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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

~ Frogging & Figuring Things Out ~

The Discontented Frogs?
well, ok....
the frogging I'm referring to in this post's title has to do with cross stitching.
or maybe I should say reverse-cross stitching?

In the cross stitch world, for those who may not know ~ the term "frogging" refers to the act of...
removing your stitches by carefully cutting them out or tactfully un-stitching them via needle ~
in other words: Rip it Rip it Rip it!!!
now do you know where the 'frog' part comes in?

that happened to me last night, as I was once again visited by that blasted frog ~
and had to remove most of the work I had put in on a piece I am working on ~
a new design called Hickety Pickety:
but as I was picking out threads, I realized that I wasn't just unhappy with how they looked,
I was unhappy with the linen choice I had made for my design.

So I scrapped the whole thing!
and started all over again, this time figuring out just how I want my new design to look ~
smaller, more primitive and on a more neutral background...

so now I am stitching on my own hand dyed 40ct Old Farmhouse Linen
that I will stain again once my stitching is finished...

I'm using one strand over 2 threads on my linen,
and GAST & WDW threads
{Gentle Art Sampler Threads & Weeks Dye Works}

I'm really happy how this is coming out, now that I have reworked it ~
and I am thoroughly enjoying stitching on 40ct with my new eyes!!

my hoop is an old one ~
 a 'butterfly" screw with old glavanized square nut... 
it's one that I have shown before ~ and has the last name 'Dintenfass' handwritten in ink
 on both outer & interior is a perfect 4" hoop that I prefer for it's size.

I love to collect all kinds of vintage/antique sewing related items, and know lots of you do too!

 as a matter of fact, I recently asked my members in my Samplermakers Group
to share photos of their collections...

are you a member? if not, you can click below to request to join.
click HERE
 Hoping the rest of your Wednesday is filled with beautiful things,
 and hopefully...
no frogs!

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. Oh how I love those froggie pics! And, of course, your lovely work.

  2. You are very patient ...I would have thrown that in a basket & buried it !!!

  3. Love the fellow with the red hair and beard!

  4. I hate those darn frogs....Have rip it rip it way too many times. Love how your stitchery is coming along! I just posted a pic of an early bobbin winder I found. Janice

  5. Labor of love with every step.
    Beautiful work, thanks for sharing!!

  6. I generally am a huge fan of frogs....but not the stitching kind. The title of your post, however, made me think of two restaurants in Cave Creek, Arizona.... One was called The Horny Toad and less than a mile down the road was The Satisfied Frog. I laughed so hard and could not quite explain why to my son who was quite small then. for the digression. Love what I am seeing so far...but, yes, you have a stitcher’s patience and then some. I would have likely balled it up and left it someplace until I forgot about it. I’ve always loved the patina on your old hoop...I have several old embroidery hoops but have never come across one with the smooth, dark, finish yours has. It truly must have been treasured in all its lives.


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