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it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

~ Early Morning February Farmhouse ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
Happy Wednesday to you all.

Clouds and rain have been visiting us lately,
~ making for quiet cozy days...

this time of year
 the farmhouse takes on a look that reminds me of it's former days ~
maybe it is the grey-ness, like an old photograph,
or the certain slant of the sun through the clouds
when it does peek through the clouds?

in any case,
waking early and sitting in one of my favorite stitching chairs
while the rest of the members of our household sleep,
soothes my soul and sets the precedence for a peaceful and creative day...

there is always a work or two in progress ~ 

working on an uncounted cross stitch basket ~

one of my wingback chairs, this one reclines :)



 in another part of this room, 
which I call the Keeping room since it is located off the kitchen,
is yet another wingback chair that I prefer to do my rug hooking in ~
it is simply decorated with things I love dearly...

an old bassinet that now holds my baskets, found wooden oddities, whisk brooms  and strange treasures... doll bodies with out heads and arms, and doll arms without bodies...even an old ships' wheel!

of course my broomsticks are never far from my reach.

the sun that shines through the window in this end of the room is southwest facing
and offers plenty of natural light for working on my handwork ~

using tools that feel 'good' in my hand,
some old, some new and some newly made from old things,
like my tiny sterling rug hook:

sometimes i create just for the joy of creating,
other times my 'day job' has me exploring new ways to old means ~

 ~ another work in progress...

doesn't she look cozy??

my paperwhites have bloomed ~
their scent wafts through the farmhouse and reminds me of Spring to come.... 
using a beautiful old McCoy pot to hold their fragile stems.

Our home is humble...but it is ours
and it has it's creaks and it's leaks.
the old wavy glassed windowpanes rattle in the breeze ~
and the mellowed floorboards hold memories of previous footsteps
of those who have loved this place many years before us.

it has chipped paint on the outside and a rusty tin roof, cracked plaster and
sticky doors...yet we are here caring for her.

she is another work in progress ~

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. A wonderful post ...your home looks so cozy ,comfy & perfect places for you to be comfy to create more awesome things ...that Lamb is just great , his eyes are amazing !!!!

    1. thank you for visiting! it's a peaceful and inspiring place to live...blessed to be right where we are <3
      the lamb's eyes are German blown glass ;)

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  2. I so enjoyed reading your sentiment about your home, for it is what I feel for mine. Love it all!

    1. thank you for visiting with us! ~ I know so many who feel the same way about their homes too <3

  3. Our home is small and cozy and very much loved by those who live here. Walls...and floors...and roofs make our houses, but it's the people with whom we share them that makes a home. Add in all our beloved hand dids, family pieces, photos, pets, collections and memories...and home is the very best place to be. I can see you in that wing chair pulling your needle. Your home is lovely.

  4. Is your life as peaceful as your home?

    1. it is peaceful, yes...but of course we work hard to make it be so <3

  5. Beautiful pictures of your home and works.

  6. LOVE. And the sheep is gorgeous!

  7. Love your blog and all the lovely photos and words. Such a wonderful post about what home should feel like. Blessings!

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