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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rise & Shine !!!!!

Another chilly morning here on the farm ~
but the sun is shining so it will warm up a bit...
on chilly mornings such as this, everyone has a tough time getting out of bed ~
...even our little Toby!!
wake up sleepyhead
 I go to his make-do coop (a large cat-carrier that Peter has remodeled for him) and scoop up Toby ~
even though we think he is a rooster, and that all of the other roosters here on the farm have been up since dawn, our little Toby is still only 9 days old ~ so he needs to nap quite a bit :)
I don't want to get up mom!
 then he yawns & stretches and jumps to life in a split second ~
can you see how big his feet are?

he quickly jumps from hand to table to investigate...
((perhaps Mom left a crumb from her late-nite cookie-fest?))

still sleepy, but walking ~
 LOOK! a crumb!!
must. eat. cookie. crumb.
 I'll let him play on the table a bit before I put him back in his coop ~
he is growing by the minute and has his wing & tail pinfeathers....
such a big boy ~

Good Morning World!!!
Rise & Shine!
(can't wait till he starts to crow)
have a beautiful day myy friends!!
Life is GOOD :)
sad to say that Toby's little egg siblings didn't make it...
but we are so happy to have him as our little house-chicken ~
those that have visited us here in the past may remember another little rooster that we raised,
his name was Bitties and he was a bantam rooster
(which is a very small breed, like the size of a pigeon)
Bitties would follow me around, roost on my head,
sleep in my lap & come running when I called him ~
I miss him terribly but now I have little Toby to fill my heart, and at the moment,
my hands....
Blessings from Notforgotten Farm...


Theresa said...

Toby is so sweet and it's a blessing he made it when his other siblings did not.... hold him close (I know you are). :0)

Jean Bee said...

Loving Toby's story!! Love everything about your blog and your creations but am really enjoying this story!!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Toby is so sweet. I love animals - and love humans that give animals a chance and treat them with kindness. ~*~Lisa

Linda Evans said...

Hi Lori, cute post.....also, about your Halloween decorating yesterday, LOVE your whole house.....love the witches, hooked pieces, needle punch, blue mantle, new floor lamp.....love it all. lol, and I thought I was doing alot with 4 pumpkins, gourds and a bit of bittersweet.......just love your old farmhouse!!!!

Penny said...

Good morning, Lori.... Toby is so sweet! How does he manage to walk with those big feet?!! I love that they become pets, and I chuckled when I read about Bitties perching on top of your head!!
I loved your post from yesterday, as well, with pics of your fall/Halloween decorating! Your witch ladies look happy to be back out and sitting around your farmhouse.... Have a happy day!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

oh, my precious~

Mary said...

Anxious to watch Toby grow up, post pictures as he grows.

Rose Fairie~ Paula said...

Dear Lori, Toby is so sweet! I am so happy you have each other and that he fills your heart and hands! I am sorry about Bitties! I know Toby will bring you the same joy! So sorry about his siblings too! I enjoyed the lovely photos and seeing him grow! Blessings, Paula

rockriverstitches said...

Little Toby is so darn cute! How fun to raise a baby chick!


heike said...

Toby is so sweet.

Hugs, Heike

Mouse said...

awww he is a cutie :) I loved it when we had our Orpingtons raised in our back yard for the first few months of their lives ... they were my shadows too and used to sit on my lap for cuddles :)
love mouse xxxx

Jane said...

I like Toby, too!

jody said...

oh my lori, what a cute spoiled little one you have there! so sweet and comfortable in your hands. my father use to raise chicks in our basement and take them to the barn when they were bigger. i still love that smell! i get to feed the livestock this weekend when they are out of town. always fun..im going to go make tea and look at your post on decorating your home! enjoy your evening babies...

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and forms!!! He's precious! ~Kriss~

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