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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

~ Jeepers Creepers ~

 Yes yes....
I have a new eye ~
say you....
~ I say, indeed.
I have had quite the surgery to repair my damaged left eye ~

first was the removal of a deep cataract {or 'thick', so I am told...}

second was to repair the mishap-en eye {left} from a 'football' shape
to more of a socially-acceptable and visually-correct 'round' shape...
all-this being done manually {with hands of Doctor} 
after incising crescent shaped incisions on wither side of my iris, 
to reform said eyeball.

was to implant a tiny plastic lens, behind my cornea ~
that will {hopefully} enable me to see far-away - 
~ without the need of an external double-ocular device {glasses}.

I am sore, yes.
I am swollen, yes.
can I see? um, yep...for the most-part.
is my outcome of my procedures a normal outcome for everyone?
everyone who has eye surgery is different in their procedure and healing....
do not let my posting here stop you from having your procedures done ~
we are different, we are individual and we will be fine!

much affection to you all ~
Blessings from the Farm ~ Lori


  1. I think it's fortuitous that you will be starting to heal on SAMHAIN!

  2. Hang in there the burning and soreness was a challenge but will get better.
    I had to wear sunglasses when I was outside.

  3. So glad thats over for you, llori,,,,
    Heal fast,, and take care,,,,,★☆★★
    You are a star!!

  4. Brave girl! I hope you heal soon!

  5. It has to be hard to be patient , you are so clever & I can't imagine you without a hook or needle in you hands. Enjoy the quiet time , relax , drink plenty of tea , snuggle with your fur babies … will be feeling better in no time !!!!

  6. Best of healing vibes coming your way. Just think about your new improved vision!

  7. Speedy recovery..... I am so sorry about Esther..


  8. So sorry about Esther/Mommy, I hope Bobby copes . I know he will, with all the love you and Peter give your animals. Eyes surgery husband needs cataract surgery but said ( for now) no. Will see ( play on words) what the future holds. Take care .


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