Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
is located here at our farm:
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, Virginia 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
email ~

Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

Our ETSY Shop is Always Open!
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

{ SNOWBOUND...again...}

well we received quite the snowstorm yesterday...
about a foot {maybe more} of the white stuff~
I'm SO happy that I decorated for SPRING!
now i can look around in here and see flowers...colors and warmth...
all I have to do is draw the curtains closed & PRETEND!!!
I can't even walk to the shop to get my camera to take pics...
everytime I go outside,
(a.k.a.. BUDDY)
tries to knock me down...
he thinks it's hysterical to come racing up behind me and cut me off at my knees.
while I'm on the ground
(remember the little brother in the movie A Christmas Story who had on so many clothes that he couldn't get up??)
I am now fair game for a face-licking competition between Buddy & Lazy!
& poor Lazy {our sweet & ever-amiable Black Lab }
...he just wants to stay curled up on his bed, under his pile of blankies...
but, noooOOOOooooo...
beware the FLYING YETI!!!!!!
Buddy comes flying by him, and yanks off his covers...
dragging them out into the yard, because HE wants to play!
{for those that may not remember, Buddy is our Great Pyrenese...
who at last weigh-in, was approx. 210 lbs...
....yeah, he's just a little guy)
so here I'll stay.
watching all of the commotion from inside my

Hoping I'll be able to get to the baby shower for Bea's daughter Raven today!
{Bea's gonna be a Gramma for the 1st time!!!}
or even the PO Tomorrow for that matter!

Hoping you all have a warm & snuggly indoor-day....

Peace & Plenty be Yours!

Friday, January 29, 2010

{ thoughts of Spring }

Hi Folks!
thought I would share with you some pics of the old farmhouse...
I've decorated for Spring!

here's the top of the TV cupboard...
had to pull out the faux forsythia & tulips!

This is a mirror that my brother in law made for us one christmas
it was plain oak-stain colored, so I painted it to match the TV cupboard!
put in some ivy & tucked a few Easter cards in there!
{yeah, I know...Easter? yepper...}

This is the top of the mantle in the keeping room...
I placed some of my favorite little bottles
{that we dig up in our backyard}
on a small primitive childs cupboard,
added a white-washed trencher with old wood garden tools,
flanked that with two wooden acorn finials and added an old tin water puitcher of daffodils!

here's the whole mantle...
above it hangs a huge framed piece of early red & cream toile
that shows different birds on it...
my favorite original Hitchcock chairs hold two of my most favorite dolls....

...a quiet little corner in the den...
my favorite wooden carrier holds 2 hooked rugs, a coverlet and fresh herbs...

another picture of the keeping room,
this shows the top of my little blue & red book-fulled cupboards
{one of MANY in the house that hold my books!}
above it hangs a sweet needlepunch piece made for me of my logo by Maria Barton...

I've named my dress form "Elda"
...after my PA German Mom...

and here's my dining room...
plants, tulips, white runner & curtains...
hooked & braided chairpads, and another book-filled cupboard!!

I have a pot of Spaghetti Sauce cooking on the woodstove today...
& will bake a loaf of rosemary olive-oil bread to go along with it for supper.
The farmhouse is comfy-cozy & waiting for me to get back in there & stitch!

Hoping your day is filled with thoughts of Spring!
Plenty & Grace be Yours,


Thursday, January 28, 2010

{ New Designs ! }

"The Bunny Trail"
measures approx. 6" x 7.5"
pattern is $8.00
I haven't 'finished' this one yet,
but it will be a rag stuffed pillow with some kind of trim...
I'll show ya pics once finished!!
"The Reverend & Mrs. Potter"
bothe measure approx 5" x 7" when framed...
you get both patterns in one packet
for ~ $10.00
they're tooo cute and prim and will happily reside with me
in the farmhouse forevermore! :)

and above is my newest print,
"Sew Sweet"
measures approx. 8" x 10"
laser printed on 67lb. white acid-free cardstock,
print~ $5.00

if you'd like to purchase,
please email me at & I'll total you up...
{I,m happy to combine shipping for you too!}
These will all be available on ebay & in my etsy shop this aft,
and will go up on my picturetrail as well....
I've been 'freshening up' the farmhouse
& will put new pictures for Spring on my pictrail too!!!
Hope you enjoy these offerings from me to help harbor in the warmer temps!
{even thought it now looks like we WILL be getting about 6" Fri/Sat.}

oh well, i'll submerge myself in some Springtyme Needlework!
....won't you join me???

Blessing to you all~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{ Almost Ready!!! }

I am on the last stretch of finishing the models for my new needle punch patterns!!
I won't sho you pics just yet, but here are the names:
" The Bunny Trail "
" The Reverend & Mrs. Potter "
{this is a combo-pattern, two for one!}
....the first is more whimsical, the second are more primitive.
BOTH have been a joy to design & create....

I'm hoping to release them tomorrow!!
along with them, I have a new print too...

"Sew Sweet"
will be available in my etsy shop tomorrow as well...
I'm working on things for the show next weekend {see sidebar for show schedule} and am hoping to finish up a few more small hooked items for it...
Today was sunny & milder..
BUT ~ we're in for SNOW
(yes, it IS a four-letter-word!)
snow is supposed to start Friday into Saturday...
I don't want it!!!!!
would you believe that I have Daffodils peeping out about a 1/4 inch????
*AAAahhhhhhhh*...hurry up spring!
Please visit my sweet friend Robin's BRAND NEW blog!!!
leave her a comment, or better yet, become a follower!!!
Robin & Lee are two of the MOST creative people I know, and you would absolutely FLIP over their house...
{C'mon Robin, get some pic of your home up oon your blog!!!}
Ok Folks,
I'll chime in again tomorrow!
Have a Peaceful evening spent doing what you love best with those you Love most!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

{ prayers needed }

The phone rang this morning a little before 5:00 am~
it was our friend Bea,
telling us that the community of Gladstone was being evacuated
because of the rising flood waters from the James River nearby..
{overnight last night, we had approx. 3" of rain fall in a one hour period, causing streams, rivers and creeks to swell}.
Gladstone is literally a stone's throw from the mighty river, and is small indeed...
but the people of the community have some of the biggest heartsI have ever known.
When my sister Jo moved here from TN last April,
the community showered her with help and care...
giving what they had & never looked for thanks...
donating furniture, food and man-power...
even volunteering to mow her grass.
small acts of kindness that were so truly appreciated.

i will be forever grateful for them because of this.
Last week, as I'm sure you all heard on the news, was one of the deadliest weeks
in the town of Appomattox's history...
8 people were shot dead, incluing 3 teenagers and a 4 year old, by a deranged gunman
hell-bent on madness...

Appomattox is a stone's throw from Gladstone.
The volunteer Fire & Rescue personnel of Gladstone lept into action last week to do what they could to help out the Appomattox community.
still reeling from the affects of having to bury their friends and neighbors,
the tiny village of Gladstone now needs our help.
Won't you please send up your thoughts of healing
& prayers of comfort for this tiny, yet
grand community?
please consider how you can help your own community:
sometimes the smallest of acts cause the greatest results.

Peace & Plenty be with you ALL~

Saturday, January 23, 2010

{ on the frame }

Here's what's on my frame today...
what was to be, I thought, ...
a larger rug, is turning out to be
another small one....

but that's ok...
I can get two small rugs out of this linen on the frame,
so nothing is wasted, right?

the color values in this rug are dramatic to say the least, but it works...
I like the shades of lavender in the rose...
{looks almost pink in the pics though...ugh}

I'll finish this in a bit,
then flip the linen to the other end
and sketch up another, more primitive little rug...
perhaps a cat?
or donkey?
where will my hook take me today?
Hoping you have a creative Saturday!
{yes! it IS Saturday!!!}
Peace & Plenty be Yours,

Friday, January 22, 2010

{ progress }

I've been working on this Quaker sampler for a week now...
& as you can see my progress is slow-going.

I work on this between orders, house cleaning, farm chores & such~
so much to little time!
But, this will be finished today, and will be available at the Winter in the Valley show.
don't know if i'll frame it or what...
we'll see!
Cold & Rain-y today.
woodstoves are piping hot.
Corned Beef & Cabbage in the pot.
bubble bubble.
Stay Warm, keep stitching~
Plenty & Grace,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{ Playing Hook-y }

Last Wednesday, January 13th...
I had the pleasure of hooking with my friend
Pat Cross
{author: Purely Primitive, Simply Primitive}
and her band of Merry Hookers known as the
Blue Ridge Rug Hookers Charlottesville, VA
Felicia, Robin & I had the best time!!!
SO much eye candy and knowledge in one room!
there were about 18 of us, if I remember correctly!
Thank you Pat, and we will be there agin next month!!!
Below is a picture of the rug I was working on that day,
and finally had time to finish & block it last night...
it is a design by Mad Hen Primitives
with Notforgotten Farm 'touches'...
It will be available for sale at the Winter in the Valley Show on Feb. 6th.

and I wanted to show you this:

I picked up this little notebook for 1/2 price at B&N last weekend...
the cover reminds me of paisley...

I've turned it into my Rug Hooking Journal,
where I paste pictures of inspirational rugs,
doodles, sketches, dye recipes, other hooking friend's info, classes,
shop info, etc... many of you, I have TOO MANY hooking-related magazines
taking up space that could be better used...
( store WOOL of course)
so I cut out the photos & features that I like the best & recycle the rest of the mags!!!

Do any of you keep a needlework or hooking journal?

It is beautiful here today...
but alas, I am in the shop working...
packaging orders that came in over the weekend
and then off to the bank & PO...

THEN to a Dr.'s appt. for a nagging ringing that I have aquired in my right ear.
it actually keeps me up or wakes me up at night & is driving me crazy!
during the day, with all the daily background noise, I can hardly hear it
...but in the quite nightfall, it rears it's ugly, ringing head & keeps me awake!

Could it be from all of the Rock concerts I attended in my crazy youth?
{100's of them, as we lived near a stadium!!}
or perhaps it's from the whine of the Dental drill
which filled my ears for 13+ years straight
when I was Dental Assisting?

Hmmm...probably a little of both me thinks.
I'll keep you posted.

Wishing you all a BEAUTIFUL day in this January Thaw we seem to be having!
Blessed be,


Saturday, January 16, 2010

{OK FOLKS....}

just let me steep in my insanity will you?

not ONE of you commented on my last post ...

well ok...maybe some...
but NO ONE even mentioned the fact that I titled yesterday's post:

even though we all KNEW it was Friday!!!!!!

{well, not ALL of us knew, or else I wouldn't have TITLED it that!}

Good Grief.
My Stars.
Holy Moly.

are we all sufferers of the blasted CRS syndrome?
Now that I KNOW today is Saturday,
{{{isn't it???}}}

THIS will be my post for the day.
I will sweep yesterday under the rug....
{at least I know I'm in thee best, where are my danged glasses?}


Friday, January 15, 2010

{ Saturday Stitchings }

it is absolutely beautiful here today
the skies are azure blue,
with some wispy-puffer clouds lazily flaoting by.
a perfect day to sit on the porch swing and stitch on my little sampler.
~ singing birds, sweet breezes and sunshine
are filling my thoughts with visions of springtyme to come....
The book that you see above, all dog-eared & worn,
is only one of my many favorites that I love to look through
when stitching something new...

right now, {between finishing models for my new needle punch patterns},
I'm working on finished items to be sold at the
Winter in the Valley
antiques & folk art show
{see show schedule on sidebar}
the handwork above will be a small Quaker inspired sampler,
that I have a perfect tiny wooden frame for...
I'm working it on 28ct irish linen, 1 over one strand,
in a blue/grey shade of needlepoint silk.
I'm hoping to make a bunch of these smaller samplers
for all of the shows I'll be doing this year,
along with small hooked items and needle punched smalls...

busy hands...
Oh, & here's a thought..,.
Would anyone local be interested in joining me for a stitching club?
(not an online club)
we would meet here at the shop and stitch on our samplers,
bring show 'n tell, exchange friendship and stories...
and have fresh-baked muffins, scones, & tea?
If I can raise enough members,
then we can join the Embroiderers Guild of America,
set up a chapter and join other chapters for events,
such as fund-raising, and the preservation of antique needleworks...
here is an awesome link for you to drool over:
let me know if anyone is interested?
Back to stitching,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

{ 2010's Class Schedule is UP! }

there...over to your left.,..
do you see it?
it's Notforgotten Farm's class chedule for 2010!!!!
...peruse a bit, maybe you'll find a class that you & your friends have to learn?
I promise a FUN time!!!
let me know of your interests or suggestions please...
House cleaning today, then back to the shop to print out orders.
a *tiny* bit warmer today, actually they say it may be in the 50's...
a virtual HEAT WAVE!!!!!
Peace & Plenty to you all,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{ my color palette }

I get asked quite often about my color palette,
or the choice i make in choosing colors for my needlework,
rugs and painting...

I find myself drawn, time & again,
back to the colors that i've always loved and used...

here is a list of my favorite colors of DMC threads to use for cross stitch & needle punch...





and of course,
Ecru & Black (310)

i will divert from these only occasionally,
for instance, I will add
{if I am working a design that is for Spring or Easter...}

All of these colors of threads are changed, of course,
after I overdye my finished works,
so they become quite muted and subdued...

I love to experiment with a 'poison' color
and see how beautifully primitive it looks once overdyed...

So it is with these little samplers that I've been working on...
they're only 1 & 1/2" square, so I don't have alot of room for a bunch of motifs,
so I use colors sparingly to not overpower the simple effect I want to achieve...

I have to choose my colors carefully,
then let the universe do what it will when I overdye them!
(some folks are scared to overdye..I say go for it...
as long as you make sure you are using color-fast threads/fabric, etc...)
I must tell you, I've NEVER been dissapointed by overdyeing!

{left to right~ "Heartsong", "Samplermaker", "Rabbit's Garden", and "Needle & Thread"}

and please remember...
I am a needlewoman, not a welder,
so you will find my soldering extremely primitive as well!
these will be available on etsy in a little while...
or you can purchase directly from me here, just email me at
and if you want a custom necklace stitched for you, I'll be happy to work with you...
Sampler Necklaces are $48.00 each.
Off I go then, to the PO and bank...
I have a pot of chicken soup on the woodstove today
& will be baking some rosemary/olive oil bread in the breadmaker...
maybe some brownies for dessert,
{Hannah makes thee best brownies!}
Peace & Plenty to you all,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

{ A Merry Heart }

New cross stitch pattern is now available!

"A Merry Heart"
will be up on etsy & ebay in just a moment...
{links to your left}

a sweet little sampler that measures approx.
6 7/8" x 5 1/8"
stitch count: 124w x 93h

I made mine into a rag-stuffed pillow,
then added vintage brown velvet ribbon and buttons...

I like to hang these on the backs of ladder-back chairs~

I'm also working on some miniature samplers
{1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square}
that will be encased in glass and placed in a two-sided frame...

the backs of the samplers will show scraps of antique fabrics
from my ever-growing collections...
they will hang from a length of waxed linen string
and can be worn around your neck to declare your love for needlework!
{{These are NOT prints,
they are TRUE needlework samplers,hand stitched by me!}}

I'm hoping to list a few this evening on etsy...

Well, stay warm Friends...
wishing you all a beautiful Winter's Day!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

{ the passing of a Dear Friend...}

me and my little friend...

Little Bits in the backyard bird feeder...

Little Bits with 'his girls'...

It's never easy having to say goodbye to someone who's touched our life...
this morning, as I was feeding all of our fur & feather friends at the barn,
I noticed a distinct silence in the hen house...
it was as though they were all waiting for me to find him.
and I did.
all curled up and peaceful...

Little Bits
(I called him Bitties)
was hatched next to the woodstove in the farmhouse almost 5 years ago...
he had trouble breaking out of his little shell, so I helped him along.
I guess we bonded then...
Bitties would almost daily accompany me here to the shop,
where he would occasionally find his way in
and I would hear the pitterpatter of his little feet around the shop...
he loved to sneak up behind me,
then crow at the top of his little lungs!
He greeted many friends and customers at the shop's porch,
and would come running when I called him.
He loved to be held and petted, always trusting us,
and would always fall asleep in our hands,
tiny, shiny eyes slowly closing,...his little head lilting down into slumber.
Rest Peacefully, my little Friend...
Thank you for the years of joy you brought to Notforgotten Farm.

You will always be remembered.
love, Mom.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{ a new look }

Here is that awesome green chippy cupboard that you saw in my older post...
it has found it's new home here in the farmhouse den,
surrounded by my favorite things and comfy cozy by the woodstove...

doesn't it look as if it were made for our television?
a pefect fit!

Peter made a drawer from one of the shelves we removed,
...he did a great job!
I tucked in some yellow-ware, baskets, rabbits by Pineberry Lane
antique picture and my favorite hooked rug by Sherry Kristoff above it...
I'm SO happy with it!

It's COLD here agin today...and I'm off to the PO and bank,
then back to the farmhouse to sit & stitch...
"The Bunny Trail" needlepunch pattern model is finished,
and I'm working on a little cross stitch design ~
I'll show pics soon!!!!
Have a SPARKLING day & keep warm!
Plenty & Grace be yours today,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

{ Happy Saturday! }

...well, we've been celebrating so much lately,
why not celebrate Saturday?


Hannah & I are in the shop, printing, folding, bagging,
boxing orders that came in over the last few days...
(all orders will be shipped out on monday...thanks so much!)

I wanted to show you the finished rug that I was working on...
remember it?

it will hang here in the shop,
then accompany me on my show dates to act as my 'sign'...
and speaking of shows, here's another one that you won't want to miss:
"Winter in the Valley Antiques"
a brand new show located in Fishersville VA!!!
I've been asked to demonstrate my
primitive rug hooking and needle punching so stop by and see me!

and here's another doll that will be up for auction in just alittle bit:

her name is Amelia, she is paper-clay over cloth and looks like carved wood...
she is a beauty, no?
(my thanks to all of the watchers and bidders on my
Mother Rabbit doll, and for all of the loverly comments about her!)

Have a wonderful Saturday...and stay warm, it's COLD out there!!
Plenty & Grace be yours,


Friday, January 1, 2010

{ a new day }

We will open the book.
Its pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity
and its first chapter is
... New Year's Day.

~Edith Lovejoy Pierce
I love that quote...
it sums it up.
no resolutions, no regrets...
just keep living life as a new chapter unfolds for us.

it is our book,
and we can begin it again any way we like.....
how refreshing & peaceful to our hearts & minds!!!
Wishing you all a Blessed New Year!

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