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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

~ Welcome Welcome Spring and a Blessed Ostara! ~

Today marks the first day of Spring ~
the rites of Spring are many & diverse throughout our world,
so I thought I might share some of my personal favorites with you!
~ The Vernal Equinox...
the phrase literally translates to 'Spring's Equal Night',
meaning, on this day the amount of daylight & darkness will be equal
...also, the poles or gravitational pulls of our mother Earth align perfectly, thus,
you are able to stand an egg on it's 'round' end!!
(try it, it's fun!!)

~ Wiccans celebrate the Sabbat of Ostara on this day...
A Blessed Ostara to my Witchy Friends!

And today marks the first day of my Spring Cleaning! YAY!
(( no, really,...I look so forward to this day every year ~ ))
regardless of the weather, the windows of the old farmhouse will be opened, 
letting in much needed fresh air in the stale rooms that have been closed up all year.
First ~ I will burn or 'smudge' the entire house with White Sage
to release any negative energies that have gathered
in the house over the past year...
I start sweeping these old floors at the very top of the house,
~  sweeping in every corner, from the ceiling down...
then down the stairs, and finally to the cellar and out the cellar door!
 ...the windows will be washed with white vinegar & newspaper, inside and out
making our view outside crisp & clear through the old wavy glass.

I will take down the curtains , wash them and hang them in the sun to dry...
bringing in the freshness of a new day and warmth of the sunshine ~
I'm sure you all have your own 'ritual's that you perform this time of year, and I like to look back in my collection of Almanacks for the 'olde time' ways people readied their homes,
farms & lives for the upcoming Spring Season...

 on another note,
I have recipes that I make each year for our family ~
and one of our favorites is
Red Beet Eggs!

~Notforgotten Farm's Red Beet Eggs~
8 hard boiled eggs, shelled
2 cans of red beets + their liquid
1 tbls. pickling spice
1/4 c. sugar
2 cups vinegar
(I like to use apple cider vinegar for better flavor)
In a large glass jar with tight fitting lid, place all ingredients except eggs...
stir and then place in shelled eggs.
refrigerate over night for better flavor, can be kept for 2-3 weeks in fridge,...
(I usually keep adding new eggs once the original eggs are eaten)
...these are great as a side dish or in salad!

another thing I love to do is make these in preparation for Easter:

Onion Skin Dyed SILHOUETTE Eggs ~

Here is how I make mine:
boil 6 large white eggs in salt water (1/2 c. in 4 c. water)
*you will not be eating these!!!*

drain cooked eggs and let cool completely...

in a saucepan, add about 2 handfuls of yellow onion skins (not red onion skins!)
and add 4 cups water...bring to a boil, then simmer...

you'll need some old knee high's or old stockings for the next part...
to make stencils for the eggs, cut our your design from parchment paper...
wet your paper stencil and place on cooled wrap your egg, covering stencil, with a piece of stocking (approx. 5" x 5" square...) and tie off with a twist tie...
continue to do this for each egg.

now place eggs into dye bath and simmer for at least an hour,
or longer until your desired shade of dye is achieved...
once dyed, let entire pot of liquid and eggs cool completely.
~ now you're ready to snip off your stocking and peel away your paper stencil.
dry each egg with a paper towel, then coat each egg with a light rub of vegetable oil.
this will help 'seal' the eggshell, and make them shine a little...

place eggs in a bowl or straw-filled basket to display...

Eggs like this were made by the PA Germans (and still are!) 
and some have even survived over 50 years with careful handling, 
being stored away in a cool dark place and brought out again each year ~
make sure you don't break one of these old eggs
you'll have to evacuate your house if you do!

 and to help you celebrate the day, after all of your chores are finished....
here is a little embroidery project that I have previously shared ~

I stitched this using DMC threads ~
all stems ~ 3011 ~ straight stitch
all leaves ~ 832 ~ satin & lazy daisy stitch
bird ~ 647 ~ satin stitch
bird's belly ~ 3064 ~ satin stitch
lettering, bird legs & berries ~ 610 ~ back stitch & french knot
but you may choose whichever stitches/threads or colors you'd like!

 Hoping you all have a lovely Spring day my sweet Friends,
no matter how you celebrate!

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Anne L said...

Thank you for the sweet birdie to stitch. Right now I am working on your Bee Sampler that I just got-loving every stitch!

Jacqueline said...

I too enjoy spring house cleaning. Thanks for the stitchers.

NMK said...

Hip Hip Hooray Spring Thyme !!!!! We still have snow banks & piles here & there to meltaway !!! I started Spring Cleaning too ….does feel good to have a room nice & fresh ! But have 7 more to go …..then I will be pooped !!!
Another sweet Freebee ...Thank you !!!

Kimm Moore said...

What joyful Spring rituals! Happy day

Susie Hoover said...

What a beautiful tribute to Spring. Thank you for the lovely stitchery.

littlemancat said...

Lovely post! Resonates with me here close to the Pennsylvania Dutch community. Love red beet eggs and the onion skin ones. My mother did beautiful onion skin eggs, dying them to almost a mahogany (spelling?)shade. An idea to share is to use tiny leaves, herbs such as parsley, in place of the little stencils. I've done this with dying with red cabbage which makes a wonderful blue.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great welcome to spring Lori!!! I’ve never heard of red beet eggs....I’m not a fan of beets, but my husband is, so he may enjoy these. I am especially excited to see the recipe for the onion skin eggs....I have always thought they were beautiful, but have never attempted them.... May just give them a whirl. Thank you!! Robin

elaine allerton said...

Thanks so much , lori for the stitchery!
So sweet!
HHope to start cleaning,,, been a long winter!
Still have snow here,, but yesterday was lovely!
Love to hang my laundry out soon!
And get my curtains washed and line dry , too!
So excited for spring this year!
Love ur eggs!
Happy spring,,,,

Mugwump Woolies said...

Lovely welcome...happy spring. Will have to try the onion skin dying with Annie...she's has really enjoyed dying eggs the last couple of years. Thanks!

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