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Sunday, January 31, 2010

{ SNOWBOUND...again...}

well we received quite the snowstorm yesterday...
about a foot {maybe more} of the white stuff~
I'm SO happy that I decorated for SPRING!
now i can look around in here and see flowers...colors and warmth...
all I have to do is draw the curtains closed & PRETEND!!!
I can't even walk to the shop to get my camera to take pics...
everytime I go outside,
(a.k.a.. BUDDY)
tries to knock me down...
he thinks it's hysterical to come racing up behind me and cut me off at my knees.
while I'm on the ground
(remember the little brother in the movie A Christmas Story who had on so many clothes that he couldn't get up??)
I am now fair game for a face-licking competition between Buddy & Lazy!
& poor Lazy {our sweet & ever-amiable Black Lab }
...he just wants to stay curled up on his bed, under his pile of blankies...
but, noooOOOOooooo...
beware the FLYING YETI!!!!!!
Buddy comes flying by him, and yanks off his covers...
dragging them out into the yard, because HE wants to play!
{for those that may not remember, Buddy is our Great Pyrenese...
who at last weigh-in, was approx. 210 lbs...
....yeah, he's just a little guy)
so here I'll stay.
watching all of the commotion from inside my

Hoping I'll be able to get to the baby shower for Bea's daughter Raven today!
{Bea's gonna be a Gramma for the 1st time!!!}
or even the PO Tomorrow for that matter!

Hoping you all have a warm & snuggly indoor-day....

Peace & Plenty be Yours!


  1. Hang in there, you just can't rush the seasons.

  2. I'm sorry...but I just had to laugh at the thought of you laying out in the snow in your snowman outfit being licked!

  3. You can always find the fun in things! :) Stay safe & warm! Give Raven & Bea a big congrats for me!! How exciting!!

  4. Buddy and Lazy love 'ya!! Skye does snow sprints all around our yard and then snuggles with us inside. I'm afraid we have lots of winter ahead of us so have fun pretending!!

  5. We got about a foot here too in the Richmond area and it's so beautiful all fluffy with sparkles within!


  6. I didn't know you had a pyre - we had 2 of them at the same time and loved them. Samatha about 95 -110 at her heaviest and Lilah about 130 naked in the summer or 140 during the winter. Sorry to say Sam died when 6 from spider bite and Lilah at 10 from cancer. Loved those girls!


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