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Monday, March 23, 2020

~ Crochet ~

 Good Monday Morning
Friends & Folk ~
a very rainy, cloudy, dark, damp, wet & soppy day here at the farm today...

With these days of necessary confinement, Peter & I are being diligent about staying home as much as possible, going out only one day a week for shopping & shipping orders, and I thank all of our customers for your continued kindness, patience and support ♥

I have been trying to learn to crochet, with the help of my best-girlfriends
{{ a.k.a. The Tribe }}
as mentioned previously in a few of my past-postings here...
nothing fancy, I just want to master the granny square!

I miss seeing these girls so much ~
 we have been getting together every Saturday for so long now, and now with the Stay Home movement I can tell you that we just can't wait to be back together again!

these girls and I have been chatting constantly everyday since being housebound
...thank God for FB and messenger!

So yesterday and last evening,
I tried to make tiny little granny squares using valdani perle cotton 
and then from some other lightweight yarn...

don't ask me what I will do with these...make a doll afghan maybe or just toss them...
but I just can't for the life of me make two the same!
some have the square corners like they are supposed to, but most are round! 

and some I will just call 'Squround'.

I'll try again today, after farmhouse chores are done ~

here are a few inspiration photos from my Pinterest Board on Crochet:



and here is a link to my actual "Crocheted" board on Pinterest for even more drool-worthy inspiration! ---> 

How many of you crochet?
How long have you crocheted? ~ what was your very first project?
do tell....inquiring minds and all that ;)
Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. I can do a little bit with every kind of needle...knit, crewel, embroidery. I have made all sorts of clothing using a pattern and sewing machine. I can hook with woolen strips and have even made a few rugs. I cannot crochet! Decades ago I took a class to learn and it did not take. I just couldn't do it. Surprisingly, around the same time I took knitting classes and had no problem. Maybe should give it another try. If you want to see some beautiful crochet check out "by pollevie" on Instagram. Ellen Deckers makers extraordinary things with her hook! Good luck!

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  3. I love crocheting!! I haven't done any in about a year, but I love making scarves and throws! I've been crocheting since I was in my early twenties...just not as much! What a fun class and I love that shawl!

  4. Your friends are so talented ….has to be awful being separated !!!
    I haven't tried to crochet , I can knit a little , but only scarfs ….
    Hooking & Punching are a lot more fun for me !
    It's snowing like crazy here in Western ,Mass ...looks like we are inside a snow globe

  5. I love those little squrounds. I think the squaring comes with practice -- but I never got there! I think I always messed up the Spacing parts or something. I do better with knitting, but get bored on large things since I'm the turtle at knitting. Now at 70 having trouble with cross stitching (tried to start my little witch several times and was never happy -- going to have to figure out something else), But I love all of your work and reading while I stay at home at this "different" time. Love you and the rest of the Tribe.

  6. I've been crocheting since I was a child--many decades, lol. I picked it up again seriously about 8 years ago and have done lots of fun things! Youtube has tons of great tutorials on crocheting. Keep at it! It's addictive, like stitching!

  7. I crochet although I typically knit. My favorite thing I crocheted was the Martha Stewart Prison Poncho. It's a free pattern and you can find it here . For interested knitters, the pattern is found here

  8. You keep working at it and you'll get it. Well I have been crocheting since I was a little girl. My mother taught me many ok many many years ago. ;-) My favorite thing that I crocheted was a doily with a pansy flower edge. Individual pansies crocheted separately then attached to the doily. I have moved on to cross stitching and punch needle and have not crocheted in a long time. Hopefully you will back together will your friends soon. Stay well.

  9. I am sure you will master it in time as you have all your art forms... I have done a great many textile crafts...and my grandmother did beautiful tatting, and my great grand some amazing knitting and crocheting, but I neither knit, nor crochet.... Although now that you brought it up, I recall that when my father was dying as a child, an older cousin stayed with us to help out and he taught me how to knit...and I actually knit several pairs of slippers LOL.... Thanks for the memory jog....


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