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Monday, December 3, 2018

~ We Have a WINNER ~

I want to thank all of you for posting your precious
 Christmas Memories
 here on our give-away posting...

Peter & I have been reading them and have felt like we were there with you all...
such beautiful and poignant memories each one of us has, 
we laughed and cried with you all while reading them.

before we announce the winner ~
let us share with you our best Christmas Memory by far ~
I was due to give birth to Hannah on Christmas Eve, 1994...
for two weeks, I had pneumonia while pregnant with her, but the doctors recommended that I not take as many antibiotics as i would have been prescribed if not being pregnant.
{not even sure they prescribe antibiotics while pregnant any longer}
I was so so very sick...I coughed & coughed...

One morning, on December 20th 1994 ~ I coughed so hard I broke my water.
I yelled to Peter immediately and off we went to the hospital!
the Dr. said to go back home, as I wasn't fully dialated yet...a couple more hours would do the trick.
SOOOoooo...Peter & I went Christmas shopping ~
while shopping, my contractions became more & more intense...
the poor cashier at Bradlee's in Stratford CT {the Dock Shopping Plaza} 
asked us 'How are you tonight?" my poor hubby was pale, and I replied,
"I'm in are you?"
Our sweet baby Hannah Elizabeth was born that evening, and 11:00 ~ just as the Honeymooners were coming on the hospital TV ~
the next day, they let us go home ~ 
we dressed her in a tiny little elf-suit and set her under our Christmas tree ~
She was, and still is ~ our very best Christmas present and we will never forget that special Christmas together as a family for the very first time.....

the winner of our little blue house hooked ornament is....

Mona Holland of My Old Crow Primitives!! 
Mona, please email me at
 with your address so I may send you your little blue farmhouse hooked ornament ~

xoxoxoxoxx to you all ~

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


  1. OMG, what a great story and your poor husband. Sorry I know I should be sorry for you knew what your body was doing and he didn't.

    Congratulations Mona and enjoy this holiday blue home ornament in good health and happiness.

  2. Congrats to Mona. What a wonderful memory. Hannah is a Christmas miracle! Janice

  3. Your shared memory tops them all.

  4. Wonderful christmas story!
    Love it,,,
    What a special , special time,, eevery year!!
    Congrats mona! Enjoy,,,,

  5. Congratulations to Mona !!!!
    Your Cmas story is the best !!! Dressing Hannah in an Elf outfit is just so sweet !!! That is the best gift of all !!!!


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