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Saturday, April 27, 2019

~ Doll Quilt Class ~

 Hello Friends & Folk!
happy Saturday evening to you all ~
what a beautiful day we had weather-wise! 
high & dry, sunshiney and cool temps with a slight breeze...
perfect in my book!

Today was our hand stitched Doll Quilt class here in the Studio at Notforgotten Farm ~
{{ we have so much fun at our classes, I'm surprised we get anything accomplished! }}

Yesterday, in preparation for the class today,
Joan, Robin M. & I cut hundreds of 4-1/2 squares 
from some of my beautiful cotton quilting fabrics 
~ that I have been hoarding saving for such a class...

I wanted my students to be able to choose their own color-story for their own quilt ~
and, to my surprise ~ there wasn't one tussle over the fabric!
{I had nightmares about not having enough of 'this' or 'that' fabric 
and having to break up a cat-fight or two!}

I love the old looking fabrics in antique quilts..
so I lean towards the wonderful reproduction s that are available for quilters today ~
and try to keep the prints simple and charmingly humble...

while we stitched, 
we had the opportunity to see up close and personal 
the wonderful collections of Miss Joan, and Miss Barbara who were kind enough to bring theirs along for show & tell...oh my stars and garters!!

Here is Miss Joan's collection ~

I have to add that I inadvertently hung the green-bordered quilt on the far right UPSIDE DOWN!

and here is Miss Barbara's collection~

me, myself and I personally ~ 
was/am infatuated by this teeny tiny hand stitched doll quilt below!!!!
I mean, c'mon...just LOOK at it!
the minute squares, the fabrics, the border, the stitching, the wonkiness, the SIZE!

... and here is the back of said treasure ~ 
simple plain muslin but you can see those little hand brown thread no less!
I tried to steal confiscate borrow this little quilt from Miss Barbara by stuffing it onto my bra, which is off limits to EVERYone ~ but she said no-go.
so then I lied and told her I LICKED it and that now it just HAD to be mine, but again...nope.
it's ok, 
I know that Miss Barbara loves it so very much 
~ and will take thee best care of it {for me} lol

ok, on to the ladies quilts!!!!

here is Miss Robin H's ~
she chose mustards and browns and reds....

Miss Anita chose blues, cheddars and browns...

Miss Pat decided on a beautiful mix of subdued hues, with that pop of blue!

Miss Dawn helped us today by showing us how she miters corners ~ 
her colors are happy & fun!

 Miss Barbara, {owner of 'my' little quilt, lol}
chose green, blues and browns...

Miss Joan stitched our class model for us, 
in a variety of blues with an added triangle patch!

Miss Helena worked her little quilt in vibrant reds & blues...then decided to use a
super fun & bright yellow backing! 
here she is, embellishing her project with hand embroidered flowers....

Miss Shari chose reds and cheddars/golds for her little quilt... 
so pretty!!!

and, last but certainly not least ~
Miss Janice chose a sweet palette of colors that are perfect for a antique-inspired little quilt...

Miss Janice, 
thank you for coming today 
& we look forward to having you with us more and more!

 the little quilt below, 
was one I stitched a while back and gave to Miss Joan ~
I tried to make a small Flying Geese design, but in my usual wonky-way, screwed it up 
stitched patched backwards...
but it is that humble-ness that we love, isn't it? 
~ whether old or newly created.

Miss Shari & Mr. Steve
 always bring their fur-baby, "Cassie" with them to class...
such a sweet little hound dog she is...all tuckered out in her bed! 
Bless her little heart ~

OH! am I tired ~ but my heart is full once-again...
full of friendship and love ~ laughter and good food! {thank you everyone!}
 and as I wrote on the Studio chalboard today...
A Friend, like an Old Quilt ~
is both a treasure and a comfort.

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


  1. Looks like such a fun class Lori; so happy you shared pictures.

  2. What a great day,,, sounds so fun,,,
    They are sweet quilts!
    Love them all,,,, Not a big sewer,, but appreciate the work that goes into these,,,,
    Love the displays ,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  3. how wonderful! I collect doll quilts too.

  4. What a fun class.
    Joan and Barbara's quilt collections are wonderful!!! Tks for sharing.

  5. Hi Lori - and Miss Joan,
    Wish I could come and sew with you. All beauty fabrics and nice people. But it´s more a dream and I now prefer my sewing room, I don´t leave my place often just for seeing friends closed to me and do some grocery shopping. My eyes ar not good but I can sew Probably no more travel to US. But Pia is coming in June after her trip to Ireland with Athena Project Foundation. Her girl Amanda who married 2015 when I visited Notforgotton Farm is coming with her husband around June / July. Fun !
    Love, Louise D in Sweden

  6. Yummy fabrics you provided! The collections of Joan and Barbara are just wonderful eye candy!
    Thanks for sharing this fun day with us.

  7. What a great class, Lori! I would have never thought of a class making these small quilts! I have several antique doll quilts that are packed away, plus, I have three beautiful little quilts that were made by Lori Rippey that I absolutely adore! Thank you for sharing. I love how you had all of them displayed. What a great Saturday!! Say hi to Miss Joan!!

  8. Wow !!!! Love all the pretty fabrics your friends chose & everyones little quilts are beautiful !!! What a fun class !!! And I am sorry Mz Barbara couldn't part with the precious quilt ! LOL ….

  9. Gah!! What sweet eye candy!! Both Joan’s and Barbara’s collections of quilts of old (LOVE the little crazy quilts!) and the newly stitched!! Now these size quilts I might even be able to finish LOL.... Can’t you move VA closer to WI??? ~Robin~


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