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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

~ Joan's House Tour - Lori's Bedroom ~

Hello Friends & Folk!
Happy Tuesday to you all ~

have been having issues with our internet/computers lately, 
sorry for being MIA for a bit here ~

Today I wanted to share with you another room in Miss Joan's House Tour:
"Lori's Room" {yes, mine} 
this bedroom is my very favorite in the house, 
which our readers will know is an old Church Rectory... 

come on in and have a look around ~
click on each photo to enlarge!

Joan has a way of choosing the perfect color combinations,
although she will tell you she doesn't, 
and always asks me to help with her wools for her rug hooking...

these greens, mauves, pinks and creams 
all go together perfectly ~

she collects SO many things,
 like her tole painted tinware trays hanging above the beautiful iron double beds...

as well as her love for pyrography, the art of woodburning:


Joan's collection of celluloid is only partially shown here...
she has much, more believe me ;)
the shelf above the fireplace is an organ top...awesome!

Joan's handiwork can be seen in every nook and cranny of her home
...the fireboard scene was painted by her, her beloved Arthur also created the board for her.


more collections below include flower/floral frogs.
you know, those cage/wire/spikey things we find at antiques malls?
yep. Joan has a few....{she has more in her kitchen, stay tuned for when we share that}

and you can see more of her painting on the quilt rack and shelf to match;

My friend has always been crafty, 
she says this little turtle embroidery was the first one she ever stitched. 

her attention to detail is evident in every room of her home,
nothing is left plain...even her light covers are unique!
{little sailor-man doll is another thing miss Joan loves, her dear Arthur was a Navy man}

below the shelf of frogs, 
hangs a vintage item that was used to store sewing needfuls...
it looks like a clothespin holder, but the hand-scripted tag inside 
has a poem about putting thimbles in the tiny pockets! 

child's doll quilts reign high among Joan's favorites too!

small antique sewing machines are also on her list of things to collect
...here is a hand-crank model, below:
{in an upcoming tour, we will be showing her sewing room....you will not want to miss that!}

Joan & Arthur spent many wonderful years 
lovingly working on and decorating their home together...
this closet below shows Arthurs' woodworking skills ~ 
he built this around the old shuttered doors:

a doll-baby crocheted pillow rests on one of the beds ~

while yet another sailor lad keeps a watchful eye on her 
from the other bed...

more of Joan's painting is shown on the tin lamp and round carrier under the table ~

on th eother side of the room is a beautiful dresser
that holds more celluloid and pyrography pieces -
the rack on the wall is a tie rack!

always paying attention to detail,
Miss Joan not only made the curtains and seat cover for the hamper below...

but she also painted the floorcloth under the hamper to match the fabric!!
clever girl she is :)

everywhere you turn in this warm, inviting home
you can see the love Joan & Arthur have put in it....

an old advertisement for Spalding's Glue rests happily on an old writing desk ~
{Spalding is Joan and Arthur's last name}

I hope you have enjoyed our tour today of my bff's beautiful home!
please do leave us a comment so I can share with Joanie!

More rooms coming soon!!!!!

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


The Eveningstitcher said...

It's all beautiful! Such a blessing you are to each other & I love her vintage collections!! Joan is so talented and sweet... Her home is truly a labor of love from her dear Arthur and herself.....thank you for sharing, Lori!

Bonny Woomer said...

I would expect nothing less than a sweet home from sweet, sweet Joan. I think we need a contest to win a night's stay in this room!!!

Sandra said...

This room definitely reflects Joan’s sweet personality. What a special place to rest your weary head!

Terri Patillo said...

I absolutely love it. It reminds me of an antique dollhouse!

Cheryl Reeves said...

Thank you again for sharing Joans lovely home

3millplainrd said...

Joan has a good eye and is so creative with her displays. Thanks for showing this, I will love seeing the sewing room too.

Vicki Jo said...

What a treat! Joan, thanks for sharing your home with us. So pretty and interesting! Can't wait to see that sewing room!

jean edmonds said...

thanks for sharing such a lovely home with us. I love Joan's beautiful collections, and really enjoy being able to see them!

NMK said...

Oh that was so much Fun to see !!!! I Love her hooked rug at the entrance ! The cute little house face plate for the wall switch was so cute !!! All of her hand made things along with her dear Arthur's handwork is beautiful , what a warm ,cozy, beautiful room !!! I agree with another comment ….you should have a contest to stay in that pretty bedroom !!!
Thanks for sharing !!! Love every single little detail & her awesome collections !!! What a special friendship you have !!!!

1craftychick said...

Love it! So inviting and cozy.

Constance said...

Everything is so lovely, I just recently scored two black floral trays and an iron bed for my own bedroom and I also have two of the little sewing needfuls that I collected years ago. The simple treasures that I've found over the years mean so much to me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful bedroom. It just made my day.


Debby said...

Everything is so cute! I especially like the cute little quilts. Joan could charge admission - with all her collections folks would have a lot to admire and learn about:)

Chrie said...

What a lovely picture show! The warmth and charm of this sweet little room is a tribute to Miss Joan and her late Husband, Arthur. Thank you, Lori, (and Joan!) for sharing your friend's wonderful home with us!

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely house.You can feel the love that went into decorating this room.

Sandra in Texas

Rugs and Pugs said...

WOWZA! I just love everything about Joan's home. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more!!!

Saundra said...

What a joy to visit her home. It would be a wonderful vintage tour to host on certain weekends and incorporate a 'crafty' event at the same time.

elaine allerton said...

Wow,,, wow,,,
Thanks lori and joan ,,, for sharing ur home!!
What a beautiful room,,,
Feel like I know joan,,, such a sweet girl!!!
Looking forward to watching the u tube flosstube video!!
Oh , I see its up,,,, excited!!
Thanks lori,,,
Thanks miss joan,,, as lori calls you,,,
You have lovely collections!!

Kurt Schindler said...

Lovely. Can't wait to see more rooms. So enjoyed the ones you shared in the past too.


Barb said...

Joan does a wonderful job of decorating. I can't wait to see more of her home!

Anonymous said...

Hi LORI , Love your bedroom. When we lived in our house I had our bedroom a little like yours.I was inspiered from my first trip to US 1982 When moving to an apartment 2011 I made it more simple. Get older and didn´t want to do all dusting, haha and when my husband died three years ago I change bedroom to a sewingroom and now I have just a small little place in my earlier sewingroom. I can see from your pics my quilt-rack looks like yours but my is just oiled.
I often think of my visit to Notforgotten Farm where I also meet Miss Joan. Greetings and hugs to you from Louise D

prairiegirl said...

Have been waiting for more of Joan,s wonderful home!!! I love it,and can't wait for more.

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