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Saturday, January 19, 2019

~ Friendship & Class Photos ~

You know when you meet someone for the 1st time,
and you just 'click'?

and from that point, between the laughter and small talk...
you know. you just know. that you were meant to be friends?

that has happened to me many times.
thankfully, truthfully and wholeheartedly.
like, for reals.

today we gathered for a little class in embroidery ~
this small brooch was our project:

some came early, some came a little later...
I am happy that they come at all!

these girls that I can honestly say are my friends...
not a word to be used lightly, like as-in 'Facebook friends'.
I hold these women in my heart because they come back often, laugh & cry with me,
and support our family and friendship in a way that can only be called generous and honest...

it's not often that we meet souls that are like ours, 
~ or for that matter even want to put up with us!
I am blessed because I have known this group of women for a long time
and these are my friends:
 rough-tumbled, passionate, concerned, strong, opinionated...
married, single, widowed, mothers or chosen-ly not. 

not alot of out-ward judgement ~
 but perhaps quiet suggestions and always, always kind-guidance.

these women have planted themselves into my being,
and I am forever grateful for their strength & growth...
Nancy B
Nancy P
Pat W
Robin H
Anita R
Robin M
Shari K


Barbara H
Gail H
Amy G
Joan S

'twas a cloudy, then rainy day...
initially cold in the shop, {so sorry!} 
but then warmed with friendship and affection for one another...
then we plied our needles, untangled out threads 
and got to stitching with hands that have soothed many, and perhaps even scolded a few
in their lifetimes ~
yet remaining soft, creative and strong all-at-once:



Robin M

Nancy Z P





Nancy B

Robin H

good times yes, 
common small-talk and crazy strange conversations aside...
which we will not divulge to outsiders, they will just have to join us to know!

~ you really all have no idea how much you mean to us ~

we hope you enjoyed your class, 
~ as much as we enjoy well...
... just You.

Blessings from the Farm ~
 Peter & Lori

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