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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

~ Needle Night & other Musings ~

Hello Friends & Folk!
and a happy hot Wednesday to you all ~

well every electronic device that we have, has had 'issues' this past week!
first my operating system on this Big Mac here in my sewing room, then of course all of the apps needed to be upgraded once that was installed...then my iPad and my Big Mac had a dissagreement and wouldn't speak to one another for a few days...after many calls to the fab folks at Apple, that is fixed...then my huge commercial laser printer out in the shop office went berserk and we had to call in our tech-guy to help us...still waiting on a part for that ~ OH and did you notice that all of my favorite blogs are now missing from my sidebar down there???? what the what!!!???

Mercury in retrograde?
Oh me thinks so.
here's a brief article about this phenomenon in the Old Farmers Almanac:
SOooooo ~
Monday eve was our monthly 
"1st Monday Needle Night " here in the shop...

always good to have our friends visit,
 eat good food and laugh while we create and chat ~ 

Robin & Lee from Millstone Mercantile came out...
here is miss Robin working on an impromptu crash-embroidery lesson 
that she and miss Anita have been bugging asking me about!

miss Robin working on her small pumpkin...
~ these two were the first ones to inquire about an embroidery class 
back when I posted about the Bird Seed embroidery class earlier this year 
{ you can read more about that HERE }

miss Anita and her pumpkin...
 miss Heather showed up too!
she was working on a model for me, so I can't show you that just yet ~

stitch stitch stitch
 miss Joan came too ~ 
she is really cookin' on her stitchery progress!

{ your nails look fine } ♥️
~ In Other News ~ 
I enjoy using my Sit 'n Stitch Hoop Stand when I do my embroidery ~
and find it very useful when I want to use both hands to stab-stitch...
the original stand accommodates hoops from 5" to 8"

I have been wanting to stitch larger projects ~ 
so Peter made an Extender Bar for the stand and now I can work on my 14" hoops! yay!!!
 {we'll be adding these to our Supplies page in our Etsy shop this week}
here's the link to the Sit 'n Stitch Hoop Stands too:

Here is another sweet old witch that I finished last night ~
I haven't decided what she should be holding yet,
so I put it 'out there' on IG & FB to give me your suggestions!
you can kindly comment here with your thoughts about what I should stitch for her to be holding ~

~ AND ~
Peter had surgery yesterday to remove basal cancer cells from his lower right eyelid ~
good news is they removed all cancerous cells! 
he has 13 exterior stitches, and some internal stitches...he asked the DR if he would look younger and she said yes, but only on the side she worked on! lol

Me, on the other hand ~
I have to go tomorrow for another eye exam to schedule cataract surgery for both my eyes ~
I'm excited and scared all at once, but they say I will no longer need to wear glasses full-time...
just those little 'cheaters' and I am A-OK with that.

I am waiting on another shipment of scissors to come in ~
those of you who have purchased directly from Etsy ~ Thank you SO much!
yours will be shipped asap!
for those who's names I have on the pre-order list,
~ I will be contacting you soon to send you invoices.

We will be offering the same Witch Scissors in the beautiful Silver Finish as previously,
but also we will be offering them in Dull BLACK finish, 1/2 Gold Finish
&Titanium Rainbow finish :)

~ along with these new Scissors designs/finishes:
Egyptian - Full Gold 
Sea Horse - Titanium
Augusta - Black 
Augusta - Half Gold
Fish - Titanium
Snake - Silver
~ Last but not Least ~
I will be updating our Vendors List for our Gathering here on September 15th
{oh my stars!!!} so stay tuned for that info soon!
Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


3millplainrd said...

I never knew about Mercury/Retrograde but I believe it now. July 27 everything I touched broke; the water pump in the barn, the crock pot, my Mother called to say Soc Security was taking a big chunk of her money back, etc. I told my Husband we should go back to bed. Then other things broke including major repairs on his truck. I guess the Mercury thing explains it, because we just couldn't understand why things were going wrong. I bookmarked that link and will now pay attention!

NMK said...

OMG ...the Mercury thing !!! My poor son & daughter in law have been hit hard with that too !!!
Those are tiniest little embroidery hoops I have ever seen , but So cute for the little Pumpkins !!! Do you sell those ???? They would be cute for Cmas ornaments too !Hint ,hint

Thank goodness your husband is doing good & he will be even more handsom !!! That was cute !
My husband had cataract surgery & he did great ! Nice to have them done close together to , saves a lot of money for the eye drops. No more glasses !! Whhoo Hooo !!!!
Your witch is great ...how about holding a pumpkin with a Kitty face sticking out ….might be a bit small for that much
Fun to see what the gals are all working on !!!!

Cheryl Reeves said...

NIW I know why our stuff is all breaking Down.
Love all your sweet liitle projects.
You will love having your cataracts Gone..
It was like a whole new world of stitching for me..

Prims By The Water said...

Love Love your witch Lori! Tell the girls that all of their projects are coming along quite nicely. Cannot wait for the reveal of the new pattern. Good luck with surgery and hope Peter is doing fine. Janice

elaine allerton said...

Thanks for sharing,,,,
Love ur witch,,, shes going to hold a kitty cat?! Maybe not in that position,,, haha,,,
Glad peter ok,, great news!
Gosh,,, how do they get there!!
My husband has a lump on his top eyelid,,, waiting for appt to have removed,,,
Good luck with ur appt for ur eyes, lori,,, get it over with,,,
Thanks for sharing,,,

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy to hear all went well for Peter.
Any surgery is scary for sure. This getting old is NOT for sissies.

Kimm Moore said...

I think the witch should be holding the moon! ??

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