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Sunday, July 28, 2019

~ Sunny Days Class with Nancy Bauer ~

Good Sunday Morning Friends & Folk!
Happy, Peaceful Sunday to you all...
Yesterday was our class here in the Studio here at Notforgotten Farm,
with our Special Guest Teacher Nancy Bauer ~
Nancy designed the Sunny Days Sunflower then
taught her students how to do a beautiful technique called Color Tint Embroidery...

Hiya There!
 once the design was traced onto their fabrics,
~ each class-participant then used crayons to lightly color in their design...

Miss Robin getting right to work on her tracing...

sisters Anita & Janice concentrating hard on staying in the lines 
while coloring with their very own box of crayons...

we were like kindergartners again!!

Miss Becky.            Miss Jane.             Miss Robin.     

some of us were a little bit more of a kindergartner than others... 
just sayin' ~ Miss Joan!!!

Mr. Jack, 
Nancy's handsome Corgi-boy is our sweet companion, 
always looking for a treat or a  pat on the head ~

~ some of us are so creative 
that they make things to match their class theme,
... like Miss Janice here, 
who made a twisty thread snippet catcher out of crayon-patterned fabric!

can you see Miss Pat's most-awesome tattoo of scissors and thread?

Nancy is a great teacher, 
who always is willing to help her students...

look closely at Miss Jane's beautiful hands...
can you see the sweet tiny sunflower on her ring fingernail?
{click photo to enlarge}
Jane is a prolific crafter who designs, embroiders, hooks and sells her finished work
 under her business name "Sunflower Sitches"

the 'other' Miss Jane plying those crayons:

Miss Robin takes a moment to admire her beautiful work...

Nancy showed us how to shade by lightly 'scrubbing the crayons 
into the fabric...

Janice's progress...

Anita's progress...

Busy Little Bees are we!
Miss Sharon hard at work with her project ~

after class finished coloring in their projects,
Lunch was served!! {I always forget to snap photos of lunch, but believe me....yum!}
here is Peter, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer, donning his apron and helping in the kitchen!
{love ya honey}

Once lunch was finished, 
Nancy showed us how to do the most-tiny stitches around the project ~ 
here is Miss Becky showing her 'proper' pinky-up technique!!

Anita's stitching ~

Janice's stitching ~

Nancy helping Janice...did you notice the tiara?
it is worn when a student is recognized for doing something special or asking a fabulous question...
mostly it is worn out of fun and friendly-competition amongst good friends ~

her majesty Anita !

her highness Janice!

princess Robin!

the duchess Sharon!

and um...oh
well, I kissed a frog and got a 
prince Peter!!

We have so much fun here at the Funny Farm ~
we love our friends muchly and can't wait for another class again in August! 
Make sure to keep checking our Class & Events Schedule on our sidebar to the right...

you won't want to miss one!

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


  1. It was a wonderful class. At least my fingers got in the photos!!!

  2. What a fun and informative post; thank you for always sharing!


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