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Monday, November 5, 2018

~ Monday monday ~

Good Morning
~ Friends & Folk ~

an absolutely perfectly dreary and damp November day
 here at our beloved farm this morning ~
I say perfect,
 because my favorite days always seem to have
some kind of 'off' weather involved....yes sunny warm days are wonderful,
 there is just something about a day like this that makes me feel cozy
...wanting to light candles, bake something good and stitch the day away.

• • • • • • • 

My thanks to all of you who send me kind emails,
messages and the like concerning my eye ~
 it is so much brighter and I can see much clearer now!

when I close my left "new" eye, things look so bright color-wise...
still a bit of a blur, but I am almost at the end of my daily drops
and am sure that the blur will totally go away once I've finished them.

My "old" eye {the one on the right }
~ still has the cataract and lens surgery to come...later this month.
...when I close my 'new' eye and look only through the 'old' eye,
 it has such a yellow cast due to the cataract!
I cannot believe the difference and am eager
to get that one removed and the new lens implanted.

• • • • • • • •

I am slowly getting back to my stitching, punching and hooking.
{and computer work}
I have been working on this embroidery and am loving the way it is coming together ~

the linen is hand dyed, from Dixie Samplar Hand Dyed Linens 
and I believe the color is Olive Branch ~ it looks like a 32 count to me, 
but without cross stitching on it I'm not sure.
I pulled it from my baskets and thought it would make a loverly color 
for a background to a Winter Embroidery Sampler of sorts ~

you can see I'm slowly adding one of my signature 'Ladyes' to it,
and yes, she is much bigger that the house to her left ~
 she may become an old style fraktur angel
but I'm still pondering on that ~

I just love the old works where there was no real perspective or rule of sizing for motifs.
primitive, naieve, untrained, unschooled; whichever you'd like to call it,
in my opinion ~ perfectly 

still working at my kitchen table when the morning light is good ~ 
but I will move to my stitching chair in the keeping room this afternoon 
~ where my bright lamp and south-facing window is.

I'm stitching this with doubled Valdani pearl cotton size #8
in colors from my Designer Collections with them...
using mostly split-stitch as that is my very favorite stitch to make and very forgiving too ~

We will NOT be holding our
1st Monday Needle Night this evening ~ 
but hoping to get things back to schedule for that in December 🎄

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Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori

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