :) Best wishes at your show... sure wish I could be there!



  3. You scared me for a minute, Lori!! More snow???? Are you kidding??? We haven't had but a couple of inches this winter...I miss it...I LOVE snow!! Oh least you'll be able to get a lot of hooking and stitching done..stay warm and cozy!

  4. sounds like you've got everything all planned out! woohoo winter!

  5. Oh Lori - can only imagine how beautiful the homestead is in all that snow! I hope you can make it to your show and know your customers do, too! Love the latest projects you've been sharing - esp. the darling easter bunny! enjoy time by the fire with your sewies!! hugs!!

  6. I know what you mean! There is only so much to keep us occupied inside. My big outing was to the grocery store. We're all going a little bonkers!! Be careful if you decide to venture over the mt. The forecast for Sat-Sun doesn't look good.

  7. Oh I know what you mean!! Snow is heading our way too!

    I plan on getting out today and tomorrow morning - then I'll be satisifed to sit at home over the weekend!

    You just stirred up some awesome memories with the red beet eggs! My family always had them growing up. I may just have to make myself some -thanks!

  8. Thanks for the recipe. Love them beets! eggs are second!
    Hope your weaher improves.
    Enjoy B&N

  9. ohhh, noooo! more snow??

    we're supposed to get a few inches tonight and tomorrow, just hoping it doesn't turn out to be the blizzard we had on christmas eve...

    hope you get to the show :)


  10. Hey, Lori~ Here in RVA we're expecting at least 6 inches on top of what we got. It's really tough when we go YEARS with not much, then get dumped on like this! The city government actually sold most of its snow plows a few years back to try and balance the budget, so now they're scrambling to find equipment. What a mess!

  11. Now I thought you might of meant one of your fur-babies was expectin'!
    I think I'd be going stir crazy by now too...Hope you had a good time out today & what better place to go than B&N!
    Stay warm! They're callin' for snow here too...hope not too much, I gotta go to IL tomorrow!

  12. ... such a woooooonderful blog, love it !!
    hugs mina

  13. Hay, Lori.....We're. "expecting" 8-12" here in Elverson, PA. Some of the Phila. region 10-20". Geeeez I was to supposed to go to a hook in tomorrow. Well I guess I'll just to hook at home and, oh, I think I'll make my rustic apple pie. Food is very important when it snows (LOL).

  14. You naughty girl! almost sent pea to the floor with that news. LOL
    Well it won't wake you up in the middle of a deep sleep, don't cry to be changed or cost you a bundle for college. It will however leave the nest and leave you with a mess. LOL


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