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Sunday, June 30, 2019

~ Autumn Stitching Begins! ~

Hello Friends & Folk
and good evening to you all...

it is the very last evening of June 2019.
and also my sweet, dear Mother's birthday!

Happy 89th Birthday to you Mommy ~
and I will forever call you Mommy!

'Mommy' at ages 6 {bottom photo} & 8 yrs. {top photo} She has always declared that she does not have a red bow in her hair in the bottom was, in fact ~ a cardinal on a tree branch that was in the backdrop of the photo!     

Wishing you many more trips around the sun my dear Mommy, also known as:
'Ma'  Elda {Ellie, Aunt Sissy, "Sissy"} Elizabeth Geiste Reed Berke Smith!
I love you more than all the little blue flowers on the wallpaper!

It has been HOT here at the farm lately...
between bright sunshine and thunderstorms, we have been in the high 80's, low 90's.
I am not a happy camper in temps like these,
~ and the humidity makes me wilt and feel stomach-sick.
I spend most of my time in the farmhouse or studio in the AC.

the Mornings are suitable for short walks,
and I do try to get another walk in when evening rolls 'round...
but mostly, I am indoors stitching away on something-or-another!

and this is a humble little embroidery that I have been working on for the past few days:

I'm using: Valdani perle cottons size #8, and doubled in my needle...
can you all see my sweet as pie needleminder?
 {gift from dear friend Donna Rae Barrow/Flannel Jammies Farm}?
and my gorgeous, PERFECTLY-sized {for me anyway} 
project bag from Carol Woodard 
{Woodland Primitives Primitive Handmades Mercantile ~ click HERE for link}
LOOK at that Autumn hued fabric!!!!!

I finished 'her' into a flat-stuffed pillow ~
can be a bowl filler, or ad a hanger of-sorts to the back...

this design is a line drawing, and can be used for punch needle or embroidery!
{make sure you see my Punch Needle Fusion video HERE}

I have been lax in posting here on my blog,
~  as social media is a tiny bit more interactive...
I miss writing my almost-daily posts here and will try to do better from now on ~
my kind thanks to those of you who continue to follow me here!

Happy Stitching, Happy Creating and...
Blessings from the Farm!
~ Lori


  1. Blogs are still my #1 social media stop. Call me old fashioned but they feel more like soul sharing than short words. I love to come here and share what’s up with you.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mommy. I can totally see the resemblance between you two. Super cute pumpkin head lady. Love it.

  3. I am so envious and very grateful for the creativeness of you and others who make available so many wonderful stitching pieces. My brain doesn't come up with the ideas but my fingers and soul LOVE the needle in hand and making your creations come to life in front of me. How lucky am I.
    THANK YOU!!!

  4. Always read ur blog! Love it!

    Your stitchery is so sweet!

    Happy birthday to your mom!♡♡
    Gosh u and hannah really look like her!
    Keep cool, lori!

  5. You have your moms smile there is no mistaking the

  6. Love to read and watch this blog and on FB, keep up the good works! Happy 4th of July, enjoy the summer.

  7. Happy Birthday to your mother. Such sweet photos of a precious little girl. Hope you will continue to say hello to us here on your blog. We'd miss you if you ever stopped! It hit 98 here last week with humidity in the 8o% range...I loath it beyond measure!
    Have a great week!
    Robyn & Annie xox

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom! My mom (the girls in the family still call her mommy, too!) will be turning 89 in October of this year, also! Love the cute pics of her as a young girl! You and Hannah certainly do resemble her!
    Also love your pumpkin girl....just a beauty with great colors.

  9. I enjoy your blog and am grateful for all you share.

  10. That was fun seeing Pumpkin lady from start to finish.
    I'm another one that still prefers blogs over all the other media. You are a busy busy person so I do appreciate your posts. Thanks for all you share with us :)

  11. Your pumpkin lady turned out beautifully! Happy birthday to your mom.

  12. Happy Birthday to your Mommy !!! It is getting pretty Hot here in Massachusetts too . I Love your cute Pumpkin Lady & haven't had a chance to try your fabric fusion for punch needle, but everything is in a nice pile ready to go !!! I always look forward to your blog to see what wonderful project you are working on ! Your photos are so pretty , thank you for sharing all the neat ideas !!!!
    Have a Happy 4th Of July !!!!

  13. Hey adorable, busy ""you""... sending belated Ha♪♪y B♪rthDay wishes to your precious mom (blessed as y'all are to have her still in your life).♥♥♥
    You (do) look just like her Lori and Hannah too, those genes are runnin' thru you both as pretty as she was in her day!

    I still try'N keep up all over when I can with you my friend. But have to agree with everyone, your BLOG just has your "personal-touch". Social media devours us in layers upon layers of "other chatter"...nice to come {sit a spell} here with you and see/hear whatcha up to beside 5'7" or thereabouts (heehee).

    Hope you all had a SPeCTaCuLAr 4th!! Your friend up Nawth sending woolly hugs! ~Diane

    btw ~~I'm not getting your Blog feeds at all in my inbox, have to seek them out, let me know what do I do?♥


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